A broken headstock that is properly repaired can actually be stronger than the original piece.

That headstock was not properly repaired.
looks like an Asian knock off from the 80s
you sold a '59 Stratocaster for $1000?

The MII jem is so overpriced... save up and buy a used 7v instead. You won't regret it. The Jem7v is the best guitar I've ever played and the Indonesian attempts don't even come close...
what's the benefit of a multiscale instrument?
did you stretch the strings out properly? are you using the locking nut? are you tuning the strings in the correct order to balance the strings? 623451. Is the bridge level?

one last thing - is the neck straight or overbowed?
Quote by technicolour

i know... i am ashamed that i fell for it

i'd never actually listened to these guys before so i went off to youtube

the song returner was a fun little piece. then i listened to a few more and i realized every song was exactly like that but mechanically worse and far more drawn out

now that this mess is behind us, let us return to being kvlt
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Been listening to a lot of Liturgy recently, has any one read their manifesto? It's incredibly smart.

i cba to find the actual document. link please?

from what i just found on google, apparently he thinks black metal should embrace a new sound as an act of healing. is that right? and he thinks its nihilistic qualities should be replaced with affirmative qualities.

as far as i can tell, the Cascadian BM scene is already experimenting with those ideas with their more overt minor scale harmonies and their shifting lyrical focus. most CBM bands still keep that sort of spiritual quality in the lyrics. that obsession with the metaphysical, the personification of nature.

the early bands had contempt for the evil that is Christianity. they wanted to celebrate the old ways, and they could feel the harsh Scandinavian wind in their sound.

these new American bands want to celebrate the beautiful landscape that they are surrounded by before it is choked to death. they feel the mountains, the creeks, and the evergreen in their sound.

anyway, it seems pointless to write it all up into a manifesto.


i just read it and he sounds like a douche. he wants to be some kind of savior to music, a leader of a new age. he calls for a new American BM to completely contrast European BM.

ffs let music happen. it doesn't need your $hit 'manifesto.'

this is beyond pretension


i have been trolled softly. 8/10
good recs guys. I especially enjoyed Rome's Flowers from Exile.

anyway i'm in the mood for d00m. Disembowelment's Transcendence into the Peripheral is one of my all time favorite albums. i also enjoy Winter and Bell Witch but don't know any other good death/doom at all. hit me with whatever you've got.

and as for more 'traditional' doom, is there anything out there similar to Pallbearer? i'm in love with Sorrow and Extinction.
give black metal now

a few specific things... what are some good albums that came out recently (i.e. last 2 years) that i might not have heard? i'm also looking or something gr1m and köld like Paysage D'Hiver. and something 'magical' that transports you to another place... like Summoning or Lustre


title track from the new summoning album leaked!!!!!!!111!!
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What are some more bands like Abigail, Drudkh or early Inquisition?

give these albums a listen. i didn't know from your post if you wanted well known stuff or not, so i just picked my favorites... you probably have these already

IIII - Farsot
Carelian Satanist Madness - Satanic Warmaster
Genesis of a Satanic Race - Lust
YGG - YGG (BM from the Ukraine, i don't think this is well known)

and anything by Ulver or Wodensthrone is good (like Drudkh)


give me some neofolk or folk music. i don't know where to start but i know of many metal bands that take influence from this genre
post that here when you record. listening to awaken the guardian now! no exit is next

stop me if you've heard this one...

what do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

nothing. you already told her twice.


a farmer drunkenly stumbles into his bedroom with a sheep under his arm, waking up his wife.

He says, "look, this is the pig I've been f***ing."

His wife says, "that's not a pig, you idiot! it's a sheep."

the farmer says, "shut the f*** up, i was talking to the sheep."


i just made this thread 1000x better
i haven't played my instrument seriously in a long time. no metronome or technique practice, barely any theory study, no full recordings, just some random riff writing, hardly anything that could be called a composition. i don't even break out my good amp or my nice guitar when i play anymore.

whenever i try composing, i never think its any good and end up scrapping it before the idea has been fully explored. my best moments come in spontaneity when i feel melancholic or lonely. I can sit in the dark with a guitar for an hour fully developing ideas in improvisation, but i don't feel like stopping to remember, write down or record all the subtleties and variations and nuances... the task takes too much and ruins my moment of catharsis

i'm becoming increasingly frustrated at my inability to convey certain emotions in my compositions... i feel like the formality of sitting down and composing doesn't capture my most raw, creative paradigms

when i actually write things down, my songs end up just being riff 1, riff 2, riff 3, riff 4, riff 5, all simply repeating in even times, no creative arrangements or transitions or fully fleshed out ideas

tonight i will attempt to start an idea i've had for an album for some time... it will be a cold, melancholic black metal record. seemingly minimalistic and trance like, subtle variations creeping into the listener's mind as the songs progress... low fi synths playing just one long quiet note at a time to add a razor like edge in parts or to provide a tranquil 'home note' underneath a cacophony of dissonance... sparse vocals recorded with 100% commitment, absolute intensity and emotion in the voice... field recordings of my surroundings between each long track..

i feel like i need to write this album to end a chapter in my life. it's going to be like climbing a mountain for me...

where are you right now? what space does your mind occupy?
no the archives are down today
is it just me or has this board died in terms of activity and # of posts?

