get one of these..
if you can a marshall jcm 800 2203.will set you back around 1 g depending on the condition.then youll also need a cab.

laney gh50l

laney aor sets you back 400 at most.
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Yeah, like a person with an Affinity Squier being a "Fender man". Sorry for the jokes, but it's a bit funny.

Glad you like the Marshall better. Most people wouldn't even compare a Crate (beginner/budget/starter amp) to any Marshall for that matter. Not trying to offend anyone, but Crate is a junk/cheap company that tries to make boutique tone at a welfare price, and it ain't never gonna happen. They're pretty much laughed at in the real world of musicians.

In all honesty, I had an AVT at one time, and for what it was, it was a decent sounding amp - for practice or recording. For gigging, those SS's never have the balls or the tone to blast out like that.

not true.
new crates suck,older TUBE crates are good.randy rhoads played a crate blue voodoo for a while.the crate palominos are al,so good....
some people dont have the money for a mesa man.

thread starter:if you like your amp and it inspires you to play they good!thats all that matters.
Personally i dont like the valvekings.if you liked them then great!i just bought a laney aor on ebay for 400 bucks(they do go for cheaper too) it seems nice,ive heard clips and they sound awesome.suppose to be a jcm800 on a budget.Check those out if your looking for that tone.i havent tested it out as i dont have a cab yet.(saving)

ernies rusted wayy to quick on me.
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The regular jazz III's, definitely not the xl's.

why not?i personally didnt like the regulars but i love the xl's.I guess its just preference but yes definitely jazz III's
vox valvetronix xl are you just need this for bedroom playing?cause the pod xt is a nice choice for bedroom playing.
EDIT:nvm i read you need it for drums too.get the vox.
i saw somewhere that mattrach uses a zoom effects pedal to record his home videos.I dont know what he used in this as youtube is acting retarded and wont let me see videos so i cant comment...
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Guitar:Ibanez RGT42DX
Pickups: Dimarzio X2N
Amp:Peavey 5150

This is the gear I will be getting with the summer job I'm looking for. Is it good? What pedals should I get to make it perfect? Would it be great for a band/gigs?

EDIT:I'm trying to get a progressive metal sound similar to Death "The sound of preserverance" album. I want a tone for all kinds of metal, but that's the main kind of tone I'm looking for. Do you guys think this gear would be good for that?

ok you want to sound like chuck schuldiner?heres what you need
dimarzio x2n and a marshall valvestate 8100

thats the amp he used man,oh and a chorus pedal and your set.
theres some nice old ss amps but he doesnt want to shop online.i dont like valvekings they cant do metal without help.good choice would problably be a randall or a peavey 5150
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Adults will pay bills. Teenagers and college kids will buy beer and entertainment goods.

wel i think the check is too stimulate economy soo there suggesting to spend it on crap rather than same lol.but its all the same in the long run lol.
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I don't think you can run the head without speakers attached, so don't bother trying that.

I know that you can use the line out on your amp, though.

Oh, and please don't buy a Valvestate head.

Why shouldnt i buy a valvestate and why should i buy a fancy tubehead if i cant do it with my budget?Its the first valvestate model by the way which is much better than the new ones.

Soo yeah anyone know the answer to my question?
Ok im thinking of buying a marshall vs8100 head and it has a line out.You think i can connect this to the toneport to jam through headphones and record?heres what the manual says
The low level signal from this socket is specially filtered to enable you to link directly into recording or PA mixing equipment and to still achieve the valvestate guitar sound.

seems like its possible but does anyone know a definite answer?
lol i think he meant cheap,but good for the price
got my recording up...its the trooper with no solo,two tracks.i left space for when i learn the solo but i think ima redo the whole thing ,with better tone,quality and playing.(this was a preset in gearbox,which sounds a bit too compressed)Yes i know its sloppy.
alright no problem man.
the toneport is basically a 50 dollar pod than you can only use with a computer
ill put clips up tonight.
I think it should man.i use it with audacity but i think it works as plug in so you should be able to record with whatever program that supports plug ins.Im problably gonna use fruity loops once i learn how.I would also suggest some decent/nice headphones later down the road like the senheiser hd280's there like 100 bucks and will help you hear your recordings alot better with a "flat' sound so you can hear your actual playing instead of your recordings with a "coloring"
oh alright,guess i misread! the toneport gx is for you man!if you want ill post a clip of it later tonight or tomorrow evening.Its just gonna be a single track with backing track recording though.i gotta learn how to mix though i wanna start a solo project.
i think hes looking for a loop pedal to record and have it play back so he can jam


