So what the hell happened to them last i checked it was Dez,Jerry and Marky.
Any new material coming out.
Happy birthday.

The Pit..
''Ilsa She Wolf Of The SS''


Die Hard 3.......

So has there been any new interviews with this goof ball..
Alright, Seems like the Apocalypse is on hold maybe it got caught in traffic..
Congratulations you just got out of teenager-angst.

It only goes downhill from here...
1.BB gun

2.kill it

3.Eat it


5. Profit.
Dress up as Dimebag do a solo before you get shot.
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At least with drunk driving you're not making a clearheaded decision. This guy purposely threw something into a crowd knowing fully what could have happened.

Yeah you did when you intoxicated yourself whit solvents.
Setting an example..

Utterly useless and ineffective,Why not charge him for attempted murder while at it, still that does not make it ok a penalty would be at it's place but almost 3years is over the top..

People should just stay to rape and beatings they will give lower penalties.
Syd Barrett..
The actual age seems to be 13-14 the age it should be is 18-20+......

So never it's evil.
Give him 1 free kill..
Dick is one hell of a wonder vain!
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Michael Jackson


it's all fun and games and stuff then when reality catches up it might diffirent,dunno..
Goodbye Disney!!!

legal or not an ''artist''*giggle* like that will probably see some backlash.
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In my experience, anything that tastes good when I'm high will still taste good when I'm not high.


You probably haven't had that many 'wacky'' food combinations or should i say 'A' food' that has various odd toppings, i said toping cause that tends to be the easiest way at the moment to go whit your main piece of food.

But i know what you mean in one way some crap is just orgasmic,stuff you usually wouldn't even think was good, i agree that i disagree,Why? cause i'm all messed up at the moment
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You should have had a McGangBanger. Take a double cheeseburger and a McChicken off their dollar menu and put the chicken patty in between the two beef patties. Its amazing, and I hardly EVER eat McDonald's.

OT: I never get hungry in the night.

i had to Google that shit cause the name alone was too funny 'McGangBanger'' *Giggles* , and the monstrosity looks like shit..

But hey i bet ya it's ****ing tasty if you are high and got the munchies
Money better spent would be a giant statue of John Holmes Penis, which would function as a museum, then each new year the statue/Museum would blow a load of 'foam' all over everyone thus you have all been blessed.
A BBQ Buffet they can't kill me if i keep on eating!!


Pretty much Hilarious, to bad it wasn't Ye old Bible that would have stirred up some more shit.

TBH:Who cares it's several pieces of paper whit ink on it that have been put together,next time Burn a Harry Potter book or something more interesting.
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I'll admit that I laughed. Hard.

Also, requesting pics in this thread is requesting pr0nz. That will result in a ban. Just saying.

But it's okay to request pics if they have smiley faces on their naughty parts?
It's dark when you wake up and go to work,it's dark when you end your day and go home..
It's boring might be cool if your 14 or whatever..
If balls touched it's gay......
Ginetta said he’s offering the truck-and-gun deal, which runs through the end of the month, in honor of veterans.

I guess the irony would be that the Ak-47 was the weapon of choice for the enemy that was shooting at them in whatever war.
In My Kitchen.....

Well smoking is appreciated in many different ways for me, i can go for few days even weeks without a smoke if i'm not working,theres somethign about working hard then just sit back 5min and have a smoke or just get fired up in the morning or when you are drinking then it's more of a social thing.
When i can say no to a drink being offered to me without feeling sick.

Cause then i know the rest off my 'normal' friends have had enough and are about to puke their guts out.

Yeah ive come to the terms i might have some sort of drinking problem but whatever.
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Gamecube for me, such a nice little theme tune, puts a smile on your face.

Ill raise you one Famicon!
Pfftfft.. Hustler is better...
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What the fuck is that suppose to mean?

It means that Trailer Park Boys are better then this thread...(right?)