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I think some of the other members of Black Flag (at least Kira Roessler) smoke pot.

Yeah and Henry has done drugs to yeah that beast of a man.
I'm not a teen anymore

I Win!
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Well, we armed them in the 90's since they were fighting the Soviet Union, and their fighting was fairly widely covered, so yes, I do.

So you armed them whit Russian Ak's?

'Curious only dunno what i'm talking about (kinda tipsy)
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(I was thinking of the same Pic)
Well I'm happy it didn't go KABLAMO and baby parts all over the place...

Allso this!
Hammer And sickle, whit no thought specific in mind,i think of it as a symbol as a hardworking man /Women /People doing what they can for the better of their society/Country,doing it willingly and happily no force, Just strength and unity,then OFC all of that has/can be manipulated..

Kinda like the Iron Cross/Victorian Cross,pretty much acceptable.
But i'm kinda drunk and i might just have missed the point of this thread.
Wait WAT ''Liver cancer?''

can't you just do the ol' switcheroo and get a new liver from a donator/animal
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Shut up, nerd.

Yeah,me and my class went on a 2day cruise whit 3other teachers were we got all drunk and crazy..

Awesome Teachers!

So yeah does anyone here call their parents by their first name only?
or is it to weird and formal.

You know like Bart Simpson does to Homer.

Meh,how do i add a Poll after post
Don't do it man!

We don't have the Turtles to protect us!
A Kensai.
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Cider, not white lightening, proper cider. And while people obviously do know about it, a lot of the grockles can't handle it

Makes a girly drink almost seem manly..
Man mobile phones have come a long way when you guys talk about updates and what not i remember when i had a similar one like this allso a Motorola.
After much thought i came to this conclusion!

Spontaneous combustion!!!
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HTC Desire, better then an iPhone and there's an Android update coming soon to make it even better, and the app store is getting bigger & bigger.

Get a cheap one that has good battery time forget all the fancy phones.
I use one of these
Nokia 6020

Old but has good battery time.
Damn Russia don't **** around!

Kaviar on tube.

What's up whit all these President threads...

But maybe something the army needs..
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Flat broke myself, have to sell a camera to make my rent.

Your a Photographer right? that's like selling your first born.

*Man Hug*

No homo
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A car is a car,
Don't be so funny,

your still in school!

Mutha ****er i drive a pedal moped how about them apples!
Two Oompa loompas having buttsecks.
If they get you from point A to Point B who gives a ****...
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Gay animals don't live in societies?

If your a Duck and gay come to Sweden!

Bird flue Schmur-Flue!
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Same one twice? More than a typing mistake. And if you really think that it's unfortunate for you, because you are wrong. Being gay isn't a choice.

Well that's unfortunate for you. I understood it fine.

As I said, the only people who think it's a social thing are extreme christian zealots who want to 'cure' people.

The fact people are gay means there is not a biological aversion to being gay, otherwise nobody would be.

Suck My Dick Earth!
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Please say you're joking

Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! *Dead*

i don't think i would like it.
In Soviet Russia Username Picks YOU!

Only 3 retards including me ''ISTJ''
Bob Marley- Three Little Birds


Maybe some aid from a certain plant
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Indonesian cigarettes (Djarum) and some Australian wine, not into the french stuff

Oh yeah and some Brie Cheese!

Dayyumm maybe is should get a pack...

id never be allowed to give blood unless they want a good buzz.
The Motha Luvs The Brothas.

I'm s-ss-s- stoopid.