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If you can, try and get a Weber or a Heyboer OT. Use matched quads with the VK unless you install a bias pot.

My OT is here. It's alot bigger and heavier than the stock VK OT... gonna hopefully get it installed today.

I'd still get a matched quad, even with a bias pot, since you can't adjust the bias of each individual tube.

I got new stuff too
Choke, bias test jacks and a new pedal.
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Hey guys.

I'm looking for a few opinions.

Basically, i want to tighten my VK's tone and give it a bit more bass, as the lead channel has a distinct lack of it in my opinion!

What should i go for? I've asked about this here before but now i've got some cash i'm gunna ask again if you don't mind?

As i see it i've got 3 options:
1) Re-tube (I can look at the wiki for exactly what to retube it with but if you want to offer suggestions i'd be open to it. I'll give some more info on my preffered tone if wanted.
2) Eq - proabably the MXR 10-band as i know some of you guys will recommend this around here as the best EQ for this amp.
3) An OD. As i've read the Bad Monkey if the way to go for a cheap option, but what if i could spend up to £100 on an OD to tighten up the amp distortion, to get a bit more bass, and perhaps take it into metal territory without the lead boost on and a nice crunch on the clean channel...?

I appreciate any answers, i'm sorry to ask questions that have already been asked but i wanna get some new opinions.

Thanks a lot

All of those would be a huge step in the right direction. New tubes are mandatory for this amp as far as I'm concerned. The lead channel is a little flubbery and an OD will help greatly to tighten it up. If you're willing to get inside the amp, a new output transformer will really tighten up the low end and smooth out the gain and the highs. Very worthwhile mod. A new speaker is a good idea too.
There are some guitars that use spruce as a cap on a mahogany body, so I would guess its on the bright side.
I bought one very similar to that minus the electronics/hardware/pickguards and it turned out well. Same body and necks that are pictured in that listing. That might even be the same seller. The body and necks are pretty decent quality. The finished guitar is in my profile. I would ask if you can buy just the body and the necks and source your own hardware and electronics. The parts in that kit are more than likely turds.
Hey Cap, when you installed your choke, how did you wire it, ie, which wire went left, which went right?
If you're playing metal, I'd go with the OD first.
A semi can play metal. Full hollows are notorious for feedback. Semihollows can handle it.
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EDIT: Who was the "sell the valveking" post directed at? It came right after my post, but I don't think it makes much sense if it was in reference to my questions about replacing the OT- I *like* the VK, just see no reason to not make it the best VK it can be. And, as Raijouta pointed out, selling it won't put you ahead enough to make much difference anyway.

I believe that was aimed at the guy wanting a better death metal sound.
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Well, I've started calling around shops about the OT. Local guy that my boss knows likely can handle the OT swap. He's going to call me back with a quote soon. Should be reasonable, cost wise, so I might be getting it done in the near future.

Beforehand, I also called the semi-local Guitar Center uses and talked to a guy who told me it would run me about $210-$250 to have the OT swap and bias mod done, based on their rate of $70 per hour on tube amp work. Would you guys say this is about standard or is this place significantly above the norm for cost?

I don't see why it would take a teck more that 2 hours, which is being generous. Personally, I'd never let Guitar Center touch my equipment. Its the equivalent of taking your car to the walmart tire and lube center. Yes, they can get the job done, but in the end, it's probably not a good idea. If you're going to dish out that kind of coin, you might as well just send the amp off to FJA and have him mod it.
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Try an EQ pedal in the FX loop.
I bought a cheap Behringer one just to see if it works.
Somehow you get more distortion if you EQ it right.

The problem with the VK is that it is just not a death metal amp. Getting more distortion isn't the problem, it's the type of distortion you are getting out of it. Save the money you would throw into modding it and buy something better suited.
Sounds like you have some issues with the soldering at the jack. I assume you tried a different cable? Easy fix, no idea on what a tech would charge. Shouldn't be much.
Picked up that Carvin cab I found on craigslist. Damn nice cabinet and sounds great with the VK. Its loaded with Carvin British series speakers. Not too bad for $100.

Just ordered a choke and some bias test jacks from weber.
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I have gone through about 100 pages looking for directions on swapping the OT. Where is it? Shouldn't that be added to the wiki too?

Take the amp apart, cut the wires for the OT, unbolt it from the chassis, mount the new OT to the chassis, strip and crimp the OT's wires to the corresponding wires in the amp. Thats all there to it. Look under my posts. You'll find the picture I posted of the install showing which wires go where for the head/212 swap.
Glad to see that after singing the praises of the OT swap for months now, people are finally starting to look into it. It really does take this amp up a notch. BTW, Weber makes two 100w OT's that will work for the head/212. They're most likely clones of the heyboer and they're a little cheaper.
Tighter lows, less harsh highs, smoother, tighter gain. I covered the install previously in the thread, with pictures. You need a screw driver and a crimping tool for the install. Easy mod if you are comfortable working inside the amp.
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I'm still totally unsure of whether to upgrade the hell out of my VK (OT, bias pot, new pre tubes to match my new power tubes), or to just get a whole new amp.
I play modern high gain metal stuff, so the VK isn't the MOST perfect thing for it.. but it is my baby and I think it'd be fun to mod its ass off.
What I really need most is that smooth heavy chug chug, I suppose something similar to the Bugera 333xl (although I wouldn't buy this amp for various reasons)

I was thinking about trading up for a used 5150, but I decided that it's just too harsh and the clean channel isn't good enough for my tastes, Hm.

