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Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson Is Dead
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Yes I am and no I won't.
Drinking an Ice cold Beer( 5.2%+) in an hot steaming shower will blow your ****ing mind away after a hard days of work.

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So basically what it's saying is that you're more likely to shoot yourself with your own gun if you own a gun. This sounds perfectly reasonable to me and as such you should pay a higher health care premium as you are at more of a risk of injury. Same thing should apply to people who choose to partake in any form of dangerous or needlessly risky activity.

I see what you mean, but for ''funniezz'' should smokers and drinkers do the same since it's pretty much condoned by the government also.

*strokes Me Drunken beard*
Two Thing's you don't wanna mention when you are in the USA

2.The right to bare Arms.
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did you know that guy isn't actually an indian? He's italian-american or something, but definately not an indian.

The Fook is this shit!

Mamas Meatballs are the best!
Imagination one hell of a thing..
Oh youz gaiz!
Cause you touch yourself at night..

how are we suppose to know..
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Voted for all 3 because I can.

i like the way you think....
Ketchup bottle!!!!!!!!!
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I think names are largely influenced by who you've known who had that name, so I don't think that the attractiveness of names is universal. Some names, like Bernard, sound really ugly but I'm sure if I met a really attractive girl with an ugly name I'd get over it pretty quickly.

I kinda find ''Victoria'' as a sexy name for some reason
Well i'm pretty sure it's OVER 9000!!
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who said natural selection was an outdated process?

I don't know you tell me... Tandem Skydiving.......

BTW:I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK! I sleep all night and I work all day!
Next step is Skydiving while on LSD!
The Darwin Award should go to you.
The Matrix....It's Real!
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Define crazy.

Mel Gibson Crazy like in Lethal Weapon.
Look up ''Troma'' Films.

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
Checked it and it seems to be some mighty artsy fartsy kind of animation show.

Looks ok nothing special to ad about it .
Shameless self promotion...
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Lol I can't stop saying that now. Very fun to say.

I feel like Murray from Flight of the Concords when I say it.

Just Sound German/Norwegian saying it.
Happy Birthday Random Web-stranger guurl.

I got you a complete NES whit games!

The guitar guy, the band, The Show, it's So stupid you can't take it serious.

guitar dudes brother
The Road


Movie sucked was too much bitching and stupid actors making it unbearable to watch made me pissed off and, i love Post-Apocalyptic movies but this one had nothing of interest as far as like able characters or story (yeah i know Story in Post-Apocalyptic movie)
Clean Bunghole Oh Yeah

Escape from New York......................

Eat and watch movies all day and few ibuprofens.
He looks stoned out of his mind..

What's up whit all the rape options.
What do you think ''Alexander Shulgin'' was out for all along ?
he wasen't out to make drugs for pleasure,Which just happened to be one of the side effects of many drugs. I think Lysergic acid could allso be a medicine for many people who have PTSD
The movie sounds alot like the ''Minority Report'' film
Don't get a Rice Racer they are boring.
Muscle car FTW