you guys act like this didn't happen already in the 80s with boom boxes

then again most UGers are 12 year olds that would be totally supportive of iPods blaring slash....
*dush, dush, dush, dush*

sorry can't hear you over my music

*dush, dush, dush, dush*
WOW its like I've traveled back in time to three months ago!!!

I mean, who does he think he is?

E=my ass^2
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I know theres already an anime thread but I want this one to be more, small I guess. Also I dont know why but I hate sticky's not sure why

Its because you crave attention.
Conveniently this also explains why you started your own thread about a topic that has already burned through 3 threads and is making its way through its 4th.

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Your sig is terrible and so is that dude if he says that. Someone wanting to fight or protect their country isn't dumb at all.

I'm not sure you know the context of the joke

HINT: it was around 1990s....

@ The Madcap
You better just leave the thread now buddy, UGers have a way of defending everything with zealous fervor....

That being said, I love Bill Hicks along with most comedians that use lots of social commentary
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Really? Name names.

seriously this man was hired for his trolling skills

all discussion aside all news channels take liberties when reporting news
if we're generalizing (because you guys seem to love that in this thread)
Fox takes a conservative point
CNN takes a more liberal viewpoint
MSNBC takes the most liberal

there's cases showing evidence for all three putting bias in the news, Fox just has been know for throwing it in a very conservative manner, often to the amusement of liberals

so here's what I do (to be honest it works well for me)
I try and get the news from all the networks, including other sources, recognize the individual bias of each
form my own damn opinion.
Quote by NotFromANUS
Science doesn't construct 'excuses.' It provides explanations.

I'm saying people use it as an excuse


Quote by Ur all $h1t
*le wall o' text*

Upon seeing this and your gay blog it is obvious you have devoted countless hours to the research of the origins of being gay. I did not notice that and really just wanted to post my opinion, not start a fight (which everyone in this thread seems intent on doing)

If thats what you believe then by all means go for it,
as for me I'm going to continue on not giving a fuck
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You seem to be forgetting that as humans, we carry 2 pairs of the same chromosomes, one from each parent. Assuming that homosexuality is a recessive allele, then it's very possible that two parents, both heterozygous for the allele, could have a homosexual child. (Which would be homozygous for the recessive allele.)

I just don't think you'd have as may gays though if it were biological.

If you have a dick and like looking a dicks, thats your deal. I don't see why we have to have a scientific excuse for it.

I think trying to find a reason behind being gay has just brought the most problem onto the lifestyle. people keep referencing ancient Greeks that did the dirty with dudes but only recently did people start to cause a ruckus over WHY they did it.
Why the hell do we need to know what make Joe want to bang Jim?

I saw a great bumper sticker that said
"Some dudes just want to bang other dudes, get over it"

Thats really about all the explanation I need for gays
Quote by laid-to-waste

Originally Posted by laid-to-waste
If it was genetic, wouldn't natural selection render homosexuals extinct seen as they don't reproduce?

Quote by Ur all $h1t

Are you going to provide any evidence showing you're right?
okay then,

I've always understood that if a hereditary trait or characteristic or chance of disease is not passed on, it becomes extinct
It could be a mutation, but that would mean a lot less gay people. I feel that the whole "Its not a choice I was born this way" is just a stupid cop-out.

Some dudes just want to fuck other dudes, and as long as those dudes aren't trying to fuck me then I'm ok with that
There is ALWAYS more to learn!

I have a friend that is like 50 something, he went to Berklee and plays like a motherfocker, can preach music theory, and improv with the best of em....

he still comes up and tells me "Guess what I just learned"

just find something new you haven't explored, start playing a new genre etc.
Alright I'm gonna give this a shot

Behaving Badly- Animals As Leaders, Advanced

hmmmm, hope this works out....

