Came on UG, not having been here for a couple years looking for photoshopped photos of Jay Seeney (username seeneyj) and I ended up here. he dropped his first single, and lucky for us it came with a video!! its music that transcends the morals/ethics of the hardcore/punk off topic thread, check it the **** out and 0p3n ur m!nd$
New Albums A Step Up, Big Ups
Balance and Composure- The Things We Think Are Missing
Misery Signals- Absent Light
Do you guys have any knowledge of how many sales there were for Absent Light? Like first week stats or something? I'm still not sure whether the kickstarter sales contribute to those numbers or not, because if they did I guess they would have decent sales figures?

I remember reading that first week sales are really important in determining a band into getting onto tours, etc
Through the fire and the flames on expert
The universe is what exists, we exist within this universe as a species that happened to be able to evolve and communicate. We do not know what the **** the universe is, religion is a human fabricated answer to something that in our lifetime, we will be unable to comprehend.
The mix in Luminary sounds great. and is leaps and bounds above the sample for reborn, can't wait to hear the final version of that song.

what am I talking about, can't wait for the god damn album, Misery Signals: Chinese Democracy THE METALSUCKS SERVERS ARE DOWN BUT HERES A YOUTUBE VERSION

songs dope

so damn sick. so so so excited for new album. hopefully that isnt the last mix
There is another thread for you guys, but I am thoroughly enjoying the new album!
This forum/most forums don't seem anywhere near as consistently funny/active as they used to be. Am I right?
I sleep in a racing car. Do you sleep in a racing car?
Oh man its good to see people on here still listen to these guys. The Greatest of all Lost Arts is one of my favourite albums of all time, after reading what GodofCheesecake posted about Matt Geise being in a few other projects, I searched his name on youtube and listened to a few tracks that came up, and they all sucked.
So guys, I think I've found my new favourite band. And I have no idea who to show them too. I really hope some of you guys like them! check out the song Fly Loft. Any thoughts?
I Can't Wait For New Stuff
new song is so so good
Very sad. RIP
Acid, Weed and MDMA
This sounds exactly like BFMV.
Banging the Buried and Me
Bring me the Hardon
^that is the society that we live in

there were some really nice stories and photos in there.
Literally, all you need as alcohol of your choice, and dips. A nice, wide selection of tasty dips (and crackers on top of the fridge, of course)
Drugs, alcohol and league of legends
^Oh no he diiiiiiiiiin't

that video was so sick. pleidian keys is so sick. ****
Defeater played really good sets, and Blacklisted were really cool live. I got to do merch for my friends band there too, free entry. was a good day!
^Which one are you going to? I'm doing merch for my friends band Perspectives at the daytime Annandale show
Anyone going to any of the defeater shows?
I Want To Here This So Badly Its A Joke

damn caps block.
^just searched for it, Christmas is ruined.
We were joined by a guitarist similar to the likes of Steve Vai and Satriani. He even has a Wiki page about himself.

His name is Jay Seeney.
If I could I would hashtag the shit out of every user in this forum so you could all see this post, because I think alot of you will really like these guys, please have a listen!

Check out Narrow Light
So, this was 10 years ago, and ****ing awsome
So BTBAM and Animals as Leaders are touring literally the week after I finish school forever. Way too excited.
Happy Birthday man! mine is soon too, and I'm quite jovial about it because I will be of legal age.

I got you professor oak.


Shat myself at 7:20

Bumped because everyone needs to hear this song
Forever Road for big day out!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Men shaving their armpits

"What does the Pit think?"

I see what you did there..


OT: trimming is where I personally draw the line, dont want a bush during summer at the beach. never shaved though.