Looks like the old Gretsch Filter-tron toaster pups. But it is prob a Danelectro.
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I think both should be submerged in a boiling pot of water.

But they are so cute!
Hey Pit! Im thinking of getting a whole mess of clams and some lobsters and keeping them in big fish tanks at my house! You may be wondering, "What the hell is wrong with this kid?", and I have an answer to that! I work at Shoprite (Grocery Store) and spend a lot of the time I SHOULD be working staring into the lobster tank or petting the live clams (They open and close), and today I decided since both the crustaceans and the bivalves are equally cute, that i should keep some as pets! Did you know lobsters can live 75+ years?!?! So I shall keep updating this thread with progress on my C&L Ranch. Plus Pics of walking lobsters on leashes! Let me know what you think!
"Meat" in Haiti... I brought a guy a plate of chicken wings from the cruise i was on, and he gave me what he said was cat
Probably worthless. Cool wall decoration though. Ive dealt with a few of those no-name shit acoustics and 50 years of age just means 50 more years of dust on a POS hunk of firewood.
(though it would be a cool learning experience taking it apart!)
Im 5'9 and 115 lb. I rock My 335 and its great. I have no prob, looks great ;D
Seymor Duncan Tweak Fuzz. I love the 6 way switch and it really does cover quite a wide range.
I got 8 stands for x-mas, but ive run out of stands :/ i keep guitars I dont use much in a case in the closet in my studio.
I had this problem when i had bad 2nd degree burns on my hands that were healing and i was playing hard enough to bleed profusly on the strings, and by 3 days they had oxidized beyond hope. after that I learned just a quick wipe down with cheap Tack rags extends life signifigantly.
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In that case I'd just cut the thing in half and convert it to a ukelele.


Maybe consider using it as glorified firewood? You could even donate it to a nature preserve as a snazzy birdhouse.
I have the 36's b&n in my Epi Dot and they are great for blues, jazz, rock, and if you tweak your gear right, some modern stuff. But all around great pickups.
Not much.. Maybe a cheap usb Mic. Go on musicians friend and use searchbar or look under microphones. Save up, thats the best advice.

Edit: Also, wrong forum. Go to the recording section.
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I'd probably have to go with the V22 combo unless I can find a sub-$100 cab with a better speaker than the proprietary Bugera one from the combo. Haven't heard much about the V22 (or Bugera amps in general, besides being Peavey clones).

Have a V22, got it 1/2 off at GC, and love it. reliable, loud, and easy to use. I play Marshall TSL's into 1960a cabs Live, but for home and small gigs, the Bugera is a solid, high quality amp that I am proud to own. Great for blues to rock and definitely jazz,and with a pedal, metal.
Hey, we are called Truth Above All, a blues-influenced Hard Rock band, and we are looking for a drummer and vocalist. Must be able to drive or be withing a 30 mile radius of clifton nj. No need to worry about transporting drums, have a practice set in my studio. Looking to gig and record all original tracks. E-mail me at or look me up on Facebook at Jacob Mains. or simply reply to this post with questions. Thanks!
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Hey man, left you a message at youtube, liked it and subbed...

If you think that I made a good review of your work, would you be so kind of checking out my work?
This is my website:
And this is my work, that if you can, please leave a message at the youtube video, so that it starts to move around... If you like it, please, rep it up and subscribe! I will do that back!

I liked and subscribed back! It was great stuff. Keep up the good work!
I love your voice and your guitar playing! Just get that timing down and you'll be golden! Thanks for reviewing my thread
There is a lot of sticky glue directly on the wood holding the vinyl from bubbling. Bad idea imho. Build your own cab if you want too see the wood so badly.
Hey guys, I need experience in the new bundle of mastering softwares i just got for my studio. I have Izotope's Ozone 4, and Alloy, and Blue Cat Audio Mastering Bundle. So here is my offer:

Mastering Tracks in my studio for free! Send me the sound file and I will have it done in a few hours to a few days. Also doing Noise Reduction services for free. (Using Izotope Ozone, Alloy, and Blue Cat Audio Mastering Pack.)

Email is :
Feel:27 to 30
Look: 19
I do Studio Work for local bands so i need a variety of pedals for it. Its a complicated situation. But Basically I'm looking for eventually 3 New Tube Heads, 1 Tube Combo, and a variety of cabs. I also want to build up a huge assortment of pedals and guitars (I have 11 guitars right now)
Im also considering the Peavey Windsor but it only has 1 channel :/
Purchasing Everything Except Guitars/Amp. I play blues, classic rock, Hard Rock, Experimental rock, Funk, etc.

