Price drop to $400, shipping included in the US.
Price drop to $900, shipping now included in the US.
For sale is an Ibanez RG721MFMA (My original NGD for this guitar can be found here, complete with pics). It is a Prestige series instrument that was only available in Japan, and was purchased and imported from Ikebe Gakki. It has an Ash body w/Flame Maple veneer (Finished in Natural Satin), fixed bridge (Tight End R), Maple neck and fingerboard with offset Black dot inlays. The pickups have been swapped to a DiMarzio D-Activator set, but I will be including the original pickups as well if you wish to swap them back.

The guitar has only been used at home, and in home studios. Minor discoloration of the volume knob, and a small section of the binding is pulling away from the body by the rear strap button; I simply never attempted to glue it back because it never really bothered me and doesn't affect anything.

The guitar came with an Ibanez multi-tool, as well as an Ibanez gig bag, both of which are included.

I'm asking $500, and would greatly prefer to do business in the  North Jersey area if possible. I will ship it if absolutely necessary, but add $60 for shipping costs (And I will have UPS box the guitar themselves).

Please feel free to ask for any specifics about the instrument or for any specific pictures of the instrument and I will either post them for you or send them to you as soon as I can.
For sale is an Ibanez RGR652AHBF. It is the Ash-bodied, six-string, fixed bridge variant of this series; Made in Japan.

The guitar has only been used at home, never gigged. It shows virtually no signs of wear, and can be considered in like-new condition. 

The guitar came with a snug-fitting Ibanez hardshell case, which is included, as well as all tags and tools that came with it at the time of purchase.

I'm asking $1000, and would greatly prefer to do business locally (North Jersey area) if it is possible. I will ship it if it absolutely necessary, but add $60 for shipping costs (And I will have UPS box the guitar themselves).

Please feel free to ask for any specifics about the instrument or for any specific pictures of the instrument and I will either post them for you or send them to you as soon as I can.
Family photo for the fun of it XD
Thanks guys

Truly is a very happy time for me. Been YEARS since I've been this happy with an instrument purchase
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Maybe, but at least she is beautiful XD
Haven't been on here for a while, let alone done an NGD, but, a new girl is here, and I will tell you her story ^_^

I've been eyeing this guitar on Ibanez's Japanese site for quite a while now. It fit many of my criteria (Ash body, maple neck/board, dual humbuckers, fixed bridge), and considering the only way it seemed I could get an Ash RG in the US was either with the older, more uncomfortable Gibraltar (And a middle-pickup), or with an Edge, I had to seek other means.

In a spur of the moment decision, I e-mailed Ikebe Gakki, and the next day received pics of a guitar they had in stock. A paypal exchange later and it was on its way. From Japan to JFK in a matter of hours; in customs for FOUR DAYS. I can't complain much because I'm to understand that four days in customs is lightning fast, but still, that wait killed me. Nevertheless, it arrived in perfect condition, and really, I can't say enough good things about it.

The tone is crisp, clear, and articulate, with plenty of snap, and even a bit of twang in the parallel positions. The neck feels both thicker and rounder than I expected of a Wizard. The last RG I owned (A 20051 swirl) had a very thin, VERY flat neck, and was uncomfortable for extended playing. This though, much nicer, and smoother I might add. The entire guitar is finished in a clear satin; the kind you know your hands will oil up as you play on it.

As noted on the Japanese site, the pickups are Ibanez's CAP-VM1, and CAP-VM2 (Neck and Bridge respectively), which are surprisingly pleasant for stock pickups. They're not perfect for my particular wants, but they're clear under gain, and create usable sounds in all five positions. The fret work is also really, really nice. I can't speak for leveling and evenness, but I haven't found any dead spots, and the tangs do NOT protrude from the fingerboard, and that's good enough for me.

The Tight End-R is great as well. Really comfortable under my right hand with no sharp edges or corners on the saddles. The baseplate is a bit angular, but, nothing my hand contacts in any way I find offensive. There are a couple of spots where the binding around the body is a little iffy, but nothing that concerns me, it's just something I noticed when looking the guitar over after it arrived.

