i thought we were going to be talking about kfc.. i am majorly disappointed and i shall leave now.
Anybody that uses Auto-tune.
you'll still scare me..
wasn't this on collegehumor or something?..
dear geron, don't be afraid to speak up, this will prevent some crazy stuff from hitting the ceiling in the future. Also, stop masturbating and learn to talk to girls.
Avoid anyone named "Cindy".
I don't really think there should be a "sellout" term.. People in here are pretty ****ing stupid for deeming popular bands that shifted their sound perhaps out of curiosity that was always there, but were scared to experiment with it because of retards like you that would have said they "sold out" anyway. . So until another band that has the guts to come along and put out a record with a completely different sound than them, they'll continue to keep making the same sounding stuff.
Now I don't know how much that made sense cause i've been up all night and am too tired to care. Most of it can be salvaged and made into something though.
Quote by mrbungle50221
oh kk cheers peeps, think im gonna have a proper talk with her tonight.

that's the dumbest ****ing thing i have ever heard.
she's not going to trust you, you realize this?

you broke up with her, came to ug, felt sad and are now going to talk to her..
sounds like a worse plan than electing Obama.
Listen to The Game.. He single handedly brought down G-Unit.. Although I don't really like him because he's "dissing" Jay-z (a pretty beast rapper, who is pretty much a legend), I gotta hand it to him. He really knows how to ruin a career.
Or Kid Cudi, he made a concept rap album that's damn good.

I've been through that "I wanna be gangster because I'm 12 and know what it's like because I've listened to Eminem" phase and eventually grew out of it. Now I've recently found a new love of rap.., even though I think that Eminem is and always will be the greatest rapper alive, there is alot of potential out there
Also listen to Asher Roth.. look up his freestyles on Youtube, they're damn funny and pretty sick.
do more drugs.
If you were high, you probably would understand where he's coming from a lot more.. Now even though I have some and would enjoy smoking it and reading this again, I'm not. Instead, I'm just going to go and quietly lurk some more threads pondering wtf I just read.
Isn't this why they invented garages?
they've dealt with it for 5 years..
Quote by ZeGuitarist

Hahaha, that is quite possibly the most I've ever laughed at a youtube video!,
It's the Friday after Thanksgiving. Stores open early and have really good deals and people are crazy enough to wake up early and get in line, even camp out in front of stores the day before, to get these deals.

so.. a real version of ebay.. in the morning?
wtf is black friday?
I'm going with some friends on New Years.. We're renting a cabin out there and just having a good ol' time for about a week.
You must tell me how the ride is!
haigiez.. we should pick a date and all log on.. for a funny.
"Mom, I have increasing sexual thoughts about men with the hearing of every crappy pop song that comes on the radio. Metal is the only thing that subsides it."
travis barker's flying drum solo is pretty ****ing sick.. can't wait for the blinkumentary
be glad you didn't have to see fall out boy before them...
but, greatest show i've ever been to.
Fall out boy opening for Blink 182.

kidding, i was too drunk to remember fall out boy..

but Job for a cowboy opening for megadeth... greatest EVAR!
Pretty darn gay if you ask me. Pink writing advertising free hugs isn't helping much.
But I lol'd while I lol'd, so you're forgiven.
is gay.

ESPLTD AX-50 and a Zakk Wylde Epiphone LP..
I actually was planning on it, then it slipped my mind.
I hope I can find it online..
Mine was about Chuck Norris
More time for the pit?
I was seriously in the act of it, then she said she wanted kids. Biggest turn off of my life.. I didn't finish, so it doesn't count, right?
Never EVAR buy a phone with a touch screen. It breaks within the first 4 months...
You mean I've been doing it for free all these years

Why if I had a hundred bucks every time...
I'm a sucker for animals
Don't trust a hoe, never trust a hoe!
I've also recently gotten into 3OH!3 for some reason, which has lead me to discover Devil Wears Prada, Bring Me The Horizon (even more) and Escape The Fate.
Does this mean I am the rightful father of this child I know nothing about?
I admit, I've also had sexual relations with this woman.
In Soviet Russia, Web Programs you!
If your child suspects you of drugs, suspect drugs.
So, uhh, can we still make Russia jokes?
Is there a place in a man's head, that if you shoot it, it will explode?
Quote by daeqwon10000
they ran over the ku klux klan?!?!

With a van!!!!

Now, in all seriousness. He's white. HE will never make it. He talks like a total jackass. He is never going to get laid. ..

I don't even know what to say anymore.
This kid ruined rap for me
I'll play some secksbox with you
Shoot them, then melee them like on Halo!
They will never see that coming.