GLP_Arclite That was one of the main draws, that and you can play it for free these days.

Alas not, she really wouldn't suit Gordon.
Must be why it's been so easy to slip in to.

Only been playing a few days, but I can already feel it taking over.

Between that and monthly humble bundles I'm set I think.

Oh, I'm also a dad now, so that's new.
I'm slipping into an Eve Online hole for my gaming fix lately - don't pray for me, for I am already dead.
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What are you using it for? I've now come to believe every case I could think of with it is better suited to having a wireless M&K alongside some ad hoc structure to turn my couch in to a suitable mouse surface

I tend to use it when I'm feeling lazy. Currently it's my go to pad for my replay of Witcher 3. It's a comfortable pad, as long as you don't need to do anything quick with the right 'stick'
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Hey I have one of those steam controllers so they totally did that

Why do I have one of those steam controllers

I have one too - I quite like it
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if you made it past defiled watchdog you can definitely do defiled amygdala
i believe in you

For some reason I had 0 issue with Defiled Watchdog. I was dreading it in the lead up and seemed to just breeze through.

Lucky AF
Quote by jakesmellspoo

i still need to finish the Chalices for one of the trophies

need dat plat

almost there, too.

the plat, not the stupid chalice dungeons.

I got to Defiled Amygdala and never made it beyond. that's the only trophy I'm missing in BB too
drdoom8793 Shame on me? Fool me twice... fiddle de dee?
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Happy Destiny 2 day

The stuff it flashes up reminding you of all your Destiny 1 accomplishments is pretty neat. Even tells you which friends you did it with.

It would be if I bought it. Waiting on the PC release and leaving my PS4 playmates behind.
Quote by H4T3BR33D3R
Ashes of the Singularity is a good CPU stress test. For GPU stuff a lot of the games that people have mentioned are good. I think DOOM is another game that's popular for GPU benchmarking. 

If you want to use synthetic benchmarks you can use things like Unigine Heaven or the 3D Mark suite (Firestrike, Timespy etc...). The former is mostly testing your GPU but the 3D mark suite does the whole deal. Cinebench is a pretty good test for your CPU as well. 

I think I'll likely go with Doom and Fallout 4 for my first purchases on the new machine - largely to see if I can make Fallout 4 good with mods
Quote by institutions
A few of the ones Linus Tech Tips always uses for benchmarking are Crysis 3, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, and DX12 Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Mankind Divided is still £39.99 on steam? What the fuck? I thought PC gaming was supposed to be cheaper?
Quote by GLP_Arclite
Witcher 3 and Battlefield 1 are probably good ones. Very crank-able.

OG Crysis is worth running just to appreciate how far we've come.

Despite owning the Witcher 3 on PS4, I am tempted.

Also Total Warhammer - worth it?
Quick question - what's the current equivalent of CRYSIS from back in the day? Wanna try and push my machine when it lands later this week
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I'd started my Nioh NG+ run but then 3 great games, 1 good game and 1 shitty game came out and I can't stop playing one of the great ones.

It's still best souls

Incorrect, because Nioh isn't Bloodborne
Quote by EndTheRapture51
any reason why a whole new one? was the old one garbage enough that everything needed to be replaced? personally i wouldn't replace stuff like my PSU or RAM or case or SSD now

Time spent v money saved basically wasn't worth the effort, at least not for me.

Went with an 8GB RX580 for my GPU
Quote by GLP_Arclite
Can you buy me one too


 Of course bby
Quote by EndTheRapture51 a whole new pc?

