No i wanna bone her 12times more now.
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Yes. I doubt their ability because the country is starving, it's run on 60 year old Stalinist principals and I'm willing to bet that the military leadership is just as backward. An army alone can't be threatening, it needs a country to fuel it - look at Russia in the First World War, vast numbers of men crushed by poor leadership and backward infrastructure.

Or look at the USA in Vietnam..

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If WW3 happens between two big nations like say China or USA, I think we will destroy our civilization. It will be like Einstein said, in WW4 we'll fight with sticks and stones.

Tho I always had this thing about war that I didn't understand when I was a kid. Well now I do but I still think it would be kickass. Instead of fighting with tanks, helicopters, weapons, bombs and stuff, there would be just the opposing forces, on a field, beating the shit out of each other with their bare hands. Then we would see the true power of a nation!


Pirates and Ninjas might just come back in style!
USA,North Korea,Russia,China.

full blown Nuclear War.

something like that the rest of the world will just witter and die.

i dunno
Smoke some weed in the tub!!!

then get some toy boats and color the water green whit food coloring.
Burn the flag the annoying smoke should keep them away.
I heard Razor Blades are more fun....
Closest i come to OCD is the Way i brush my teeth.

Rinse 3 times drink 3 times haft to be equal numbers of both in one way or another.
If i don't i will get the idea my teeth will get cavity's and stuff and i have a fear of the dentist big time..

So yeah it's not like i go around saying ''hey dude i have some cool OCD, want some?''

I'm Awesome
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtels.

Allso playing Super Mario Bros on my NES.
Meh it sucks anyway they are divided into 10min per clip..

Here are some that are not divided..

Night of the Living Dead

Wheels On Meals

I Got Five On It
The dude might have been a scumbag asshole,but I've never quite approved of the idea as using an Animal as an excuse for apprehending a criminal by inflicting physical harm to him.
mute that shit and play'' Pink Floyd-Another Brick in The wall''.

=everyone Happy......
Shitting Dick Nipples,better Then Shitting Dick Blades.
You want a hug or something..
FYI American Beer Doesn't count..

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I drank 15 bottles of Budweiser and was only marginally drunk.

Takes a lot to get me drunk.

Now that's your problem...
The Simpsons...

Family Guy Has even plainly ripped of certain scenes or EP's just put their own twist on them.

I like both shows tho and can't hate anyone of them.
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To be fair, 40 lbs isn't that much, considering it's distributed across the whole body. Chainmail vests weigh around that and the weight there is only on the shoulders. It would just take a while to get used to.

Chainmail was used to protect against slashing attacks from Swords etc,they did not fully protect from Arrows or Maces/hammers.

Theres more to it then just protecting against penetration,i could smash ''someone'' in the chest whit a standard baseball bat sure i didn't break any skin yet, you would still die from internal bleeding.

And Body armor i think would be a situational choice,were you think it would be necessarily worth carrying extra weight compared to have/some extra mobility and more fire power/equipment capacity.
So the armor itself is around 20kilos That's just the Armor itself not counting the weapons and ammunitions you are carrying + other equipment then the heat ontop of that.

Sounds good on paper but in reality. (WTF really)
My Acoustic Guitar....
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Honestly, I've been to enough high-end restaurants and you'd be surprised the number that don't do things like that.

If that's the case i can understand what you mean,and that's just sloppy of them =/
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Well maybe if the kitchen staff was more efficient and chefs took control of their kitchen, things wouldn't have to be so hectic.

Some things can be prepped beforehand. Even the night before. So don't blame the wait staff for complaining when somebody ordered their appetizer 15 minutes ago and they still don't have it.

That's the kitchens fault. Lack of communication between the wait staff and kitchen staff can contribute too.

All I know is that customers don't walk into the kitchen and bitch about their shitty food. They do that to the waiters.

Well the real Restaurants/ Kitchens do that.

that still doesn't change the fact that one dude hafto make 4-5dinners on the fly and more coming each minute and by himself,it aint like Mcdonalds....

Waiting can be sucky but in the kitchen it's stressful and you hafto have make ypur under certain time. or the shit will hit the fan

Anyways both are essential the waiters are there to make the customers ''feel special'' do that little extra that makes you come back not only for the food but for the ****ing excellent service.
No, Seems to be an American Thing.

(Watch the Movie ''Waiting'') True it's bad but meh

- All right.
- What about mine?

I don't know.
They don't speak English.

- Foreigners!
- I'm sorry.

- Are you mad at me?
- No, I swear. I'm just going by the rotation.

I ****ir hate foreigners!
It's such bullshit!

Like they don't know how to tip?
Oh, they know.

Aw, yeah, they ****ir know.
Bullshit,people have been enjoying it for over 2000Years!
Bula Matari - Taxi Drivers

GTA 2 **** yeah!

****ing served.
Theres none in..

UG2 is locked allso.
Seems to work wonders for music so...
I seriously doubt your from Finland asking such question.......
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No, get out of your little box and learn that just because someone differs in opinion with yours does not make them retarded.

But its not.

Sieg Heil!

The Thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

QT.H's get over it.

I really don't see why you wanna watch a ****ing war movie while in the army,assuming it's just basic boot camp you are going to, all hard ass and wanna kill something....
That mean you are Gay,and your lord ans Saviour will make you burn in hell for that how does that make you feel.
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Then get dependent on that to sleep... I've been on prescription sleeping pills since i was 15, i'm 21 now trying to get off them. Best thing i ever did was stop taking illegal drugs to help me sleep and took up sport again and doing some weights. Still on sleeping pills but reducing the dose and its going good. Still haven't had one day where i've felt refreshed though

Yeah but this just seems like another...Ya know..

But the kid is a -95 so sorry if i can't take this thread to seriously i wonder what will happen when TS get to experience real life.
Still got the 'ole Tagger on it!

Think about it....
Weed use it wisely.


UG is full of Egotistical ****ers who think they are the best thing since sliced bread.

Karma as a principle mater sure, but as in pure faith,well.......
Why not all.
If i remember they have screw corks so then it does not matter just drink till you get a buzz.

Lemonade Beer