Squier vintage modified fretless jazz bass really couldent get any good sounds out of it... keep im mind im playing in a rap fusion band it was loaded with duncan designed pickups but it just sounded straight up weak.... sold it a few months after buying it
Good to know!!! Ill write that down!
They ran the idea into the ground in a few short years they made over 10 games people got annoyed it was interesting for a second but it was bound to die out with time
I agree with the 57 instrument and 58 vox ive used this oonce for a demo and the quality was surprising! (Dont forget you want a flat room no reverb or outside noise)
I was under the impression that thats what fender ised to put the nuts in...? (I may be wrong the info I have is from hours of youtube videos)
If its not cracked abit of wood glue clamp it down 24h and your rockin again
I know its expensive.... but I think your just better off buying a new set... the time it will take you to clean them is not worth it ( in my opinion)
Get yourself a basic interface (1/4inch to usb ) I have both a fasttrack pro by m-audio and a line 6 podx3 both these allow me to hook up my instruments straight to my pc then you want a recording program ( I would go with cubace but theres so much choice just google it and pick one that you like from theres its a question of learning how your gear works in order to get sound from your instrument to your computer ! Best of luck!!!
rock band infulences led zeppelin jimi hendrix guns n roses velvet revolver van halen ect.

name : rock disorder
Age range: 14- 18ish i guess

contact me for more info.
Hey everyone
my band is looking for a lead singer
were located in montreal we have bassist drummer lead and rhythm guitarist all we need is a singer check us out at
we have a rough demo recorded on there
if you are interested email me at:
or PM me
i will respond to you and give you my number soo that we can meet and jam
the band is called Rock Disorder.

age range: 14-20 well be leniant on the age it really doesnt matter but yeahh were young guys soo yep.
lol i play rhythm 2 bad im already in a band loll i live in mtl soo mabe one day we can jam or sumthing but yeahh dont worry cuz ders a ****load of guitar players over here soo ull find one in no time
hey guys im in the market for a new amp
im looking into the marshall mg30dfx ive heard theyr bad cause they lose their tone after awhile but im nto worried about that however my neighbor wants to sell me a peavey solo series bandit 112 i do not know ANYTHING about the peavey and i need advice on wich one i should buy the marshall goes form 245 and the peavey i have no idea yet