The first alien scene from Alien 1 comes to mind.

Or is it about Abortions are Bad Mmmkay.
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Dunno why i got excited then :< XBL = no one to play with and having to pay, lol no


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it puts the deodorant on its skin...
Imagine if you are getting a blowjob or eating some chick out the deodorant taste is horrible.
Alright, yeah i would do it the idea of that much money and the mere thought of what i could do whit it .

should be pretty useful in everyday pub brawls.
Get a fake mustache!

Just look at War of The Worlds!!!
Ask a gambling addict.
I went to culinary school so QUE?
And they say the tax payers money go to waste...

Playing some Far Cry (1)

i remember back in the day when i could barley play it now i have everything maxed out and it runs like a charm ,I'm surprised it still look really nice.
Throw a bottle at him and scream ''Answer this Bitch!''
Purple Drank!

Or blame it on bad parenting....
The chipper

I'm gonna go whit ''Cat of Pain'' rap video
@ responses nobody seems to care, if it was Obama man a can of worms would have been opened.
Just playing Some

1943-battle of Midway.

What NES ''Shoot Em up'' would you guys recommend like 1943,Gradius,Etc.
i remember one game i played quite sometime ago it had a Kitty as one of the bosses,it had some weird name.
April March - Chick Habit
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Do you have any concept of what death is like?

Then how in the hell would your subconscious know what it's like? Your mind runs itself into a dead end and is like, "Well, uhh...I guess I'll just wake up now. I don't know where else to go with this one."

So it's like
''Do Not Compute ,Error Error System Shut Down=wake Up''.
Hey Dudes and Dudettes.

So how come when you are dreaming a nightmare and you die in that dream you ''usaly'' most of the time wake up and go ''WTF happened'' then go back to sleep like nothing happened,why does the dream end whit your death?
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Machinima means making movies within games, they just happened to call their channel that

Ohhh so that's what that means *Durr The Durr'

How come Machinima has gotten their own category on youtube under Gaming?
Meh they could have gotten David Spade a least he looks like him a bit.
You can't kill something that's already dead.

If it's used in the right context and the kid knows what it means then i don't care.
The Fingers man!!!
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Damn, that thing is nice. How much was it?
Well I was looking any one of my old computers and realized it had a decent case. High quality steel, and ability for crazy expansion. But it has no air flow and is ugly as sin. I want to fix those to and use it in a new build. Any suggestions?

oh hey dude!

it was around 70-80Euros, i don't know how much that is in Dollars exactly,but i love it i think it's a great bang for the buck,and you get soundproofing,everything is easy accessible,has ''3'' 140mm fan slots i think there are a total of 7-8 fan slots and 3 of them are 140mm the rest are 120mm,and you get dustcover's and allso a backpanel fan controller which supports up to 3fans.

Overall i'm really happy and i'm gonna keep this for my next ''Major''upgrade in 2-4yeras.
They should get some slutty Tee that says ''Rape Me'' over and over.
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Massive food shortages in Ethiopia, hence the "have you tried Ethiopian food?" "neither have they" joke.


Ethiopian Elbow pads!


No ill rather go whit a Knock of Iron Maiden T-shirt for 8bucks anydays.
Looks like a Nintendo Wii peripheral.
I saw some 45+ crazy middle eastern women talking crazy,crying being loud mouthed.

While i was at the buss stop ,and the buss stop is right next to a psych clinic.

Only weird thing ive seen today.

how old were you when you first had bacon.

Star wars a modern fairy tale.

has the knight the princess etc.
Speak to his grandfather.
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Big Brother is watching u.

(just ignore if you don't get the ref.)

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You're right, the Republican and Democratic parties were set up to support each other, like two blocks balancing against each other in the form of a pyramid. The two-party system has many limitations, because you can only vote for one or the other. Neither one is going to have the exact same beliefs as you.

Basically it's Black Vs White.

the Grey Area will never exist,you only gotta choose between the lesser evils.
Everything can be twisted and turned around.