+1 on the toneport gx its 50 bucks and it does quality recording for the price.Of course you gotta be wired to your computer to use it though and it doesnt really loop for you but you can just record and have that playing in the background!Really nice investment man i suggest it.
Ok what styles of music do you want to play man?
Marshall mg's suck because theres soo much better amps to get for the price.Spiders arent that bad if your a starting musician though i prefer the vox valvetronix.

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It's all subjective,they bag on Spiders around here to but I see guys with 20 years of experience playing them and liking them. Just like all SS seems to be bagged here but I went into a local shop and this 60 year old blues player is jamming on a Kustom 12 gauge,he was playing slide like no tomarrow and it sounded beautiful! A Strat directly into the amp with no pedals! He bought 2. It turns out he is a teacher,well my new 1 also. The price is what I think most have a problem with but some could say that about Gibson also. You can get something to do the same thing for cheaper and maybe it does it better to. *note- I'm not bagging on Gibson or anything else. You pay for the name in these cases. People bag on stuff and have never used it,they just go along with the crowd

Totally agree with this...
People on here praise tubes like no tomorrow.Tubes arent suitable for all people.People who want to practice at low volumes dont need tube amps,yet everytime i come into a thread about someone requesting to reccomend them a nice practice amp someone comes in,or everyone comes in with "GET A VALVEKING!!There a good tube amp for the price solid states suck!!"

-_- i tried valvekings and i guess some people like them,but i dont.There overated amps.I much rather get a decent/good solid state than a cheap tube(aside from the palomino,but that just wont do my genre) Theres plenty of nice ss amps on ebay.Roland cube,which i dont like much anymore.Ampeg vh140c if you like death metal.marshall valvestate 8100 if you want some death tone.randall rg100 for that dimebag tone.roland jc for the cleans.line 6 flextone III for the versatility and effects.Vox valvetronix for the hard rock/cleans type guy.

I guess its just personal taste but not everyone needs tubes and theres some nice solid state amps out there.

What I want to know is why the Cube 30 is praised so much. I think it's very overrated. The clean channel sucks and the only one worth mentioning is the R-Fier channel. What's the deal with this amp and why is it so popular?

I have a microcube,ehh its nothing too special.I liked it at first but i got tired of the one tone knob thing.Now im using a toneport to practice.
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a guitar with floyd and normal nut

Exactly 7 times.I counted.
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I've got a Marshall MG100DFX, and my buddy's got a Line 6 Spider, I'm not sure what its called specifically but I'm pretty sure its 75 watts. Whenever we play together at a band practice or something, his amp is ALWAYS louder than mine. I dunno what it is, like mine sounds more muffled or something. I don't really have the contour up on my amp that much, which usually makes it really muffled sounding. He's usually playing on a Fender Strat and I usually play either a Epiphone Les Paul or a Schecter. Is his amp just better or what?

I think it also helps the spider spread the sound as its open back.Plus spiders are loud
are you getting the mini jsx?
what music styles do you play anyways?
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Well i live outside US and...

1. Any good amp weights more then like 20KG and shipping that from US to my place will cost like 700$ or more ^_^

2.I live outside US so all programs on my computer are cracked, i have Cubase, GuitarRig3, AmpliTube, Revalver MK2 , MK3 (Peavy), FX BOX.. which one do you use, which has most real sound?

i mean everything... but dunno, i have never played on high-end tube amp and i cant compare this digital sound to the real thing what do you think?

