[quote="jonne.iDoes the Pit troll people?

I find myself usually trolling my friends on Facebook or MSN, sometimes even IRL (if that's considered trolling). However, I usually only do it to people I know enough well to know that they won't mind. It's just a way to amuse myself and probably other trolls lurking around, as long as it doesn't go out of line.

Poll inc.

What kind of question is that it's The Pit!!!

Oh Sweet -10

It's been done many many many times over already
Meat gets bad quite quick in the heat let alone the desert so No..
I really never got the whole ''rockstar'' thing where you get big houses and 48 different cars you aren't gonna drive them all or be in all of those rooms

Not saying i wouldn't get me something nice if i could but just too much for my taste.
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Everyone knows this is the greatest video game song ever.

I do not take responsibility for any hearing loss you may suffer after hearing it.

Nuu It's E1M1!!!!!
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Oh really, thanks for informing me. Why is this again?

It gives the impression you are a spoiled brat that has no right to bitch thus none has any sympathy for you.

All you need is 1 set of clean clothing.

Then the most important thing is LSD and Amphetamines and your set once you snapp out the trip you jumpt to the uppers and party on and save some for the trip back home.

TBH: i don't know what Latitude Festival is sounds like some kinda of Hipster Festival..
Cool Story Brah What's there to discuss?
That kid is awesome, the FBI should make a deal whit him hire him and train the kid.
the whole thing just reminds me of the Movie ''Catch Me If You Can''
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WAIT, WAIT WAIT, you have a horse? I'm sorry, but once you own a horse, you lose your right to bitch about ANYTHING.

You got a car and a ****ing HORSE and you were about to get a NEW car......
Introverted,I love Ammonium nitrate..
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Except maybe with a different view....

Still by the ocean and all, but maybe more trees and shit.

I'm Pleased Oh Yes I am!
The bitch who created it is ****ing insane..
yeah don't drown don't get shoot.
So yeah What are some Stereotypical things you think about other countries?

Example,Australia it's all about the ''Shrimp on the barbie'' ''England They drink Tea and Wear Top Hats all day.''

That kinds of stuff for funzies!
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Better than the worst of his religion doesn't make him acceptable


The Simpsons Did it!

Even Monkeys Wank it...
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Enlighten me as to why, out of nowhere, people are coming after Asian women. I never noticed it before, maybe it's always been there, but recently there is an increasing attraction to women of the Asian decent.

Is it because of the culture? That Asian women, or women of any race, were traditionally submissive and domestic and that a lot of Asian countries value tradition. Is it because a lot of Asian women never seem to look a day over 12? Is it because of the cooking? Family values? Or is it just what the cool kids do now?

If I was a guy, I'd totally want to end up with an Asian woman. I like Asian food.

Oh the subtle subtle details.

*Must Resist Muuuust*
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Go to your doctor and dentist and get more opiates.

This no kidding!!!!

**** everything,opiates is the only way to go for tooth pain,if you can't get them legal TRY get them somewhere ellse.

****ing shudders thinking of *Tooth pain*

Spend the money on Hallucinogenics and a 60s cover band.

Wait Wuuut.

:*which we have done before for friends and enjoyed immensely.*

So your friends ran a train on a hooker shiz nasty dude.
I know a guy who knows a dude that knows a guy that his cousin knows that his friend will snuff someone for under 10k.
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I'm in!

''If It Bleeds We Can kill It''
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Why not Iraq or somalia or something? I mean if you're gonna be dicks do it properly.

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He didn't start at 18 though, did he?

I don't see why that matters TS is just being silly and feels embarrassed to try something new that most kids try/do it's not a ''kids'' thing even tho many start in their youth it does not mean it's never to late as long as you have your health for it, i suppose ''Surfing'' also is to late...

If he replaced the word whit Guitar it would have been another story..
But But what would God Say?

He sure must be angry about this?
Yeha ive had one nothing to worry about,when i had it done i got to listen to radio
allso it was very cold for some reason.
Yumm yeah i don't think so Tony Hawk is 41 besides you can never be to old to start a sport.

Mid life Crisis Say Wuuuut! your 18
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Fucking amazing. Srsly.

Looks like a Cow and a pig fell down the Ol Wood chipper and this is the result.

Munchies+That pizza =yum!
Muay Thai Foh Sho if you go all in you'd be a ****ing Machine!
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Magnum and Hearts of Iron III.

You mean this Magnum?

Mod Vs You

Cast ban now!

What is there to discuss? Are we talking anything specific? if so change Title..
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Sexual Innuendos.


Oh Yeah!
That's Mother ****ing awesome!

EDIT: Don't forget the high hat and monocle!
Nothing to Discuss.