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Learn the modes and learn how to connect them. Aeolian mode is the same as the minor scale so there you have a starting point.

THis is no place to start. Are you crazy?
I would recomend learning the major/minor scale first because its the most important and thats what they teach you first in school music classes. Learn the notes on the fretboard. Practice playing the scales in different positions up and down the neck.

I learned the minor pentatonic scale first. It has less notes and is easier for a beginer to improvise with over. I think its probably still better in the long run to learn the major first because you dont want to get stuck in the pentatonic rut where thats all you can improv with like me.
The tuning of the guitar only tells you what the open notes are. The music in the song determines the key. Determine your key. Then play what notes or scales you think will sound good in that key/style of music.

Just because your guitar is tuned to E or C doenst tell you that your playing in that key. It may be the case (maybe even alot of the time if your playing metal) but its not always the case.

I suggest taking some basic theory lessons if you dont know how to tell what key your in. Try working on learning the notes and how to build scales etc.. is a good place to start.
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That's true. Here's a comparison. As a guitarist, you can buy any tone you want. As a vocalist, you're born with a certain range of parameters that define your voice - even with making the best of it. Just like you'll never make a Les Paul sound like a Fender Strat, you'll never make Axl Rose sound like Pavarotti.


This makes a great deal of sense. I think of voices the same way. I just wanted to add some thoughts for those who might think their voice isn't good but still want to sing:

Some people with what most would consider a bad voice have great careers and are loved by many. I would say Neil Young is a great example. He doesnt have the typical great voice but he sings well and people love him. Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour dont have spectacular voices. They sing well and their voices are good enough to make great music. I also am a huge fan of Willy Nelson who I dont think has the greatest voice but I still love to hear it. Willy was told by the record companys he should just play guitar and his voice is no good many times before he made it big. Even Bob Dylan doesnt have a great voice.

I think the skill of their singing (hitting the right notes, adding feeling emotion etc..) comes through and it doesnt matter that there voices are only OK voices. Basically you can sing well with a average voice and still make good music even if your not gifted. Conversly you can be an american idol star with a superb voice and make garbage nobody wants to hear. So dont give up if you think your voice isnt good but you still want to sing.
You need to work on changing the chords a lot at first. You wont be able to play the song untill you can make the changes in time. I would practice playing the songs with simplified strumming patterns. Tap your foot and play quarter notes of the chords and play the music counting the measures and changing the chords when its time. If you trip up playing quarter notes when its time to change slow your tempo. Once you can make all the changes while playing quater notes and tapping your foot then try to play a more advanced strumming pattern like they show slowly untill you get that down.

Basically if you are 2 months in im sure your main problem is going to be making the changes. Worry about that first. Like I described. You dont need to concern yourself with perfecting his strumming patterns untill you get the basic steady rythem and changing chords down. Take it one step at a time. It will be less frustrating. Youll be strumming the **** out of those songs in no time if you take logical steps and practice correctly. If you start going over your head and loosing time your not going to progress as quickly.
The box shapes are not useless. No knowlage of the fretboard is useless. No need to start that debate again though. So yes learning the notes is very helpfull. Once you can play in key and know the notes you are playing then you will start to hear and think about what notes you are playing. THen you will be able to find notes you want to play in different places over the neck. Keep learning scales and memorising notes on the fretboard.

Aside from doing this learn solos that you think are good and that you think are challenging but within your grasp. Learn them the way the artist orginally played them. When you are learning think about what key the song is in and what the artist might have been trying to do. What intervals is he hitting and over what chord. Is he playing a certain scale? Is he playing chord tones? I always analise the solo and other parts of songs that I learn. Trying to figure out why it sounds so good. THis will give you ideas of things to try while jamming.