Yes indeed 
Whelp, I just bought myself a new PC
Quote by Blayney
We have a lot of over lap but I didn't think anyone else on this site knew Black Peaks. I love them. Probably going to see them on Friday again (6th time)

They were the support for the Deftones the last time I saw them - I was impressed!
Holy shit let's try this:

M People
Dillinger Escape Plan (5 times)
System of a Down
Deftones (9 times)
Korn (3 times)
Puddle of Mudd
The Wildhearts
Mastodon (11 times)
A Perfect Circle
Metallica (3 times)
Job For A Cowboy
Down (3 times)
Limp Bizkit
Black Peaks
The Hell
Napalm Death
Mark Lanegan (3 times)
Gutter Twins
Hundred Reasons (twice)
Reuben (3 times)
Million Dead
Frank Turner
Jonah Matranga
SikTh (7 times)
Meshuggah (3 times)
Shadows Fall
In Flames
Killswitch Engage
Machine Head (3 times)
The 80's Matchbox B Line Disaster
Queens of the Stone Age (4 times)
Nine Inch Nails (twice)
King 810
Black Sabbath (twice)
Biffy Clyro (4 times)
Every Time I Die (3 times)
Coheed and Cambria
Ill Nino
American Headcharge
Papa Roach
Motorhead (twice)
Manic Street Preachers (3 times)
God Forbid
Raging Speedhorn
Rage Against the Machine
Serj Tankian
Foo Fighters
Dizzee Rascal
Taking Back Sunday
Beans on Toast
Gold Finger
Reel Big Fish
John Otway
Robert Plant
Roger Waters
Alice in Chains
Funeral For a Friend
36 Crazyfists
The Prodigy
Ghost of a Thousand
This is Menace
Marilyn Manson
Shadow's Fall
Amon Amarth
The Fall of Troy
Municipal Waste
Faith No More
Static X
Fear Factory
Coal Chamber
Jamie Lenman
Laura Marling
Tilting at Windmills
In Flight Program

I'm missing loads of, but frankly after this brain dump I cannot remember any more.
Quote by k.lainad
bought Wolfenstein: The New Order from PSN for like 6 bucks yesterday, can't wait to play it tonight

I seriously love this game
Quote by Gaz_m2k5
I get that a lot.

I loved Dishonoured though, it was great fun. I don't tend to play single player games much any more, something has changed in the last 5-10 years where I just tend to get bored of them.

I think I tend to prefer skill based games rather than story based games, therefore tend to go for multiplayer games, or COMPLETELY story driven games (such as the telltale series) instead of repetitive non-skill based stuff that you find in RPGs such as Skyrim.

But I did love Dishonoured, it just felt awesome zooming around and assassinating people.

I too just wait til they're cheap now, I have no need to buy a £30 when my backlig is infinitely long.

It's more that these days I'm spending my disposable on more Board Games and stuff like Guild Ball.

I've also set my PS4 up in the break room at work, so I don't get much time to play it myself.
Quote by Demon Wolf
Yeah so true. While the characters and plot were a bit thin, the world building is magnificent. There is a free trial for the sequel which lets you play the first three missions. So much room for experimenting, they really improved on the formula of the first IMO.

Gonna have to get the full game once my backlig is reduced

I'm on a "no buying games until they're cheap" kick - I have yet to pick up Nioh, FFXV, Andromeda....
Quote by Demon Wolf
Well said. I am giving the Dishonored 2 trial a look and it feels truly excellent - you didn't like the first right???

Correct - for some reason I just couldn't get on with the first, and I've never been able to really understand why. On paper it's the kind of game that should make me go all gooey inside!
Quote by Demon Wolf

Someone lvled to 99 in the first Mako Reactor of FFVII without cheating. Why

Took freaking 500 hours!


Just read this article.

Truly, the hero we need, but not that we deserve
Quote by bdof
Same. Technically my wife got FF15 for me on launch day, but it was for Christmas, and then I still didn't play it for 3 weeks after Christmas.

Very tempted by Horizon though. So pretty
Quote by Demon Wolf
Me too. Love the look of it but with the gaming bonanza coming it is ending up in my "get in a sale" - pile together with Rise Of the Tomb Raider, The Last Guardian, Dishonored 2 and Watch Dogs 2.

I think the last game I bought at release might well have been Dark Souls 3
Quote by bdof
Wow, Horizon Zero Dawn doing way better than I expected after watching a little gameplay. I heard about it and thought it'd be huge, but watching it looks a little underwhelming. However.....

I'm really quite keen on checking it out... when it's cheap.

