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Article: "Might be useful for soldiers".

Dude, the guy would be malnourished as shit.

Article is full of stupid

another thing useful for soldiers are Amphetamines.

But yeah you know.
Can you surf the web for free porn on your Xbox360? i think not!

I wonder if they make those rings that look like assholes.
Yeah beer will go bad if you break the seal.

oh yeah Well i'm so bad that i drink liquid Kryptonite and i'm Superman!
No, i don't use facebook so i don't haft o put whit such nonsense.
atheletes you say?

Then that's easy our own Swedish Viking once a champion in worlds strongest man.

Magnus Samuelsson

He's also a hunter so he knows his way around hunting rifles.
It's the same as Video games or any other entertainment.
The sweet song that your Ak-47 sings as you pepper people down at your school.


This one
Ahh yes screwed up mid 90s/Late 90s Cartoons.
+ I am Weasel, so so much baboon ass in one sitting i'm scared for life.
I hit my big toe on a Steele frying pan and lost the whole toe nail.
i was drunk so that helped a little.
Should be DeleriumBassist Theme Song each time he enters The Pit....
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pH = pKa + log[A]/[HA]

oh wait, misread...

Bring some of your blood, seriously, it's supposed to be slightly basic I believe. It'd be cool to check out.

Maybe have various blood samples after each meal/Drink.

What do i know i'm 'not' a chemistry dude.
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Titty Rations are Deeeelicious.
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this thread's got me thinking, **** that im growing some lol

chewing tobacco FTW!

You be doing it wrong Weed is the way to go.
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Steam down for anyone else?

Nope it's up and running just fine here.
Yet me buddy in Holland has some issues.
Confident.Cocky The Cubical Jockey..

The Pit in a nutshell.
Then it's this and it's worse for you.
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My own grandpa.

Oh you sly fox.

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My own grandpa.
This guy is pretty bad ass and my favorite shredder.
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Any tips on how to find his phone number?
I tried every thing I can find, and I can't find shit.Thanks.

His name/last name and social number.

Or hire this guy!
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I like my step-dad. He's the guy who will leave his phone on all night and come pick me up from the pub or the middle of nowhere if I'm stuck no matter what ungodly hour of the morning it is, or offer to drive a town offer to pick me up and take me to the supermarket or the bank or other stuff like that. It's the same as everything, you get good ones, or you can get bad ones, luck of the draw really.
As for your second comment. ... you're an idiot, nuff said.

Thats sound's awesome man!

Pity answer :and some get neither
What Would MacGyver Do?
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no one said muslims should go away, they said extremists of all kinds and, no one else said anything about muslim individuals, stop trying to act like you know it all cause your comment had no relevance to what anyone said

He said what any ignorant ****er thought.

Maybe i'm to drunk...
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I hope you morons realize that every person labelling themself as muslim does not represent the entire religion more than westboro baptist church represents all christians...

I'd like to think that most people that have 2more braincells then me do understand that.

But then again you know.

***** **** YEAH!
Hypocrisy Can be a wonderful thing...

If used right.
If you're happy and don't feel bad about Whatever it may be,then forget it,but if you feel somethings wrong and untold maybe you should have a talk and see his side of the story.
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web browsing , gaming , sound recording

The i7 itself is good enough.

But then you'd want

4gig ram DDR3 2600+(Or faster)
Graphics card at least a 260GTX/HD5770(or faster)

Depends how picky you are,you can save quite some money if you get a slower video card and invest in faster memory,CPU,and a better MOBO.

Overall dude forget buying Brand PC's either build it yourself,or find a dealer who will build the PC for you whit specific parts.
What are you gonna use it for?

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there are 3 coises


intel core2 2,9
ddr 2gb
9600 gt

intel i7 2,8
ddr3 2gb
nvidia 220gt

intel core2 quad 2,3

Easily the i7 you can always get a pack of DDR3 4gig ram for a good price.
To be quite honest Bond movies today are pretty shitty.

They stopped being good after Golden Eye,They lack style,class and finnes now it's more Action and brutal scenes.

So it doesn't mater who gets casted now anyways.
*This Is Not The Thread You Are looking For* ''Swish''
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Ok guys, first to get their fave actor to be james bond wins. GO!

Then this must be considered Hardcore Puuurn.
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one of many renaming fails in movie history. right up there with changing the mighty ducks to champions.

Braindead>Dead Alive