Turn the volume down on your speakers. It's pretty easy.
I didn't know anyone still bought ice cream from that shifty guy in a van.
Lol. South Park?
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Avatar at least cared enough to use a new title.

Have you read any of Hitchens articles?
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Mhm. The government can tell these people anything, and they'll buy into it. The government has convinced us that a bunch of cave dwellers stole a plane and crashed it into a couple of buildings, they've convinced us that we had a reason to go to war in Iraq because they had "weapons of mass destruction" that weren't found, and they've also convinced everyone that Osama Bin Laden is dead without supplying evidence to prove it.
I wish I had it that easy, where I can just tell somebody something and just have them believe me with no reason what so ever.

Lol... Sarcasm bro.
Lol. Totally didn't look at the date.
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Sure, but what I said applies even to relatively egalitarian, low population hunter and gatherer or nomadic pastoralist societies.

Women don't have the required mental and physical faculties needed to be effective in combat. PERIOD. The fact that this debate even exists shows the mental illness of our society where we can't even acknowledge that men and women are different. Just as a man would never be a midwife, a woman should not be a warrior.

Wow... So I guess a man can't knit a sweater?

And as far as mental strength... My 7 year old cousin shot his father in the shoulder.
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This is the thing, in the millitarys case it literally is whoever the government decide.

But the government is always right.
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If someone became a hitman to provide a secure future would that make it okay?

Depends on who he's hitting I guess...

And yea, women should have the same opportunity to be shot at.
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You hate lucid dreams because you can't wake yourself up? Why would you want to wake up in the middle of one?

Lol. Cause it seems I don't have complete control of whats going on...Or my subconscious is throwing around crazy scary things that make me what to wake up.
H.G. Wells... Just finished the Time Machine... Now onto the war of the worlds.
I hate them... Cause I can not wake myself up. Anyone else have this problem?
Well, I'll probably dream of him now... Thanks. Thanks a lot.
I heard that the process of human evolution can be seen in people with down syndrome?

Is this true? Anyone care to explain?
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Girl scout cookies, minus the cookies.

Hardy har har...

And chocolate chip.
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I would have been Nikola Tesla, so I could use all of my insanely brilliant intelligence to properly change the world, and then kill Thomas Edison with a blast of perfectly charged lightning, making it look like an accident, and reap the rewards.

What a pimp.

Well sonofuhbitch. My thoughts exactly.
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I figured that UG was loaded with white supremacists that hate Obama. And yet no one has made a racist comment, I'm proud! Unfortunately I can not vote since I am not old enough, but I would not vote for Obama, I think we need some change.

I think there's like 3-5 of those...

But it all depends on who's running...
The old bucket over the door always works, I guess.
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Government sector bra, i wanna go into law enforcement, decent pay, good benefits and great job security as long as I dont shoot any homeless people

Yea, and as long as some crack head doesn't shoot you.
Yea, maybe you should have looked into some statistics before you majored in business management. I think you're betting off starting a business these days. I own a daycare center.
This should have a poll damn it. The 3rd one down is my favorite.
Collecting coins.
Well, I'd be pretty pissed.
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That was actually really obnoxious.

Does anyone else here dislike Ernest Hemingway's writing?
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Well most modern music uses auto-tune. It's usually not an effect, it's for correction.

Yea, it's like people these days can't sing or something.
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nope, its called a cycle, we are in the middle of it. 2012, the cycle reverts and starts again.

its only apparent that there is soo much destruction in the world becuase the world is globalised, we know whats happening in baglapoorbindock middle of nowheres ville, becuase we are are connected globally...we did not have this globalisation even 100 years ago, when such events may have happend but where not plasterd on the front of the newspapers or on every channel on tv.

have we ****ed the earth, somewhat, can we fix it, yes. the next generation, if they ever put down the dark crayons and art books and live in the real world. it lies in our hands now. baby boomers are gone, gen x and gen y need to see the mistakes made in the past and recitfy where our peers have failed.

green. im not talking gas etc, im talking green use, recycle, reuse!

think of earth as a cell, which some of you have smoked weed, you may have considered this yourself, the logic is there, earth is a cell of a much larger organism, we, humans, have become a cancer on this cell, its trying to cleanse itself of impurity.

the human race has come along way since the mayans, as a race of beings, we wont be extinct overnight, there will be great losses and massive devestation, but as a whole, the human race wont be extinct too easy.

just do your part, dont throw shit out the window of your car, recycle everything you can. im starting to sound like a greeny, and im not, but its time we got our act together as a human race, not as individual countries governed by politicians, but as the human race.

end rant, i cant remember if i was trying to put something across but i think i just rambled alot..whatever you take ylyl away from me and this is what we end up with!

I stopped reading at 2012.
Now you get to work the rest of your life.
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Someone; recommend me a couple of classics, books you have got to have read.

Not everyone will agree... But here are a few of my favorites... Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck. Something Wicked this Way Comes - Ray Bradbury. 1984 - Orwell. Brave New World - Aldous Huxley. Of Mice and Men - Steinbeck.
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Reading The Gunslinger right now, and i am just not getting into it, i am more than halfway into the book and i don't really want to continue. Does it really get that much better?

Not unless you want to read another 100000000 pages. I got through the first book...Then I was like... **** this. I suggest "The Stand" or "IT", that is if you haven't read them already.
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Favorite author, favorite set of short stories

I can't recommend it any more highly

He's definitely one of my favorite authors... It's a tie between Bradbury and Steinbeck.

I love all the stories but -August 1999: The Earth men- always seems to stick with me.
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*unstickies thread* I'm just about to read it and I don't want to know what it's like yet

Never mind... Ugh everyone wait till guitarxo is finished with it.