A point of contention (One I have with most new Ibanez guitars I've sampled) is the nut. Action at the first fret is 0.036" according to my set of feeler gauges, and that's a bit high for me. Notes pull sharp in the first few frets, and when bouncing back and forth with my other guitar, it just feels too high. I plan on having it re-slotted to bring first fret action down to 0.018-0.020", and dropping the action across the neck around 0.020" as well. It's not terribly high, but where my other guitar feels effortless, this one requires a bit more, at which point I'm fretting just a little sharp.

I'm probably going to do pickups as well. An Air Norton will unquestionably go in the neck position, but for the bridge position, I'm tossing back-and-forth either a D-Activator Bridge model (Which I know I'll like), or a Steve's Special. I've come to love the D-Activator, but I already have that in one guitar, and I feel like putting it in this one, it's like having two of the same thing, when I have the option to have something different. I just don't want to lose too much attack by going with the Steve's Special. The maple board, bolt-on joint, and ash body all come together to give this guitar a lot of snap, but I can always use a bit more.

Other than those quips, for the price I paid ($800US delivered to my door), I couldn't be much more satisfied. Even with those quips, I couldn't be much more satisfied. I was having a hell of a time trying to find an instrument that was acoustically pleasing, and comfortable in my hands. This guitar does both of those things in stock form, and with a minor amount of massaging, it will be a perfect compliment to my trusty number one.
You're it
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...can you post a pic of the back of the pups.
Yes I can

The pup on the bottom is the S, the top is the SA
Quote by Chaz-6(sic)6
How much would you take for either the S or SA each shipped to California?
(Need a middle pickup for my Jackson Dk2 that just has an 81 and an SA, but no middle pup.)

And can you post a pic of the back of the pups.

PM sent, pic to come later today
For sale are three EMG pickups, an 81, an S, and an SA.

I never had all three in one guitar at one time, and currently only have two quick connect cables. These are OLDER pickups, and do not have EMGs new solderless system. I have two long-shaft 25K pots, a single short-shaft 25K, and a stereo output jack. I have two 9V jacks daisy-chained for 18V operation, however, when I had the pickups removed, the tech clipped the black from one of the jacks VERY close; it may be unusable.

$60 takes everything, and ideally, I would like to sell these locally (In New York state, 10901). However, if shipping is necessary, please add $7 for handling fees, and if you are looking to pay via Paypal, please add accordingly for any surcharges.

Any pics available on request, and any questions please ask.
For sale is my 2x12 Line 6 Flextone III modeling amplifier, and Line 6 FBV foot controller. Original manuals for both items are included as well.

Both are in nearly new condition with no visible blemishes or damages, and are in perfect working order. The amp has a lot of power, and is very versatile, especially when paired with the controller. For me, it was a completely self-contained rig. It's light, easy to move and manage, plus it's excellent for recording as well.

Asking $375. No trades.

Local pickup/delivery within the Tri-State area is preferred. I have no problem shipping it, but for its size and weight, it'll cost a small fortune, and all costs for shipping are on the buyer.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
For sale is my ESP/LTD JD-600 Jon Donais signature model, 6-string electric guitar.

The guitar has a mahogany body with flame maple veneer. The neck is set with a sculpted heal, and is also mahogany with ebony fingerboard and 22 jumbo frets with little-to-no wear. The headstock is reverse with locking tuners, and pickups are dual white EMG 81s with a 3-way selector, and single volume knob. Bridge is fixed with strings through the body.

Guitar has no chips, dings or dents, and very little indication of pick swirl thanks to the matte black finish. Action is comfortably low, setup for 10's in E-e standard tuning.

Asking $425. No trades.

Local pickup/delivery within the Tri-State area is preferred. I'm not opposed to shipping it, but all related costs are on the buyer. I have no case to put ship it with, so if you do want it shipped, it's going in a UPS guitar box, and I will have UPS pack it.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
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Lundgren M6? Oh it's out of your budget.
That was actually my first thought I just can't afford those pickups
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The 60AX. Not the 60. Forget the 60, it's such a terrible pickup I've no idea why EMG bother with it themselves...The 60A is the 60 with the ceramic magnet switched for an alnico one. It's the same sort of difference as the 85 is to the 81...
K, I hear you, but here is the thing, I prefer the 81 to the 85... see what I'm getting at?
Quote by MrFlibble
...Compared to the 81 specifically, you get a clearer but also warmer tone. The sound is also less 'compressed', thanks to the new preamp (though you can get the 81X, which also has this preamp).
I LIKE the brightness of the 81, versus the warmth of the 85 I think in this case, I MAY be better off with just a 60 (Or a 60X, if the X really is all that and a bag of chips)(Then again, I'm already at 18V, is it even worth it to go with an X model?)