:P excuses excuses to have your programs "cracked" lol jk i cant afford programs man.

to be honest i was all settled to buy a tube amp myself,but then i realized at my budget i cant buy a nice tube amp(i dont like the valvekings and the palominos are good but do not go up to death metal tone) so then i settled for older solid state models(which are suppose to be good) i mean not everyone needs a tube man.Thing about tubes is they sound best cranked and most gigs i play im getting mic'ed.i know some people like tubes cause it sounds more "better" but i figured since my ear isnt really developed tonewise and i didnt have enough for a tube ill just get a solid state.I still need some saving,but while looking my friend recommended guitar rig 2 which looks really nice so i figured a toneport would compliment nicely with this.Im gonna order a toneport soon and save for a solid state gigging amp for me.

excuse the long paragraph man lol but in short I say stick to your arsenal of programs,i think a modeling effects unit would not do much for you if you dont need to play loud and if your not gigging i say an amp isnt much of a necesity either :P(im acquiring revalver and amplitube as i speak) i hear revalvers really good well have to see.
i was actually about to tell you to get guitar rig and a decent interface lmfao.I say stick to your recent set up and save for a jsx.(check out revalver too i hear they have a model of the jsx in there)
happened to me man.dont EVER EVER again bid until the last minute man.itll help your chances of winning and hopefully wont get you involved in a bidding war with someone therefore not driving the price up.
dave murray,cause im such a maiden fanboy
I havent listened to ALOT of priest but i like what i heard i think ill check em out more as they seem just as influential as maiden.
f spaced pickups have the poles farther apart from each dont need one as f space are for floyd rose.(basically what everyone said)
Ehh i didnt like the valveking when i tried it.Goes to show ya some solid states do sound better than tubes.Older solid states can get nice tone.i used the valveking for a gig and then i returned it cause i just couldnt deal with it enough to keep it.
I actually did like the spider valve better than the valveking BUT for the price of a spider valve theres much better used options so it defeats the purpose of being decent lol.
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Yes. I know. I thought "rolling up" will be the opposite of "rolling back", so I meant I increased my mids.

It doesnt really matter man.Its only up to you.Only you would know this.If you like your hiwatt and you get the tone you want use the hiwatt.The audience is going to listen to the music more than the tone usually.
Ahh crap guess i gotta get a 4x12 then.:/
another question whats the real differences between running mono or stereo?This cab can do both if im not mistakened(except it puts out 70 watts at mono)
Ok im in the process of trying to get a ampeg 140c.It is 140 watts solid state head.Im thinking of pairing it up with a avatar 2x12 with a v30(hellatone) and a g12h30(hellatone) Is this possible?or would the speakers blow out?
makes just play at a speed were its not sloppy and build up from there?
the vox is another poster said,i would go for the epi custom instead.Great set up though!
Ive been looking for these things for a while.If you got one in pretty good condition.(or in any condition for that matter) Please contact me!Ill discuss price once i see some pictures of it.Prefably i want the older model with the knobs on top in head form but just contact me if you have either.
Ill try that actually!i need some string skipping practice,but already know how to alternate pick but i guess alternate picking practice wouldnt hurt
ive only messed around with the vox valvetronix ad series.there pretty nice amps and the 15 watt one is like 250 dollars.
that wasnt me playing but i agree that is a good cover of the solo lol.
jimmy page,you are right but it fits his style.but im trying to cover the trooper and i cant do those little faster parts cause of the sloppyness haha.
very nice amps.i didnt dig the valveking,i liked the tone outta the had its fare share of gain(playing through the xl series)
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This thread is just going to be a tone of wannabe's who claim Carvin are the greatest thing ever because one person on this forum said they were good and the kid liked the name. Ive played 3 carvins never had good experience with em but these forums have people saying they are better than High end Gibson's, ESP's, Ibanez's etc and it just isnt true.

Its just personal preference.Click on my profile I have a carvin dc127 in black with a floyd(used off ebay for like 600 bucks ) They are really good guitars for the money.The pickups suck imo though so i swapped em out for some dimarzios
Guitar teacher has a memory lane,I only got to see him use it once,when he first got it and it is a crazy pedal man!idk much about the others though