Finally spend time after you practice learning songs and learning scales etcc.. to play over backing tracks. Theres tons available online. Expirament and try licks you might have learned or expirament with different areas of the fretboard. Sometimes youll hit sometimes you will miss. Either way you either learned a new lick you like or a learned what you dont so over time you will keep improving your improv.
Call the guy and say hi im not going to be coming in for any more lessons thanks you good bye. If he questions you say the truth. I dont think I'm gaining enough to spend 15 per lesson I think Im just going to work on my own for a while but thank you.
ITs called being a man. Speak the truth to people and be direct. It will gain you respect.
You seem to fully understand how to make up lies and put words in peoples mouths . You also have a firm grasp of how to be a total douche bag. Eat **** and die.
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Having worked in construction (groundworks) although the work was very physical I can confidently say that if 16 year old me could do it then so could most women.

He never said anything contrary to this. You infered that yourself. There seems to be a lot of word twsiting and assuming going on in here.
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ohh, **** you.

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Then I've made an honest mistake. I'm merely taking arguments to their logical conclusion.

I can't defend every single case of a woman put in a place she's not been qualified for. However, I ask you to question the bosses who keep her there. What is their motive? Evidently, it is the bosses who want to look woman-friendly, and thus attempt to pacify people into thinking they are not a clique of chauvinists.

THe point was already stated. Your just trying to dig up a fight for nothing now. If you missed my points go back an reread. You obviously didnt get it seeing as how you made up false summaries of my beliefs. Im done with you. Honest mistake my ass. You made up straight up lies about what i siad already. You're a terrible debater.
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Forgive me if I'm misreading but it seems you're saying she was useless at her job because she was a woman, and that the system is designed to protect that.

It seems you're clutching at any piece of information possible to justify her continued position in the company, and I highly highly doubt she has cost millions. Your opinion of her is unfounded, and frankly I wouldn't so readily trust the moral opinion of a jobbing CEO.

Your putting words in his mouth now too. He never said because she is a woman you did. He said she was a bad employee and not qualified. He made no refereance to it being because she is a woman. That was all you. Im done agruing with you because you keep twisting words and making lies.
You dont undertand what a union is if you think the women dont get the same pay. Im not talking aobut pay in general i was talking about union jobs specifically. Their is no gender gap in the union.

The iron industry has women in it that arent qualified to be in it physically was my point. Women are given jobs that they arent qualified for in the name of equallity.

I agree with you the jobs is for who is best suited for the job. Men are larger and stronger than women physically in hte humans species this is a scientific fact. THis is why historically men did these "mens" jobs as I called them. Now I agree a woman should be alould to do any job she wants. But only any job she wants if shes the most qualified candidate.

I dont think its fair to anyone to loose a job to somebody else because of their skin color or gender if they are more qualified. THe problem with making things fair for women and minorities is that we often go to far and screw over people who dont fall into these catagorys by giving jobs to less qualfied people for the sake of diversity. Thats not equallity.

Basically all Im saying is the best person for the job deserves the job. Do you disagree ? Do you think a black man should have a job over a more qualified white man because hes black? Should a woman get into the union to have diversity when she is less able then men who've waited longer? Im not saying they cant get in but if they get in for the fact they are a minority or a woman that is just wrong in my eyes. If the woman gets in because she is the most able and hard working than great for everyone. If the black man gets a job beacuse hes the most qualified induvidual who applied then great. Best person for the job gets the job period.

EDIT I never said women should be excluded from iron working. I never said women cant operate heavy machinery. I strongly disagree with both of those statements that you claim I said. You are twisitng my words to make your own meanings. If you think im a biggot then fine with me but dont make up lies and say thats what it think.
Willie Nelson
Neil Young
John Fogerty
I dont think we should allow woman police officers fire fighters or military personal unless they pass the exact same tests that men do. The tax payers are paying the same so they deserve the best possible soldier or cop. If a woman is aloud to take a fire fighting ,police or military job when she is less qualified phsically to perform I think that is unfair to men who could have taken the job and to the taxpayers.

Also unions are made to have women workers. These workers have the same pay as the men of course. Now how many times have you driven by a construction site and its a female flagger. They stand their talking to the cop at the site and get paid big bucks to hold the traffic sign. Meanwhile able bodied men fit to do constuction are unemployed even though they are better fit to the job. I think women dont belong in a ironwokers union unless she can do all the same things the men do with no exception.