i didn't come on for a good 2 or 3 years and now it seems like nobody wants to talk about black metal and there are far fewer threads being made. the album of the month series is gone, and metal radio is gone too. many of the old trolls, elitists and attention hos are gone as well.

maybe metal is for kids and everyone else is just growing up? do you see a lot of people 'grow out' of metal? i feel like my tastes have just changed... i used to be really into the classic bands and thrash, folk metal, traditional metal... now most of what i listen to is black metal or post metal. it seems less 'obvious' in a way to me. more artistic...

your opinions please
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Been listening to Wodensthrone's Loss and Primordial's To The Nameless Dead a lot lately and I'm really liking it. Any recs for other bands with similar sounds? I really like Wodensthrone's production - it's not super crisp, but it's not hissy and muddy like a lot of lowfi productions I've heard before - and I really like the folk elements in both artists' sound. Any recs?

falls of rauros

you've probably heard of a lot of them but there's definitely something in that list that you would like


can i get some non metal recs? anything really. i'm open to anything.

and also some really depressing metal? i'm looking for both black metal like beherit that says f*** this world and some doom or depressive black metal that just tears your heart in two and makes you wanna cry
i need some more new stuff to rock out to while i wait on a bunch of albums you guys rec'd me.

give me your best black metal. any sort. i like all of it.

and here's a badass track in return
what is the name of that band where the vocals are basically just whispers but are also loud in the mix?

i found this while randomly browsing youtube yesterday. the album rocks
this deserves a bump. absolutely ridiculous vocal performance
thanks guys. i shall listen!
Quote by The Wildchild
^Hvis Lyset Tar Oss might be up your alley

something a bit less obvious? lol ofc burzum is in my library!
give me more 'artistic' black metal

stuff like agalloch, fen, falls of rauros, etc

and some post metal? i've heard a few pelican albums that rock hard but don't know too much else

Quote by Burning_Angel

you rec'd me this band a few weeks ago and their demo was among the best records i've heard this year if not the best

album - The Tenant
bands similar to Agalloch?

i really enjoy their atmosphere, the sparse but jarring vocals, dark melodies, ability to be heavy and soothing on the same album, lyrical themes of nature and hopelessness, you get the picture

i like stuff like fen, altar of plagues, in the woods..., solstafir, and others playing this artsy melancholic metal
I come to you, metal brothers, with my first post in quite some time.

Every once in a while, one may stumble upon an album that truly resonates, reinvigorating the musical senses.

I ask for you to recommend me albums that have really made your jaw drop. It can be extreme, kvlt, obvious, minimalistic, artful, headbang-able, whatever.
i didn't read the thread but i'm adding my 2 cents

you can easily switch keys around by playing a V of V progression. Any chord can easily be resolved by playing another chord that is a fifth down. This can be done over and over again in succession and still sound good. Jazz artists often play a V of V with dominant chords.

For example

E7 A7 D7 G7 C7 F7

is a V of V of V of V of V of V progression.
the jazz theory book - mark levine

harmony - walter piston
yes, the mediant can be used as a substitute V chord.

try playing a suspended flat nine as a V to a maj 7 as a I and you will hear a very nice resolution!
well the key signature for E major is F#, C#, G# and D#

relative minor is C#
first post on ug in probably 2 years

i've always picked the backwards mart friedman way. it's just how i played initially and was always most comfortable to me. I hit a plateau and my speed and fluencey has not improved for some time. I've noticed that I have been using a lot of finger-thumb movement to pick.

I want to shift my grip back to the 'normal way' and pick only from the wrist, but the grip is making it really hard.

When I pick, my 3 free fingers keep scraping against the the strings and this causes an uncomfortable chafing sensation. With the normal grip, it is hard for me to angle the pick correctly. I'm also finding it really hard to palm mute this way.

What is the proper way to hold the pick and what is the proper positioning of your arm/hand? it's really annoying that i can't keep my fingers off of the strings
did you just use wikipedia to self-diagnose?

Octavarium - Dream Theater
^ haven't listened to that song in while, but it used to be a favorite of mine

Kafir! - Nile
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Gene Hoglan = Best

I preferred Richard Christy's drumming.
I hit a plateau in my playing about 9 months ago, and I knew the problem was my picking hand, because I simply cannot trem pick.

I recently discovered that I angle the pick the wrong way.

Looking down at the guitar string it looks like this

------/--------- with the pick being the slash

I'm trying to change my grip and how I angle the pick, but it feels like I'm starting all over. I can hardly play anything.

Any advice?
I love that album - such genius

Pull the Plug (live in LA) - Death
Chuck's high pitched screams in the Painkiller cover
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Hey, I've been playing for about 3 years and I mainly play my own stuff. I never learn full songs by other bands so I basically just know a bunch of useless riffs. I wanna build a little setlist of full songs I can play by other bands. What are some easy to intermediate metal songs that have tabs here on UG? I'm mainly into death and thrash metal. Stuff like Akercocke, Kreator, Morbid Angel, Death, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Autopsy, Behemoth, Nile, Suffocation, Opeth, Metallica, Vader, Sepultura, Decapitated etc. Nothing too hard and some stuff that sounds with just one guitar and no band behind me.

Chapel of Ghouls
Conquer all