Did it come whit a Anuul?
You are never to young to start playing any instrument....
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What the hell is specially about the 20th of April? Oh, it's today, well I'm doing chemistry homework.
Maybe you all should get high and watch some Trailer Park Boys,and try finding all the subliminal 4/20's.

Maybe some of you high flyers might find this intresting

I'm curious were are the reports of Cops getting their asses kicked.

like this.
Getting drunk,but that's not in anyway or form of celebration,i'm just an alcoholic hah.
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Could have been worse

CaesarSallad penis
Eat some oranges.

Maybe you have some super powers Rubber Man!
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Yet the games will cost the same..
Maybe one day they will make you pay for the manual separately.
So much better then SxePhil..( )
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Then dont judge

You've done it twice already....
No Vs Threads,and you don't even have a POLL...

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dont drink n drive, smoke n fly

Pearl Harbor..........

No, cause it's wrong since im putting my fellow brothers and sister in danger,and it's only selfish and dumb.
Whit conscience and free thought,fear of what can not be understood gets bigger.

Something Something The DarkSide.
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Total Annihilation, if track-down-able is probably the game I'd reckon is closest to them whilst still being one of my favourite games ever.

Peewee K-bots and Stumpy tanks -

nice one i edited as you as you posted it as a suggestion.

Great minds think alike.something something the dark side

Remember playing it on me ye olde Pentium 2 400Mhz and a crazy overclocked Voodoo 3 card.

3dfx ahh yes those were the days.
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What DW said, his suggestions definitely fulfil the last a long time bit.

Dawn of War for a sci-fi setting.

Possibly Supreme Commander 1 or 2 if you have a good enough PC

Company of Heroes
for a WWII setting. (as long as you meet the specs)

Maybe something like LoTR: Battle for Middle Earth II, if you're interested in a fantasy setting.

Age of mythology?

Can't go wrong with Rome: Total War (and the expansions) though imo.

Nooice choices but they are quite different from AoE/C&C style of games.

They are more Squad based and tactic oriented id like to think.

EDIT: Total Annihilation.

Big Bertha Oh Yeah

now i wanna know allso sounds freaky.
Did you play the Benny Hill Theme song in the car really loud?

Cause if you did i bet the cop would let you go whit just a warning and a good laugh.
UN Squadron kicksass ,but man it's kicking my ass allso.
''I Was Never Rich!''
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^UG Pwnt Day

ITT: People posting users they like right now (and other people Ctl-Fing their usernames).

Scourge, Chungavelli, Union Jake, Airship, metabolicmaggot, cas, darkangel666, I dunno, I guess the Cult of Kensai kinda turned him into a legendary figure, and CoreysMonster's thousands of threads that don't suck have him headed in that direction.

I feel all old

What can you say kensai is the Charles Manson of the UG.
Nobody likes Yu Gi Oh!

Pokemon>Yu Gi Oh!

That's just how it is,survival of the fittest,on top of the food chain Etc.
Wait wait,you can't change the buttons like you want???

What the the shit is that all about
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There was a time when a certain admin would ban anyone who suggested AdBlock. And rightly so, given that it robs the site of its funding. If you use UG regularly at least have the decency to disable ad blockers while using it.

Really ?

Then EDIT,I won't be held responsible for the rest.
But it's not in the rules tho.
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I disagree. There are some very good blends out there.

Yes that is true, i was just being a fascist about my love for ''Singles'' *snickers*

Scot Single Malt ,the way to go the ONLY way to go...

Overall Whiskey is the only good drink you can drink straight up whit no mixers and still go ''Man this shit is fooking awesome,sir poor me another!''
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Jack Daniels?


It will last long enough for you to drink it....

But yeah it will last for quite a while,alcohol will slowly vaporize by time,but you will be bale to drink most of it before you even see any noticeable difference.
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If you're interested in working for a youth and culture center here in Amarante, Portugal, send me a PM.

It's a paid job, and you can stay here up to a maximum of 6 months.

TS take it,or i will!
Do you get a apartment and all that stuff?
i know some foreign guys who work over in Asia as teachers they get apartments and all that jazz fixed up for them like in special teachers complexes.
The Army you can landscape yard by yard whit explosives.
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Callifornia Uber Alles, Police Truck or Nazi Punks **** off would be better tho!

MuchO great choices!
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Holiday in Cambodia - Dead Kennedy's.

Pure awesome.

I Concur.
Knights Of The Bickery/Bible?

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Wake up at 5
Really wake up at 6
Get ready/ eat breakfast
go to school at 7
Suffer in school untill 2
Walk home
watch tv/eat rasin bran for an hour.
Take a nap or play videogames
Eat dinner
Do Homework
Go on internet untill 9
Lie in bed listening to music untill 10-1(depending on how tired I am)
Sleep, but wake up for an hour at least 3 times because I do not sleep well
The vicious cycle continues...


I envy the people who go to school by 8, and I despise those who have no job/school.

The Irony......
-Wake up 5:30-08:00(i'm on call most of the time)
- 5-30min after i wake up Open a Beer/Drink Booze
-read the news
-Entertainment/Music/Games Etc...
-getting the booze munchies(includes Munchies Snacks and such)
-cooking dinner
-Have a hangover
-watch a movie
-Brush my teeth and watch another movie that i fall asleep to.

EDIT:forgot to ad my Rate well step 'No2' makes it a 8/10
Step 'No9' makes it a 3/10
What is this 'Psychpapper'' all about exactly? Greed?

EDIT:Why wouldn't you guys flip the coin,most people here want more then a No and Yes Answer.
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Nope; I'm from the UK. This is the stuff:

Real men rub Tiger Balm on their balls.