**** mods.
picky bitches

mEhD!T: picky sticky bitches
They got a lot of albums, and im tryin to find some new stuff of them, i have IN the Court Of The Crimson king and its awesome,
whats your favorite King Crimson Song/Album??
HAs any one seen the movie called Mongol about Genghis Khan? if you havnt its kick ass. and you should... anyways howcome at the end where his archers start shooting the other armies horses he also shoots down his own men riding back?
I am learning scales, to help my improv skill on the guitar. IM learning the pentatonic and blues scales, and i want some chord progressions for these type scales, but i cant find them online, can anyone help point me in the direction, thanks
I am learning scales, to help my improv skill. IM learning the pentatonic and blues scales, and i want some chord progressions for these type scales, but i cant find them online, can anyone help point me in the direction, thanks
i bought a mitchell acoustic less than a year ago for about $200. It's really not very old but the 11 12 and 13 frets all sound very bad. when you play a not on any of those the string hits a fret bar above on about 14. I have no warrenty left on this guitar. Does this require a professional or is it just a simple string problem, i dont think i can raise the action either.
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Untraceable, but in real life.

ya dooood i was tinkin dat
idk about every day but monster tastes reaaallllyyyy good. but it doesnt really give me energy, but the awesome taste should wake you up. the green only. or the blue, which is green but with less crap.
i dont know how irish i am.
im american but my last names O'Hara
sharpen your knives buddy.
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I'm a little skeptical of this story, seeing as if this happened at 8:00 am this morning, and he fractured his skull and had a level 2 concussion, he'd PROBABLY still be in the hospital.

But if it's true, that sucks. Get well eventually, as soon seems like a long shot at this point.

maybe its because the level 2 concussion meses up his mind O_o
to ExoM7
is your pic supposed to be che guevara?
thats saddd
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I heard that only 6% of Americans have a passport.

the other 94% are illegal
led zeppelin
stevie ray vaughan
my mac is like three years old and nothing works with it.
all the things apple makes like ipods, software dont work on my ****ing computer
**** them
why the **** cant they make it work with all their things.
every damn time i open itunes i get the annoying **** thing saying download itunes 8.
so i said **** it and i did. well noooo. my computer is one year too old for that.
they suck
i have a mac osx 10.3.9. i have a sony walkman mp3 player that i want to put videos bought from itunes on. the mp3 just acts as a memory stick does when i put it in my cpu. i put a video on it, but the player said it cannot be played because it is protected. does anyone know how to take away the protected part? i know how to do it for the songs but not the video, is there any free programs that will work for macs?
im like benjamin button

im going the other way
any thing cool about being younger??
on the verizon site for the games it says like, 2.99 per month or 8.99 unlimited, and i hit send shortcut for 2.99 to my phone and it says check phone for pricing, so i do and theres only the 8.99, does any one know why, and anyone else with this phone do u know any cheap game sites or any tips?
basketball shoved down your throat.
on a timer to let air out which is really poison.
because i want basketball to end. and it blows

and your name pisses me off
did u do it?
this usb cable- - says that it is compatible with the sony nwzs615f walkman.
it says that the cable records music at a high speed but, thats all it says, does anyone know if it is normal, or if it charges it?

here is the mp3 walkman
if i have a dvd of a tv show, is it possible to import it on to my mac, i have quick time, itunes, and idvd.
i have a 1gb kingston memory stick and i use it with my mac.
when i put items on it it takes the space away. for exe. from 950 to 944, and then i delete the items off of it and it stays at 944.but the items are off it. i eject it and plug it back in and nothing happens. does anyone know how to fix this?
or has any one else had this problem?
you know how when you buy songs off the itunes store they are all protected aac files?
i have an mp3 player and i cant play these
the only way i can is if i burn the songs onto a cd, set the importing to mp3 and then re import them onto the cpu.
but this is really annoying and cd wasting,
doesanyone know a way around that?
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yeah im def talking about the movie, so i guess if your half retarded this would go in the gaming thread
in riddick on the menu there is a selection of convert, or fight, but i cant tell the difference, anyone know?
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Or, just bear with this crazy idea, they just might( here's where it gets wacky) not agree with said's country's politics


then dont bitch
and leave
im pretty sure that people who dont care about the pledge, or the national anthem are just doing it to be rebels. They think that they are badass not caring for their country or who died for it.
i need a good band.
i like blues like srv and hendrix
i like zeppelin
i also like some modern rock like something corporate-chiodos-evaline-tokio hotel-melo stuff
i dont like metal
im familiar with all the known famous bands, im looking for something along these lines that i havnt heard of
you looked so dumb at the front of the class
now i know u have a ug
and that u put it up, and im gonna tell her why u got it!!!!!!
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Keep your hair and ignore those ****ers. They're jealous of your sex appeal (check out my pics if you'd like )

u actually creeped me out
maybe its just me
but the pit seems kind of dull lately
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1) Fade to Black - Metallica
2) Hangar 18 - Megadeth
3) Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

God aren't i the just speaking for the masses right now


except for zep
cant play
my NEW computer is "TOO OUTDATED"