Yeah. I sleep with the radio on. I dreamt one guy alone played a Godsmack show, although he only played guitar. I don't even like them. It was the radios fault.
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And white girls who only listen to mainstream hip-hop.

Necro or Mr. Hyde.
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I predict good things for you.

I agree. Quite enjoyable.
Dude, I totally just learned a tapping technique cuz of you :]
I like them. Some parts remind me of Scream by the Misfits.
where'd you find ska chords? share share
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How about just going to a guitar store or something? That way you can try out amps instead of blind buying.

Guitar center has a plethora of amps.

They're listed on Musician's Friend FYI.

Well, the GC I just went to had pretty much no half stacks to try out. Last question before I leave to another GC. My cab can play 120 watts, what if I play like a 150watt head or like a 100watt head through it, will it work and not get messed up?
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Many combo amps have speaker outs.

The Randall RG50TC has speaker outs. As well as the Valveking combos and the like.

Lower watts = less volume.

I don't even know what speaker outs are. I'm assuming the RG50TC is a combo? Oh, you know a good site that sells these. I can't find them on musiciansfriend.
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I played my first "gig" (7th grade, middle school gynmasium lol) with a 15 watt solid state Fender frontman that came with my Squier strat pack, lmao. I rocked out hard with that **** too. Second gig, same amp, but with a DOD grunge pedal in front of it. I probably caused some ear drum explosions with that one...

hahaha. is lower watts more volume or what? I never really understood any of that.
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You don't need to buy solid state heads. There are good ones though. Randall makes great ones. You can get somewhat decent tube ones for the same price.

Check out the Crate Palomino series heads, the Peavey Valveking, the Bugera amps etc...

You can hook up a lot of combos to cabinets too.

I guess I'm not going to be getting any quality for 400 bucks. So I can get a tube amp and play it on my cab? Cuz that would be cool. I'm not going to be playing anything big, its going to be like my first gig. So I'm just beginning.
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You don't need a stack to play shows.

I have a 40 watt combo that I gig with. It works fine.

I've gigged with a 15 watter as well.

There's really no point in a stack. You'll never use it's full potential. A cranked 100 watter is LOUD. Too loud for many applications.

Combos are portable too.

So you don't know any decent solidstate heads? I have the cab, so I might as well get a head. I can go for a combo another time.
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How 'bout a nice combo instead of some P.O.S cheap solid-state stacks?

Well, I want it to play some shows.
I just returned from Guitar Center, & I was gonna buy the Line 6 Spider III amp head, but was a bit disappointed by it. I was wondering if anyone knew a good head for playing anything good from metal to just mellow tunes. I had a gt1200h Crate head with a Crate G412 cab. So I'll be playing it through the G412 cab.

Oh yeah, can(forexample) a 120watt cab play with like a 150watt head? Just wondering, since I'm an amp noob.

Thanks for any help! :]
I think your singer sorta sounds like the vocals on old Fear Before The March of Flames.
Do you have distortion?
I own a Crate GT1200H half stack amp. I had my iPod connected to it with some cable that allows me to listen to my iPod on the amp. So one day I played it super loud. Ever since then, whenever I turn my amp on, the sound becomes really faint or it just wont produce a sound. Anyone know what the problem may be? Any help is appreciated. If it's something like tubes, or if it's even repairable, what may the cost be to repair?

Lynyrd Skynyrd songs!!!
Nah, not me. I try my hardest to get as close as possible, but yeah. Never can.
The Human Abstract
You guys are douche bags. Maybe he's been playing for half a year? Don't bash the newbie. Unless he's been playing for a few years...
Cool, man. Protest The Hero has a lot of hard stuff too. Not heavy vocals, though.
Wow. That's tight. How long did it take you to learn it?
Most likely, homes.
Mine locked itself before too. I tried 1234 and it unlocked. Dunno bout yours, thoughh. Try it.
I went to Warped Tour and missed some of the better bands to watch BoysLikeGirls, Escape The Fate, Paramore, & other pop stuff. Ex gf's favorite bands. Blehhh
I guess you'd base it off how busy your week is? I mean, jobs and blah blah blah. I'd say like 2-3 a week?
Buckethead. I think he would be less known if he wasn't so weird. Good guitarist, though.
I can only think of Tron.