Quote by MrFlibble
...Apparently the EMG 707 and 808 are both based off the 60A, too, if you're unsure about its ability to handle a low tuning.
Now THIS I have to at least question. EMG themselves have said that the 707 was based on the EMG 85. I'm not trying to be a jerk (Seriously, I do have better things to do than argue over the internet), but do you have anything to support that claim? I'm all ears, but I can only go by what I've been told, and that points me to the 85, versus a pickup that didn't even exist at the time the 707 was conceived.

Quote by MESAexplorer
...I'd look into doing an 18V mod because the 81 is easily the most articulate of the EMG line.
Already done. It's really not AS bad as I thought it would be at the onset of this thread. Still, I wouldn't mind a LITTLE more clarity out of the low string.

Quote by MESAexplorer
How long is the scale length of your guitar? The difference between 25" and 27" isn't huge but it is significant.
It's 25.5" If it was in the 27" range, I probably could have gotten away with a .070, and then it would be a different ball game altogether. The sound would likely be a bit brighter/clearer simply as a result of the longer scale >.<
Quote by MrFlibble
If you want the lowest strings to be cleaner and tighter then you need to stick to actives...
The more I played it through the Flextone yesterday, the more I think you might be right. It was nice and tight, could have used a HAIR more clarity. I might try a 60 per your recommendation, I just never really thought of it as a bridge pickup, but that's because I'm a sheep XD

Makes sense that I'd like it as it's brighter than the 81, and I DO like a bright pickup. Is the articulation better than the 81?
The tuning change is done, and the .074 is holding up quite well

Now, there are EMGs in the guitar (Dual 81s), and, they're not BAD per se, but they're just not great either. The guitar is too dark because of the wood selection, and really, the heavy low string doesn't help. I figure going with a brighter pickup will offset some of that
What do you think about running the neck D-Activator in the bridge position? I've heard it's similar sounding to an Aftermath, and I'm all up for that. Only thing is, I'm hearing that from seven string guys :/
So, I'm trying a bootleg eight-string setup, on one of my six strings The guitar will be tuned F Eb Ab Db F eb, and I'll be using .074 for the Low F.

Thing is, the guitar I'm trying this on is an LTD Jon Donais model, Mahogany neck and body. It's not articulate in normal tuning, and with reasonable strings (10-46 tuned to E). It has EMGs in it, and if this tuning pans out (Meaning I'm comfortable with it), I'll likely swap out for a set of passives, or ANYTHING I can to clean and tighten up the low string.

Because I know someone will likely ask, the guitar is running on 18 volts, and I'm playing through a Line 6 Flextone III.

As for pickups I'm thinking on, it's a toss up between a D-activator Neck model in the bridge position, or a Steve's Special. I'm leaning towards the D-activator because it's supposed to be brighter with more attack, but I know the Steve's Special is VERY articulate and clear.

I'm not looking to spend much more than $80 per pickup. Any ideas/recommendations?
Price drop:

$100, shipped
Not very intense, but beautiful pieces nonetheless...

Andy Timmons - "Resolution"
SRV - "Lenny"
Santana - "Bella"
back from the dead and will now include shipping. I just want this thing gone.
seriously, if merely asking a question is cause to be banned, go ahead and report me, you freakin' board diva.
^ Precisely.

I'll have to check out your recordings. Were they done direct or mic'd?
Less to worry about perhaps?
I should've known I was breaking rule #1

Unfortunately, it is currently residing at my buddies house where we practice and we're not getting together till Sunday. I'll try to get some pics though

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Set up right, they are extremely versatile amps, ive had to use them all through uni and they can cover any sound i need, studio or live.

Nice score

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What did you have before?
Peavey Bandit 112. Not terrible, but not great either.

