I owned a 5w amp a while back to use as a practice amp. I found that in a practice setting, it was too loud since you had to crank it to get any kind of tone out of it, but wasn't quite loud enough to use in a band setting. I picked up a Vypyr VIP 1 and found it completely more usable as a practice amp.
The VK is a decent, jack-of-all-trades amp. But, for the price of a used VK, you could probably find a used Ultra, which is a better jack-of-all-trades amp.
The thing I noticed about owning a 5 watt head is that it was too loud for just practicing alone and not quite loud enough to play with a band. I found it pretty useless actually.
You can certainly get a tight, modern metal tone out of this amp, but you'll have to work for it beyond a tube swap. Stock, the VK's distortion is kind of loose and grainy. If you're ok with opening up the amp and re-working some things, it's a good, affordable choice.

Have you considered an Ultra? They're cheap and can cover a wide range of styles, including modern metal.
If money is a concern, look at Warehouse Guitar Speakers. They're actually quite decent.
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So I've had some issues with my VK 212 and currently it is not operational.
I was at jam one day, using the amp for the first time since moving jam spaces.
The tubes in the amp started flashing like lightning, I have the front stupid wing looking piece of metal taken off the amp so I could see the light from the inside, I did not see what tube in particular was flashing up. Long story short the sound cut out and would get weaker. In the name of jamming I pushed on and kept playing. Now it just doesn't power on.
Does this seem like the tubes blown? I've never really had tubes die in that way before in my other amps so it's a bit concerning. The amp is not my main amp but I would like to get it going so I can turn it into a head as the stock 212 cab is absolute mdf crap.

Certainly sounds like it. Possibly a fuse as well.
Don't know what the conversion rate is, but I've been pleasantly surprised with the Peavey Vypyr VIP 1. It's a little over $100 US new IIRC.
Personally, I'd choose Sweetwater over any of them. Great company to deal with.
I'd also consider a used Peavey Ultra. Good metal tone, usable cleans, $250-300 price on average.
The LPS is fine in the V3 position of a combo. I also had good luck with an AT7 in V3.

You might want to just buy an assortment of different tubes to try out.
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I'm going to try a 12AT7 in V2 to see if I can get some smoother gain. Any brand suggestions? I'm thinking Mullard.

I ran a NOS Raytheon AT7 when I first got the amp. It helped to tame the gain before I started modding the amp.
IIRC, the Ultra has no bias adjustment. Tubes are plug and play.
The 12AX7LPS works well in V3. I like a Shuguang in V2 at this point in time. They're dirt cheap, so it's a cheap experiment.
I've played the AR2000, which is very similar. It's a great guitar, wonderful neck and just all great a beautiful instrument. I have no experience with the PRS, but personally, if I had a lead on an AR3000, I'd jump on it.
Plastidip is made to peel off. I'm thinking it will eventually peel. But, it's removable, so, might as well try it. If it doesn't work, peel it off.
I can't imagine it gets that much traffic. Maybe look at a free website host, or its own facebook page.
If the back of your amp has a 1/4" plug going from the speakers into the amp, just plug that into the new head. If not, you will have to wire in a 1/4" female jack. You'll need to figure out what the impedance of the cabinet is and set the amp to match.
Handwired Weber Plexi kit. Low headroom OT, 45 watts, 2 EL34's, 3 -12AX7's. Great condition, never gigged, about 3 years old. Great vintage Marshall tone. $600 obo + actual shipping costs.

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Along with Johnnyzzz I am also wondering about the Valveking 20 head.

What I would like, is some advice on is this: Should I look for a good deal on the VK 20 head or continue to play around/upgrade my VK 112?

My situation: First of all I love my VK 112. The only thing I have had to do to it done to it since I got it is to replace a fuse. I changed the speaker some time ago and I have a few extra bucks saved so I've been looking at boost pedals and trying to sort out a replacement tube set. That's option 1.

Option 2 is this: Sell the VK 112 and use that and the other cash for the VK20 head.

My wife and I have a new baby in the house so I'd like to be as quiet as I am able so the variable power (1W, 5W, and 20W) of the VK head sounds like it would be nice. Also I think it has a headphone jack for completely silent play. It can directly connect to a computer/recording device which would be pretty cool to play with too. I plan on making a cab with a spare speaker if I get the head.

I'd like to upgrade but I'm not exactly sure which way is most useful. I already have the 112 and could get some toys to go along with it or I could get a "new" amp it might be that same thing I had.

Also, I play blues/rock and some metalish stuff too. I'd rather have nice cleans that a metal distortion though. And I know that this amp isn't really made for that anyway. I only play at home for my enjoyment so no need for lots of volume for (like performing). Any advice would be very appreciated!


I'd consider a Vypyr VIP 1. Sounds good at low volume and has a decent metal tone and good cleans. I just bought one for my daughter and it's a nice little amp.
Are there any holes in the front of the headstock where a logo could've been screwed on?
I am not getting the spongy gain feel that was there in the stock VK.

That's the point of this mod.
Thats an ARX model, made in china.
You stole that thing.
Ibanez collectors world is also worth a try. You may need some patience on this.
If its the set I'm thinking of, IMO its overpriced for being a normal bridge and tailpiece with a couple of set screws added. You could do the same thing yourself with a drill and a tap for the cost of bridge and some set screws. I always prefered the Gotoh 510. It is a fully locking bridge(ie saddles, posts, studs) for a little more money. forum. Lots of info on modding them there.
I think with whatever you get, an attenuator is going to be necessary. You'd be surprised just how loud a low wattage tube amp can be. And at low volume, you're not going to get much tone out of it.
Unless you find one of the very rare, early Artists, set neck is your only option.
That guitar should already have V2 pickups, gotoh made ibanez tuners and a very decent hardtail bridge. It was a very capable guitar out of the box.
Decided to build a 9v practice amp and this is what I went with. Most of the parts so far were just laying around the house. I still need to source a few parts for the circuit. Here's where I'm at so far..
Yes it will be the same quality as the ar300. I'm looking at the pictures on my phone, but from what I can see the guitar looks original and in great condition. The only issue I see is that the tailpiece looks to be bent from years of string tension. If it were me, I wouldn't even have to think about it. I'd buy that AR200 in a heartbeat.
If the price is right and its in good shape, I'd jump on that AR200 then. It'll be a better guitar and much more valuable in the long term. There are vintage catalogs posted on if you want to see what it looks like in original condition.
There was an AR200 made briefly in the late 70s iirc. It was a pretty rare guitar though. Are you sure you're not thinking of the newer, Korean made AR200?
I bought one for my daughter. Its a decent guitar. It sounds very good and is a pretty easy player. Comparing it to the vintage artist, it doesn't have the higher end hardware or the maple cap. There's also several minor differences in the construction. The new guitar is chinese as opposed to japanese. Its made in the same factory as the Artcore, so if you're familiar with them, that should give you an idea on the quality of the AR325.
One thing to note...paint does not stick to chrome.
Semi hollow bodies aren't as prone to feedback as full hollows. Most of the are capable of pulling off high gain.
Play it. If it sounds good to you, buy it. What you like is all that matters.
Its got the 3 screw pickup mounts, and I think, a Powerocker bridge, so it's an older model, probably mid 80's, japanese made. The old catalogs are posted on Should be able to find it if you look hard enough. And you didn't get ripped off.

Looks like it an 84-85 DT250.
Color makes no difference, unless it's striped.
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I like mine where I have it, at .015uF.

Same here. I never cared for a .022 cap in mine.