Oops, posted wrong song...
Okay, there are a lot of factors in this equation of homosexuality and aerodynamics.
First off, what kind of flying are we talking about? How advanced is the flight we're fellatio'ing for? Speed, acceleration, and how flight is obtained is very important. If the flight is just a small hover, say a few feet or so, then no way would I suck, it'd be like putting my mouth on the car exhaust, laughable and potentially embarrassing.
Now if we are talking about a full on "Superman" style soaring then sucking is a serious situation. Now the question rises, how does one perform this flight? Are awkward body positions required? Superman often is seen with one hand extended outward, personally I believe such a position would get myself both tired and soar. So if it is required to hold a disagreeable position in order to maintain flight then the sucking consideration is seriously put in question. Perhaps a "handy" would be more appropriate when such terms such as extended appendages are involved.

Another very serious consideration to think of is how the body adjusts to the sudden change in atmospheric pressure that would occur during flight. Would I have to constantly chew gum in order to sooth my popping ears? What about the thinner levels of oxygen at high altitude? I'd imagine that while flying it would be necessary to be on constant vigilance for other flying creatures such as birds, geese, pigs, gulls and planes (obviously the latter is not a creature but a man-made creation, of course this does not exempt it from a force to be reckoned with) Bugs flying into and around the face and mouth areas are both uncomfortable and unattractive. All these potential problems that must be confronted when presented with a penis and a proposition inches away from my face.

What it comes down to is a few key points that need to be examined.
1. Is this fellatio->flight transformation restricted to only me? Not to be selfish but it would be a bother flying to a pal's house and meeting traffic over a nearby Starbucks or the mall
2. Again flight style and performance is important. Personally, it must be a easy to control flying ability that I can switch between a casual soar to a racing scream across the sky.
3. The issues of other fliers and bug splatter is again an issue. Perhaps a radar system could be thrown in for an extra bit a ball fondling etc.

Final Thoughts
If the key points described above were met then fellatio would be a fair trade for the ability to fly.


I would suck a dude to fly
Quote by Jesse Clarkson
Why a fretless guitar? For the sound perhaps...

Frank Zappa, Bumblefoot, John Frusciante and David Fiuczynski all have used fretless guitars.

don't forget Guthrie Govan!

also Tymon Kruger from Cynic/Exivious has a video of him noodling around on one

I made an old guitar of mine a fretless and while I've yet to iron out the cricks in it I really love it.

(buy it....)
As far as I know the Flamenco guitar is similar to the classical guitar with some changes to it
the flamenco has nylon string like the classical but has a wider fretboard and different dynamics. It also has a more protected surface because of the more intense right hand movements and has less sustain than classical or steel string acoustics

The problem I think he's going to have is finding a guitar that can play Flamenco AND blues. Blues is mostly played on steel string acoustics.

The two style are fairly different in that blues is going to have more emphasis on sustain and so called "emotion" that you get with sustained notes. Also Flamenco is played with the fingers, and the steel stings on a "blues" guitar will tear your nails up.

The steel string also has a larger body that has a different sound than the smaller, thinner sound of the Flamenco.

so maybe just tell him that he could get a cheap nylon string (doesn't have to be specifically for Flamenco) at a Pawn shop or local store and get a nice "blues" guitar or vice versa? Of course you could always buy a nylon sting and play blues and flamenco on it, it's just a personal preference.

(also I wrote this whole thing thinking YOU were looking for such a guitar so I tried re-editing it for the craigslist guy.....)
there are no words....
no words for this...
Quote by Hail

haha I had a good idea of what it was before I clicked

this man makes me want an ER guitar so freaking bad
Quote by GuitarGuy2387
No, I googled it: "An aging porn star agrees to participate in an "art film" in order to make a clean break from the business, only to discover that he has been drafted into making a pedophilia and necrophilia themed snuff film. "

^^ That is not even remotely close to anything I am looking for. Have you seen or googled Restrepo? No? Didn't think so. stfu or suggest something useful.

Geez sorry

in that case you may like "Anti-Christ"

it stars William Dafoe but its a biopic on a soldier and his company in the Iraqi conflict
Quote by GuitarGuy2387
No. because I want some random documentary with real footage as opposed to a Hollywood action movie...