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So what's better? A vetta or a flextone?
Vetta is more versatile, but I'll take the Flextone's simplicity (If one can call it that)

Quote by i_am_metalhead
Aren't some of the features of the Flextone based off the Vetta models?
I believe the models that come in the Flextone 3 come right out of the Vetta.
So I bought a Flextone 3 XL 2x12 and an FBV Shortboard over the weekend. I haven't had the chance to play it with my full band yet, but so far, it's looking good. I played it side-by-side with my buddy/rhythm guitarist/singer's Road King, and came to the following conclusions:

Does it have the subtle nuances of a tube amp; No.

Does it sound close enough, while being simpler and much more convenient; Absolutely.

No tubes to replace/go bad, no warm up time, it is exceptionally light, the 2x12 configuration moves a lot of air (You really need to take a few steps back to get an idea of how much space it can fill) and with the shortboard, its a complete rig.

So far, two enthusiastic thumbs up. Now just to see how it holds up with a full band...
Yes I searched. I did find a lot, but I'm looking for specifics.

First off, how do you like the Flextone III?

Can you crank it without it breaking up? This would be my primary amp for band practice and live performance and I just want to make sure it's not going to turn into a mosquito attack when I turn it up.

Second, does it fill up space? Pretty self explanatory. Does the 2x12 produce a full and wide sound or is it going to get lost in a sea of drums, bass and 2 other guitar players.

Third, how does it sound anyway? I've played the 1x12 in stores and been fairly satisfied, but I've never played the 2x12 I'm looking at, and I've never played the 1x12 at practice/gig levels.

Any help would be appreciated
Just saw on the DiMarzio site that the X versions are EQ'd very differently.

Judging by what I read on their site, the neck model of the X seems like it would be just what I'm looking for, though not really the highest of outputs. I think I'd like to give the bridge model a try, but I still want to hear more options

Quote by Pr0gNut
...the tone of the duncan JB in my Jackson wasn't cutting through enough.I switched to my seven with the D-sonic for the next song and that problem immediately went away,so it can be a great lead pup when used properly.
Very interesting. I always thought the JB was a right-out-front kind of pickup so to hear the D-sonic stood out moreso is pretty cool.

If I may ask, what woods are both guitars made of and what kind of bridges?
I kinda wanted to shy away from the X2N as I heard it was a bit abrasive.

D-Activators eh? I wasn't sure how I'd like them. I was interested a ways back because they were supposedly modeled after EMGs but I feared they too would have a bit too much in high-end and not enough lows and mids to be punchy.

The D-Sonic was something I had completely overlooked.

Quote by Pr0gNut
I'd look into the DiMarzio D-sonic.The one in my 7 has a very focused sound with a lot of attack and "Umph" for lack of a better word...
How does it fair in a mix? Blends or stands out?
Completely open to it,
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...I like a very sharp attack (The main reason I like EMG), medium to high output, and a lot of "cut". I like an almost percussive, punchy feel if that makes any kind of sense.
Recommend me something
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maybe dimarzio super distortions
I never thought of them as having great attack, am I wrong?

Quote by Nakon14
...maybe also try putting the 85 in the bridge position as well, ive heard a lot of people do that
I would love to stay with EMG, I just don't know if it's going to be possible.

The 85 came stock in the bridge position of my Donais and I didn't really care for it that much. Great harmonics and power, just a little too muddy when palm muted, IMHO of course.
I've been playing EMG for nearly 10 years and have never had any issues or gripes. But, since I'm not playing as much these days, my tastes are slowly changing and I'm starting to find myself unhappy with my beloved EMGs. The 81 doesn't seem to jump out like it used to and the 85 is too muddy.

I'm running said pickups at 18V already so I fear I've exhausted what can be done with them. I'd like to try the new X-series but I've heard nothing about them save for what EMG has stated which isn't really a whole lot. I know blackouts are an option as well, but aren't they a tad pricey?

I could tell you what music I like, but what I like and what I like my guitar to sound like are very different. I like a very sharp attack (The main reason I like EMG), medium to high output, and a lot of "cut". I like an almost percussive, punchy feel if that makes any kind of sense.

Any help is appreciated
Still for sale and these recently went up in price.

$700 may have seemed steep when they were selling new for $900.

They're a grand now making $700 quite fair IMHO.
Ah, I understand.

Still, such a thing does exist
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i'm pretty sure the '59 seymour duncan p'up can't be wired for coil tap...
Its available 4-conductor, why wouldn't it be splitable?
Numbered Days - Killswitch Engage

And seriously, get strings for your guitar :|