Guitars- Epi Dot (Duncan Pickups), Samick IC-2 (Duncans), Epi Les Paul Custom, Fender American Strat

-Everything Powered by Furman M-8X2 Power Conditioner

Amp- Bugera V22 Combo (El84/12ax7 Tubes)
Peavey Stereo Chorus 400 (Head)

Cabinet- Kustom KG412 4x12

Pedals in Fx Loop-

DeltaLab RD1 Rock Distortion
Rouge Blues
Seymour Duncan SFX-09 Double Back Compressor
Rocktron Short Timer Retro Delay
Rouge Chorus

Pedals Straight To Input-

VHT V-Drive Overdrive
Rocktron Tri Wah

Do you think these pedals will fit well with my style? I have $600 for pedals. Then $250-300 for a Cab. lastly, I'm looking at a new Tube Head. Options Are:

Bugera V55 HD
Randall Diavlo Series RD50H (Switched to KT88 Power Tubes)

Anyone wanna let me know your opinion?

P.s. I play live to Med-Large Venues
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There may be more moments that top priors, but for now it was an improv jam with my daughter. I was playing an acoustic progression in A minor, and told her to "just play something with me" on her violin.

She took off on a violin solo that reduced me to literal tears and goosebumps. It was one of those magical musical moments. She got married last week and doesn't play violin much any more, but maybe someday she'll jam with me again.

Priceless. I hope that my children someday will be musically inclined.
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Get Windows 95.

+1 And Audacity version 1.2
I used to carry chord sheets or lyric sheets with me everywhere to practice, plus listening to and singing along to the song 50+ times. There is no "Magic Answer".. Just time and willpower. Good luck! PM me for other tips if needed!

Screwin around with a digitech RP355 going USB.

I really wish I could get vintage black with duncans, but alas, I guess I'm going for the gold(no pun intended.) I like how the duncans can color the sound but how the EMGs can sound tighter. I just want a guitar that keeps up with quick style changes.
Ok, Im looking to purchase 1 of 2 guitars.. I've played both in music stores and love both, and I cant decide clearly on one. The two guitars are the (1.) ltd EC-1000 vintage black with EMGs, or (2.) the gold top EC-1000 with duncana. Just upgraded my amp from an old crappy peAvey tube amp to a bugera V22 which I love. Any thoughts on which is the better sound for progressive rock (tool-esque), blues, jazz, and general jamming in any style
My god, there was a woman in a local music store near me who brought one of these in! It was a bit beat up and rusted, but no one knew exactly what it was. I would like to own one.... ;D

In my MP3 player. I would love to hear some criticism and some opinions on my Peavey Stereo Chorus 400. I miked it through a Orange PCP cab. Thanks!
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If a violent revolution does happen, the Republicans are gonna say "THIS IS NOT WHAT THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS FOR, PEOPLE!!"

Either way it goes, There is going to be much bitching from EVERYONE on Capitol Hill. I really think they need a time out and let the general people of the US govern the country, and not a bunch of people who only won because they had the money to campaign.
Time for a 2nd American Revolution against a crumbling "Higher" power??? Im gonna go grab my tactical suit, an AR15, MP4, and a glock...
Hey, I am new to building guitars, but somewhat experienced in woodworking/ electronics. What I'm invisioning is a Firebird body made of solid mahogany, the raised center is going to be bookmatched flamed maple, and the wings will be topped with flamed koa. I was thinking 2 normal sized humbuckers, probably GFS, 2 volume, 2 tone, and either a tune-o-matic or original floyd rose bridge. For the neck I want a 24 fret, thin-ish neck. Can it be done? And how much would it cost me for the build? I have most of the tools needed.
Thanks guys! I really do need to put consideration into this, and it means a lot that i actually got some serious replies. Ill try to update this after another appointment with my psychiatrist this monday.
Hey Pit, Ive come to you in hopes that someone here has tried E.C.T. or Insulin Shock Therapy, or knows someone who has. Ill give some background info on myself, hope i dont bore you! Im 15, I have a pretty good life for someone who's looking in from the outside... Ive been dealing with "major depressive disorder" for the past 3 years, a whole myriad of addictions (mainly narcotics), ive been admitted into 2 different Psych Hospitals in the past 2 years (CCIS of Boonton NJ 5 times, and Four Winds of Westchester NY 2 times) for suicide attempts. Ive also cut for 2 years, but not bad, only 70 or so stitches in my wrist for the whole 2 years.

So to get to the point... My psychiatrist and therapist have agreed that my depression is "untreatable" with the conventional use of therapy and medications. ( Ive been on over 30 different medications for depression and mood stabilizers) So they have given me 2 choices: Electroconvulsive Therapy (Shocking your brain to change behavior patterns and chemical imbalances. The main side effect is memory loss.) OR Insulin Shock Therapy (Does the same changes, except the main side effect is that after each treatment, you are VERY likely to go into a coma for a few days.) I dont care about side effects, I just want to finally be out of this depression... I appreciate any responses! BTW, there is a great deal of other relevant info on these treatments on Wiki or if you google it.

Thanks Pit,

Well, here it is :


And Im trying to build a portfolio for my little "Delta Nine Studios" , So if you have a project in Garageband that you want edited, mixed and mastered, Send it to me and Ill do just that


probably just set up wrong. Take it in to a respectable shop and have it set up properly.