I'm a tight bastard these days
Quote by Demon Wolf
give it to me

Here you go:

Quote by EndTheRapture51
Will I have to play NieR 1 before NieR 2

I'd recommend playing NieR 1 anyway - I give the game a lot of shit, because frankly it deserves it - but there are some fantastic elements to the game
Quote by TobusRex
Well, I hate the unskippable opening cinematic. Have to sit through that crap is untenable. Load times are ridiculous. Then the turned based squad action doesn't do it for me. Plus the graphics in the CGI cutscenes are dated looking, stiff, and unrealistic. It's a lot like those tactical boardgames which I've never liked very much. I sure hope this game gets better, soon.

So XCOM2 sucks.... because it's an XCOM game?

Why play a turn based squad action game, if you dislike that kind of gameplay?
Quote by Demon Wolf
I agree. Me and the GF tried LBP3 and didn't feel it at all.

It kills me because Hugh Laurie
Quote by homeless-john

I think I'm nearly at the second boss but I haven't played it in a while. It is a really cool game so far though. It's nice to play a colourful adventure game. Will jump back into it when I'm done with THPS5 and LittleBigPlanet 3.

Is it me or is Little Big Planet 3 a little bit..... shit? It just feels off compared to the first and second one to me.
Quote by Demon Wolf
Nier Automata only a few weeks away. I never in my wildest dreams thought Nier would get a sequel back when it came out

I'm still amazed.

As much as there is for me to fault with Nier, I did enjoy the atmosphere and most of the story.
Quote by EndTheRapture51
It appears to be out of stock right now but Arkham Horror should be about £50 and it's a really fun and reasonably short Lovecraftian RPG board game. Sort of a cross between Cluedo, DnD and Cthulu.

It's really fun and every game turns out a bit different.

Yes - as is Mansions of Madness, although that runs a little more expensive.

The XCOM board game is pretty fun as well if you want a video game tie in
Quote by EndTheRapture51
I bet Mass Effect Andromeda will be Dragon Age Inquisition but in space

So... massively disappointing? I sure hope not

Quote by homeless-john
I finally got a D&D group together. Only done a couple of sessions so people are still getting comfortable role playing but it's been a lot of fun so far. Really lucked out that a friend of a friend happens to be a great DM. Also have a separate regular gaming night so if you have any recommendations for good (reasonably priced) board games then I'd like to hear them.

Define reasonably priced.

Some that I enjoy are the Battlestar Galactica game, Castles of Burgundy, Archipelago, Game of Thrones, Twilight Imperium, Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space, King of Tokyo, Bohnanza, Hanabi, Eclipse....

Worth considering that I just dropped about £400 on the Kingdom Death Kickstarter, so my definition of 'reasonably priced' when it comes to board games is kind of warped
Sweet, well it certainly sounds like the game for me!

What else has everyone been playing lately anyway?
Quote by Demon Wolf

It is smooth, tough, rewarding, fun, hard and glorious.

If you know what I mean....

Quote by GLP_Arclite
It's probably not even that useful to make that comparison since Nioh is on enough of a tangent to be it's own, very awesome thing. It's a spectacle fighter in the same framework as a souls game, it's got a lot of stuff going on, and all of it seems to just work really well together. Feels very polished and cohesive, and 60fps on console is so great for something like this.

Without sounding like a typical Souls fanboy - is the difficulty aspect similar? I've been binging on Borderlands 2 lately, and am feeling a challenge is needed!
Quote by GLP_Arclite
It might be the best Souls game I've played. I'm just not quite at the point where I'm ready to really commit to that opinion yet. At the very least it's consumed my February and I don't want to stop playing it.

If you like souls games, spectacle fighters and shitloads of loot it just buy it omg why do you not have it already just go.

EDIT: Bear in mind that my hype is still pretty full on for it. So take anything I say with a pinch of salt or whatever

I refuse to believe it's a Bloodborne beater.

However it does look pretty damn tasty.... I haven't bought any games in ages though, as I've been splurging my money on table top and board games lately.