Iron Butterfly - In gadda Da Vidda.
Ice Cream Truck

Usual comes every week or so i think.
Meh what's the point your just kidding yourself if you think the light ones are so much better,might as well smoke the normal ones and enjoy them.
Shrek him!
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So then, I take my last break (there's a tedious explanation, but 7 - 8 hour shifts get two 30 minute breaks and a 1 hour lunch period) and I'm informed "You can't take your last break during the last 15 minutes." I just laugh and say "That's what you think." Seeing as it's the rules (which are enforced by law, so I'm told) that we HAVE to take them. This was stressed so many times in orientation, possibly more than the lifting regulations bull****. So, they didn't like it, but I took my break.

Sam Walton edit: P.S. said parking lot spans like 3 acres of flat ground

Whaaaa Whaaa

that's not bad at all you get 2hrs total of your own time...
Then it's pretty ****ing obvious you don't take a breaks the last 15min of the day that' bad planing from your side and if i was the boss i would be happy to fire you.

I'd take the train ore have a flight the gas money would even it out...

if you have the option.
You'r (Sp?)second amendment,is outdated and old.
changes should be made,yet i don't believe in baning firearms...

Poll kinda sucks...
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I actually think that AFL is the superior sport.

If I may throw that out there.


*Waits For American Football Is Superior Comment*

yeah it's kinda silly sometimes just man up and play the game like a good boy.
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I await the diplomatic situation when they kill him.

Yo So Crazy!
He had a pistol, dagger and a sword and was carrying night-vision equipment as well as Christian literature.
I would move people around then unfreeze time..
Pro tip it's BS......
You Sure he's not a vampire?

Stay the hell away from my girlfriend
You know you're drunk when you Puke...

You know you're High when you fall a sleep and wake up and ask for another hit/round...
I guess it's just one of them songs you can just screw around whit and just have fun whit ...
The screen that comes when you reset a NES game.
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I perfer the term "grape" personally.

I totally graped those dudes in TF2 last night etc...


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Just came in to say DOOM RULES!

You Sir are right!
Doom files are called ''WAD''

To play Sharware free version you can get a Emulator called Doomsday.

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Okay,Arabic Muslims then

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Ok, you have to write UG FTW somewhere so they catch it on camera.



Gather a gang of friends and go Tagging all over town i mean tag EVERYTHING!
Tag the Milk man if you must but DO IT!
Oooooo that must be like a big dick up Americas ass.

Controversy here we go!

Allso i'm enjoying a small dose of Rush- Tom Sawyer
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do the hookers in amsterdam like the golden showers...

i wonder if they have mandatory STD testes..
Get some Acid-Rock then go all philosophical and mystic about it...

i don't t see the problem going alone to shows you usually find some fun people to hang whit and talk BS whit.
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You're thinking of a mockumentary, and no, it's completely real.

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Anything with David Attenborough, the man puts so much passion into it you can't help but feel entranced by his enthusiasm.

I don't like the dochebags who save all their months pay to go out 1 night and play Don Juan or the boring blond bimbo bitches who all look the same and act retarded.

yeah i never go to clubs cause theres nothing there i really enjoy only go out if i get invited by someone.

Id take a Smokey Pub/Bar and a game of darts and a pint of Whiskey any day.
Id go back in time and spend money on horse races.
American Movie.
Reenact this scene !

Ohh yeah so satisfying.
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i just took a shower and fapped a bit and i felt great until i got out of the shower...

then get back in the shower and bring porn and lot's of it...