As far as other jobs that dont require physical labor i think the most qualified person that wants to work for the salary offered is given the job man woman black white brown doesnt matter.

As far as being a feminist thats fine with me. If you excpect to be given a mans job though I expect you to work the same as a man. If all you can do is hold a traffic sign you have no business working for the highway department when theirs a thousands of able bodied men who want the job who could hold that sign and also run a jackhammer. If theres a 200 pound woman who can run the jackhammer then by all means thats fine with me.
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I think we can infer he woke up with an very ugly woman on bobbin on the knob.

I dont think their are any ugly 23 year old girls in norway.
Pod + audacity. Only because its one of the simplest ways to get a somewhat decent recording. I not very happy with it but it lets me record. I just dont really like the digital sound. I prefer my real setup but I dont want to setup a mic to it and all that just yet.
awsome cover. Ive been working on this song for a while. I am not nearly good enough to pull it off yet but its good practice for me to play it slowed down for now. Some day id like to shred the **** out of it like you. Great job. THe only thing that I could possibly say of constructive critisism is the pinch harmonics in the slow riff could be played more agressive but thats just nit picking. Other than that its perfect. Great job on the solo thats a very fast/difficult solo and you ripped it up nice and clean.
Nice I will try the russian web page and if that does not work I will try audacity. Thanks guys.
Wow so entertaining and helpfull....
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Ok its time to start some debating.

I have found, and it really annoys me, that now a days, guitarists are more concerned with "playing the guitar" than "making music with it"

how many of you lock yourself in your room and learn that one sweet rock lick. you play it over and over again until you have it down. and when you go play a guitar you just play silly little lick after silly little lick. Guess what. that does not making you a musician. Even if the licks are cool. Instead of spending so much time learning "cool things" to play on the guitar you should be trying to find what you are good at writing on the guitar. Otherwise that is basically the equivalent of learning to play the guitar because the chicks dig it. On any given day I can go into guitar center and hear someone shred away on some completely a-melodic run that sounds impressive to untrained ears, but to the trained ear, it just sounds stupid. If it is just a hobby to you, than that is fine, but the real musicians don't really want you to be involved in something so far beyond what you can understand.
I would say probably at least 60% of the players here fall into the above category. Instead of trying to show off, people need to focus more on how to write an actual good, catchy, original song.


Real musicians dont want other people to play? I think real musicians dont give a **** what somebody else does in their time. Who cares? Play what you want. I dont get why you would care what other people do so much. If some kid wants to shred mindlessly I dont like it but I certainly dont care. If he has fun doing it great. Its not hurting you or anyone else so who cares. I really dont get this idea you have. You sound like a pompous douche to me if thats really how you feel.

PS Why does the song people write have to be cacthy or good? I think people should/can playanything they think is fun or rewarding and enjoy themselves not have to try to appease people like you.
Hey I want to convert some of the blues backing tracks on youtube to mp3 so I can record myself jamming over them in audacity. I tried some free sites but they were all BS and wanted me to fill out surveys to get the file converted. Does anyone know of a legitamate site or converter for this purpous? There are so many great jam tracks I need to download them as mp3s. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
I am not totally happy with my line 6 pod. I like the real sound of my pedals and amp better than the digital amp modeling on the pod. But to record that with a mic would be more difficult and expensive so I compromised and bought the pod. Its a good way to get ideas down and has lots of possible sounds but I would prefer to play out of my regular stuff. I only use the pod if im recording I never play out of it regularly.

So if you want to record some ideas or try stuff for fun then yes I would recomend it as a means of inexpensive recording for fun. If your looking for it for the effects I would just by real pedals. Its not top quality but its usefull. I have some files in my profile that I recorded with the pod.
Sounds good technically but not fun. I like to reward myself after practice of that nature by just playing songs or jamming over backing tracks messing around etcc. I think all the stuff your playing is important but playing another hour of just free practice time would be helpfull and more fun. If you have time.
I would worry about learning the scales and practicing improv over some simple 12 bar blues progressions. You can find plenty of free streaming blues songs on the internet. Youtube Guitarchaos or various other places. These are pritty much the simpilest form of the blues. I would get comfortable playing the ryhtem first and then try to improv over some backing. THis will help you get the idea.