The OT will definitely help clean up those low "chugga chugga" licks.
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How much of a difference in tone did you notice? Was it much better sounding?

No doubt! I can't wait either, I'd like to hear another onionpin about the OT upgrade.

You will like. Best mod for the amp IMO.
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I have two questions, would a new speaker get rid of the white noise from the amp, and I think my tube make squeaky noises sometimes does that mean I need new ones?

The speaker won't remove any white noise you are getting.
I can't speak for the Les Paul, but my Epiphone doubleneck was not shielded, so there's a chance yours isn't. Even if that's not your problem, it'd be worthwhile to do a good shielding job on it.
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I don't see it on the first page or the Wiki so I figured I'd just wax lyrical about Winged Cs a little.

I just replaced the output tubes in my amp with the Svets and god damn these are good. Tighter low end than stock (mine had Sovteks) but better bass too. The top end is easier to tame and the midrange is a bit more open. Really good valves for rock and probably metal playing, I thought.

I've heard nothing but great things about Winged C's. I almost went with them in mine, but went with the standard Svetlana 6l6's which I'm really happy with.
Putting an od in front of the clean channel will only give you a mild blues tone with those settings. The quote above is talking about having the OD in front of the gain channel. If you want distortion through the clean channel, you'll need to buy an actual distortion pedal, or crank the gain up on your TS9, which won't sound so great.
The TS7 is a perfectly decent pedal. I use one in front of my vk and it does exactly what you are looking for.
It will work yes, but its a horrible idea. Don't you think at some point you may want or need to crank the amp up a bit? If you're playing at "house levels", you're not going to be pushing the speaker anyways.
Think I might buy this to go with the VK:

Sounds like a hell of a deal to me. What say you people?
Go to and shoot them an email. They have a wide selection of Weber and Heyboer iron. They'll let you know what you need. Should easily be under 100 bucks.
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that seems way to complicated for a newbie in electronics like me :[

You don't have to use the selector switch. Installing just the OT is very easy. Only tools needed are wire cutters and a crimping tool. No soldering necessary.
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I'm sorry but this thread is so huge and my time is lacking atm but what does the output transformer actually improves?

is there some kind of tutorial for it?


Tighter bass, less harsh highs, much nicer sounding gain, tighter, smoother. Better in every way. Search way back in this thread, I posted pictures of the swap on a 212. Caps posted pictures of his on a 112 more recently. It's a very easy swap.
The impact may have caused the shaft of the pot to get jammed. Pull the knob off and try giving it a little encouragement with a pair of pliers. Not too much, just enough to see if you can get it loose. For the push/pull, you need to make sure your pickups are 3 or 4 wire.
I'd go ahead and forget that the boost is there. I'd go with an OD or an EQ.
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Did a tube swap in both preamp and power amp sections. No effect.

Also to answer a previous question. No the guitar is not plugged in and
no cable is attached. I KNOW my guitar causes some noise but not like
this but I'm going to take care of that with a complete copper shield job
after I fix the amp. Provided I can find out what in the amp it is that I need
to fix.

Have you tried physically moving the amp to a different location and using a different outlet? You might be picking up interference from something or have an electrical gremlin.
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While I never had the opportunity to play it - in fact, I only saw a photograph of it - in 1979 Ibanez made a limited edition of their flagship Artist model made of solid brass. The body, the neck and the headstock were made of brass; as was the hardware. The only wood on the guitar was the fingerboard. It weighed sixty-seven pounds. Imagine slinging that thing around your neck for a three-hour show!

You sure you're not thinking of the Brass Beauty?
My doubleneck is by far the heaviest I've played. Lots of wood and hardware there. My Les Paul Classic was a close second.
The VK is not all that great for "the br00talz". If you're mainly playing really heavy music, the 6505 is a much better choice.
Try using an outlet in a different room.
You don't have to replace all four speakers at once. Replace two. If you like, replace the other two when you have the cash. The new speakers will be brighter and less muddy than the stocks and the improvement in tone will still be noticeable even though you didn't replace all four.
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I don't know if I'd jump on a 6505 if played mostly Sabbath, Maiden, Metallica and Led Zeppelin

This is true. I missed this part in the original post. If that's as heavy as you want to go, the VK would be decent for you. It does hard rock/classic metal well and would probably be better for Zeppelin and old Sabbath.
Depends on how heavy you want to play. The VK does hard rock fine, but is mediocre for really heavy music.
EQ pedal with a volume level. Problem solved.