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Dude. DUDE. I can't even believe no one posted Red Hot Chili Peppers Under the Bridge yet. That's a great finger picking solo, especially for beginners.

I seem to recall seeing lots of people suggest that song, actually.

This Lullaby by Queens of the Stone Age is a good (very) simple one as well. And it's been mentioned but Classical Gas is well worth learning (total chick magnet ).
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as long as the kool-aid man jumped into the scene saying "OHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHH"

Okay, THAT would've been funny. But there was no Kool-aid man, unfortunately.

EDIT: and to the guy above me, nope, it's kool-aid.
Pit, I am in need of your broad range of maturity levels. Today, as a joke, some little shit on my bus decided to throw Kool-aid powder into a kid's eyes. Why? Because, of course, it stung like hell, and the kid had to rinse his eyes out with water, thereby causing him to end up with Kool-aid running out of his eyes. Hilarious, clearly.

So, who here would honestly find that funny?

EDIT: Since the question was asked, both parties involved were in ninth grade (14).
Ugh, that's like when people try to ban To Kill A Mockingbird. To be honest, I'm like...50% PC, in that terms that are/were intended to be derogatory shouldn't be used, but I refuse to say "African-American". When it comes to literature, though, you can't blame a book for including language and attitudes that were commonly accepted at the time, or even, as it probably is in some cases, the only accepted language or attitude, such that the book would never have been published had it been more PC.

Not to mention the fact that they're only drawing attention to it by doing that. Making a big deal of it just makes the problem worse. Everyone knows it's there anyway, whether they're allowed to read it aloud or not, so it's really pretty pointless.
Haha, I've never inhaled one while holding it in my mouth, but I tend to forget they're there and go off and do other things. Like try to eat or drink something, try to brush my teeth, or try to kiss my boyfriend. Those don't work when I have a pick in my mouth :P

Also, I've lost a couple picks due to sneezing while holding them in my mouth. They launch out and then I can never figure out where they land.
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my hair

Gah, #1 reason I find picks on the floor around the house. I'll stick them behind my ear, in my hair, and then forget they're there, so they fall out all the time without my noticing.
Underneath the cutlery tray in the top drawer in the kitchen.

Anyone else ever found a long-lost guitar pick in a strange place?
I'm not really looking for anything hardcore serious, mostly just to get more practice singing and possibly writing songs. My vocal range isn't huge, and it's fairly low - I think I might be a tenor? or contralto. I really don't know, to be honest. But that sounds about right. Anyway, I sing mostly rock-type stuff - Jet/The Trews/Big Wreck/Pearl Jam. I can play guitar, nothing complicated if I'm singing at the same time, though. I'll have some hastily recorded mp3s up on my profile sometime tonight, just to give an idea of what my voice sounds like.

I'm 16. For an online band, I'm not too concerned about age, but if it's a traditional band, no old people . Any age limit will depend on the specific situation, but if the rest of the band is over 30 it's safe to say that one's gonna be a no-go. Also with a traditional band, the practice space would probably need to be OC Transpo accessible.

If you're interested, just let me know here/in a PM/whatever. I'm not the best songwriter, but I think I can do better at it when it's a collaborative effort and people will yell at me if I give up .

Also I can't do any manner of screaming.

EDIT: Got a few mp3s up on my profile.
eh, hoser, "open another bag of milk, eh?", and "5 degrees? Sweet, time to get out the shorts!"
And no, I've never heard anyone say "pear-shaped" unless they're describing a person's body type. Or a pear.
There's no way in hell you should be allowed to use it at the college/uni level, and in my opinion you shouldn't even be allowed to use it at a high school level (I mean not allowed to cite it as a reference, that is). Half my teachers won't accept it as a reference, and they're totally right. Using the links at the bottom and actually looking up information on those sites, not just copying the links without looking at them is fine, but just reading and citing the wiki page/its references is just being lazy and taking shortcuts, and you could easily end up with wrong information.
I'm pretty sure the shortest horror story ever is:
"Genital mutilation."
Scarier and shorter than yours
7, from what I can see, at least.
Can't really see you that well, but 7.
Heck yeah!

10 (you have purty eyes)
7 for mr pink, 9 for ziggy :P
8.1/10 You remind me of that guy from The Breakfast Club.

(two were for the evil genius chair)
5.5/10. Not really my type.
Stuff like weed should be legalized, but not stuff like heroin. It should be based on how dangerous it is, there's no way you can say all drugs should be illegal or all drugs should be legal.
Thornley, saw them at the Super Ex a few years ago and now I love 'em. Doesn't hurt that Ian's easy on the eyes, either...
E, it'll at least stop the dumb texts (which are obviously from Felix).
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you are a teacher and therefore i cannot enable you to give work to your students.

(S)He's teaching a unit on poetry using rock music, sounds like a pretty cool teacher to me. And this actually doesn't involve giving work, this involves giving the teacher an excuse to play music during class.

On topic, I don't think I can come up with anything right now, sorry.

EDIT: *cough*You're an asshat*cough* What? Who said that?
I don't have a jar. I used to have a bunch of change, but I brought it to school for a battle of the grades coin drive (for charity). Now I just have small piles all over my desk.
No, it's generally not a good idea to use them anyway due to intonation problems and whatnot. It's better to use frets as low as possible (obviously there are a few cases where you'd have to use them, but not many).
Fred/Freddie. Yes I know she's female.

Oh, and also:
It's still not quite right, but you need to start by taking the ones that have # of protons or # of electrons, which should be the same. That's your atomic number. Look at a periodic table that has a big example with all the numbers labelled, find the atomic number. That'll tell you what element it is. From there, subtract the atomic number from the mass number, which gives you # of neutrons.

Also, it looks like the bottom one has a valence of 9, which makes no sense? If you still need more help you'll have to fix the table up a bit. Try making an image and attaching it.

EDIT: that came out really late, and also, 126C is NOT an isotope of carbon. The first guy had it right. Mass # is 12, atomic # is 6, symbol is C
Write about doing your own homework. Seriously, you'll get an A.
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I think you mean clammy....

I think he does too. Never heard of someone describing hands as "clamp". He could also mean damp, though.

Just keep washing your hands as often as you can, and try not to close them a lot.