Learning some classic licks is a good start. Nothing wrong with learning other peoples licks to get the feel. All blues players use recycled licks as well as some of their own. Eventually you develop your own voice with your guitar. BB King could play a lick and Stevie Ray Vaughn could play the very same lick and you would be able to tell whos who. Its not so much the licks its how you play em.
Overall not to bad. YOu accidentally hit a wrong string at one point and lost a little bit of the timing. You should do a few more takes. Good job though keep on playing. Try to stay relaxed the whole time.

Check out mine its in my profile. Im playing over a backing track though on my ibanez electric. The lead guitar is me the rest is a backing track. I ****ed up on the fast lick a lil but its not to bad.

Id do one on my acoustic but its a classical and I cant reach high enough lol.
Just face whatever you want to look at. Being the keyboard player nobody in the crowd will even look at you so its more about what you want to look at.
Your in college and your worried about sneaking booze? If you havent figured this out by now just wait untill your 21 and go to a bar.
Roger Waters
Neil Young
Geddy Lee
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I lold very hard.

Guy who posted the pic with the pimple on his dick might want to go to a doctor. Might not be a pimple.
I was going out with my gf before i started playing guitar. So in my case that wouldnt make sense.
How much does band in a box cost?
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I find Marty Friedmans's soloing very boring and uninspiring.

You're much better off using David Gilmour from Pink Floyd as a better example.

+one ive watched that whole video. Hes just playing arpeggios hes doenst sound like he has control to me. He sounds like hes hitting notes that he knows will fit at fast speeds and hoping for the best with mixed results. Thats not my idea of control.
Then he stresses to not play to fast right before he plays a sloppy as **** run across the board faster than he can control. Exactly what he just said not to do. I cant deal with it. I like megadeth but not his teaching style.

David Gilmour is a great example of a player with melodic control. He makes the guitar sing and means what he plays. No guessing or hoping.

TS i like the other users idea about 10 min practice of a scale position then improvising wiht it while you play an apporpriate backing rythem. Get her some jam tracks and have her memorise and then improv. Thats the only way i ever have the patience to learn patterns too.
Most of the new music on the radio has such terrible lyrics. HAve you guys head that song "18 days" its some song their playing like 20 times a day on the only rock station that comes in here. Such a worthless ****ing song.

I can tolerate ****ty lyrics or singing if the music is good. Like pantera. I dont care for most of the singing/lyrics. I love the music enough to still enjoy it though. But thats the type of music where its ok. When you have a nothing bland guitar riff and then write crappy whiney lyrics its intollerable. So I like both but i voted music more becuase i will listen to music if i like even if i hate the lyrics but i wont listen to music if i hate the music and enjoy the lyrics. I think if i dont like the music I cnat enjoy the lyrics.
i type in blues in "x" on youtube with x being the key I want to play in and something usually comes up. Not that that many variaties but worth trying them if you havent already. Also a site called has many jam tracka and backing tracks. Audacity is a good idea for recording your own stuff. THeir a lot of tools out their to use. Also guitar pro can be used although its not great sound quality its still ok for practice.
randy rhoads - dee This is off the album i mentioned earlier. Do you have a classical guitar?

You could also learn regular randy rhoads songs from ozzy. Crazy Train is on of the easier ones in my opinion. Although its by no means an easy song.
what timbit said is a very good idea. I just date things and dont even name them and record all sorts of stuff.
Get the 1.3 beta version. That has the ability to adjust for latency which is good for overdubbing. Otherwise if you want to make layers you will have to line up each track which is a major pain in the balls.
Yamaha SBG series late 70s - early 80s. Great guitars. Awsome tone. Think japanese gibson. Ive got a pick of one like the one i have in my profile. I will put a pic of mine as soon as I finish repaiting and installing new pickups. The one i got was 80$ I wouldnt sell it for $600 cash.