Obviously you didn't take two seconds of your oh-so-precious time to even google the movie so you could realize Hollywood would never release a movie as amazing and real as "A Serbian Film."

PROTIP: If you're looking for something realistic and about war, that isn't made in Hollywood, you're friends haven't heard of it and don't like action movies then may I suggest you ship off to Kandahar, Afgananistan? There's nothing quite as real as being in the actual thing.
Quote by GuitarGuy2387
Yea..seen it. I was thinking of something less-er known.

oh so you can show your friends how cool you are,

in that case I would definitely suggest "A Serbian Film" I think you would really enjoy it
very cool! thanks a lot !

also I may upload a sample of what tone I have so far, I'm working with PodFarm and ableton already, just be ready for some sloppy playing

just uploaded a short song i had been messing with earlier, I like it for chords but would like to have a bit "punchier" for leads (like holdsworth an howe)!/music/
So I was wondering if someone could help me with getting a tone similar to the style of -Allan Holdsworth, (like in this vid
-Greg Howe (like n this vid
-Exivious (like the lead at around :30 in THIS vid

so I guess I'm looking for Allan's tone and then how I can change it to the more, idunno "high octane" Greg Howe tone and also the distorted and silky leads of Exivious (and Cynic too)

also when researching this I read that Allan says lots of his tone comes from his fingers, how does that work? is it his placement and vibrato? plez explain!

thanks for any help
Hey TS you may be interested in Warr Guitars (

and this is just the 12 string, they go up to 14 I think and some have midi pickups I've heard.

EDIT damn pickture aint showin up dagnabit
not to derail the thread or anything but is there a site or resource that can tell me about Signal Chain order?

everyon always seems to say stuff like "oh don't put your EQ before you chorus" or stuff like that and I was wondering how you find out about how that works...
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gimme my cookie.

here you go

(random chick not included)
can we do Pikey?

*cookie for reference*
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Cloudkicker doesn't own or play a 7. All 6ers in Drop B.

well don't I feel stupid....

well that doesn't matter I guess, I was just looking for some advice on what to look for in getting a 7 string!
Alright 7 string Legion

I think I'm on the verge of conversion, lately I've gotten more and more obsessed with the music of Animals as Leaders and Cloudkicker and I'm seriously considering an extra sting upgrade

can I get some general advice/recommendations/etc on looking, playing and buying seven strings?

I've played a few at the Guitar Center (only place I've seen em) they typically have at least one used Schecter 7 string (last one I played was a 7 string Hellraiser)

My friend just got a 6 string bass so I'm really looking forward to us both playing ERG!
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this thread is now about flying pianos.

can they be GREY pianos flying

(Invalid img)

Quote by customisbetter
I have owned around 30 guitars in the last 3 years. Your call.

haha thats awesome

well I'm still living at home and I'm not too sure that my mom would understand why I wanted a new guitar (let alone one that has an extra low string, one that could be used to play "dat devil music)

what are some good things to look for in a seven string too?
So seven Stringers' I've lately been drawn to the idea of a seven string after listening to lots of Animals as leaders and newer prog. metal and I've played a used Scheter hellraiser 7s at the local guitar store (think it was going for a little over 500)

BUT I got a Gibson Explorer about 2.5/3 years ago, should I even be looking at new guitars? nothing is wrong with the Explorer and I still love it to death but I don't think I will be taking it with me next year to college so it can't hurt to look....or buy.... right?
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How do I put my quantum harmonizer in your photonic resonation chamber without causing a parabolic destabilization of the fission singularity?

Check out the Allan Holdsworth thread, they have been doing nothing short of scientific research on the practice
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i clicked on this hoping you were doing a cover of that song

me too

but that gives me the idea for me to cover the sond
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People need to stop messing with our beloved superheroes, they're gonna ruin Superman like they did to Batman. Campy Adam West Batman is a lot more entertaining than dark, realistic Christian Bale Batman.

what are you, nine?
rape him

that'll show the bastard
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I do this every 5 minutes.

I fucking love In Bruge

that is all, carry one