Anything on MTV labeld as ''Punk''

Maybe look into Crass

I don't follow too much MMA/K1 but man it's way more awesome then Boxing or any other ''fighting'' sport modern day gladiators in a way.

i'm surprised how much shit some of these guys can take any other dude would get knocked the **** out during the first 10sec.
Have a pint with myself.
I got you these guy to play at your party!
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Post pleasures you really think are underrated/underestimated.

For me, I really love taking it slow in the morning while drinking a cup of coffee. I browse the internet a bit and maybe have toast.

And I just came back from a nice 30+ minutes walk in a nearby forest, which is something I missed doing in the wintertime.

Also, playing the piano at night when there's no other sound.



but i also like to have a steaming hot shower before all that...
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idk what taking the piss is but i just want to mention that i obviously know what i am doing i have been part of these forums since 2004 and if you disagree with the style thats fine but you cant disagree with the theory.

You just come off as a arrogant Mister know it all.

First post + This

Vietnam Next!

Oh Wait.
Above Poster +1.
But to play along

the Only US Pizza and the only one i think most people would know about is ''Red Baron'' Pepperoni.

something like this.

the Society bit.

Too much yapping not enough info i got bored.
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Thank god that man didn't smoke that marijuana.

C'mon dude take a hit!
At first i was like '' Whoa this could be a Awesome ''Face off' joke opportunity,but then i was
ALostPeople -Big Booty Bitches.

Some sad shit it really touched my heart.

Give me a moment guys
Men Behind The Sun.

Salò 120 Days of Sodom.

They are kinda ****ed up and depressing.
Jack alot and the CumAlothers.
As Ray William Johnson would say ''Fake And Gay''
Are you my new mommy?
Stevie and the Ballbangers.
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Norwegian style, with butter, sugar and cinnamon, is glorious and should be spread out to all countries so they can learn of this fantastic invention.

So you think you own Tomtegröt now do you....
It's alright, so in between.
I don't see the big deal about it,id surely watch it tho.
Lazer Disc!
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Voted. Also, this was my captcha, creepy...

i got one saying ''Beheaded''
The Bomb has been defused -Counter-Terrorist's Win..
You can cast your vote more then twice it seems.
Are you s-s-ss-sss-STOOPID?

If you like it go for it.
I saw my friend get stabbed in the stomach once that was kinda close.
Most of the time the kids are pushed into it by there mothers since they were such failures they try living their lives threw their kids.
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Bono has got to be up there... everyone seems to hate him!

Well i would hate him to hes a child murderer each time he claps his hands together a child in Africa dies.

Such a heartless bastard.
TMNT! 80s style!
Yeah 1yr for sure then i could have 1 month of holiday living it up.
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I suggest a 750w power supply before you do anything, really.

Dude that's way overkill.

a Corsair 550W is enough and then some more ,besides get a HD5770/HD5850/5870
This is the mother ****ing PIT you don't diss Pokemon here it's serious business..
It's biological impossible for a human being to go that long whit no food or water..
At best you can go 30days wit no food as-long as you have water,since you have no food intake you are gonna burn your fat and when the fat is gone the muscles are next pretty much a slow and painful death.
Yeah grow up seems to do the trick for most people.