Depending on how new your amp is, it may not have C124.
For making the jcm mod usable with a footswitch, I think wiring it to a stereo 1/4" jack and running it out to a DPDT footswitch would work fine. In fact, that may be the next thing I do whenever I open up the amp again.
When you press the button on the amp, is the footswitch plugged in?
Quote by Cap47
Is that a different front panel on the head from before? Looks nice!

Yep. Had a screen on it that I wasn't real happy with.
I'm sure it's probably doable. The only problem I've found is when you switch back and forth, you have to tweak the eq, so it's quite so easy to switch on the fly.
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Nice! Put up clips.

I originally thought it wouldn't be possible to institute both the JCM and Mesa mods and be able to switch between them... I might wanna do that instead of just the Mesa.

Definitely do both while you have the amp open. If you play mainly metal, you may not use the JCM much, but it is nice to have to get some good crunch tones. It essentially makes the VK a 3 channel amp when you have both. You can never have too much versatility.
What I've been up to lately:

Re-worked my head conversion

Mesa/JCM switch

Plus a handful of internal mods. I'd say the amp is just about where I want it now.
I doubt anyone's broken it, but I agree, you can get a better pedal for half the price.
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You realize you're baying extra for having like two components of different value?

All the Tubescreamers are very similar with only small differences. If you're using it as a boost you won't notice a huge difference in any of them.

Also, the two tube screamer thing came from SRV I think, not particularly necessary, but you would have the option of setting them up with two different sounds.

Give this man a cigar. Two resistors and another 70 bucks on the price.

As a boost, the TS9 is fine. Hell, the $40 TS7 is fine. And no, you won't tell a difference between the TS9 and the 808.

Good reading:
I wouldnt look into modding a pedal you don't even own yet, especially if you're looking to use it as an OD/clean boost. Using it as a boost, you're not going to hear much of a difference between a stock and modded TS.
IMO, if you're only using an amp to run a distortion pedal through the clean channel, then there's no use owning the amp. Look at the VK thread and the VK wiki. All the tips are there. The VK will not be a metal beast(if thats what youre looking for) without opening up the amp and doing some work. Tubes, speakers, eq, od will make it better than it is, but it won't re-voice the amp into something else.
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Ok that sounds a little newb, but what is V1? V2? V3? Positions?

Preamp tube positions. V1 is by the input jacks and is responsible for much of the clean channel's tone. V2 is next to it. Much of the distorted tone comes from it. V3 is beside the larger power tubes. It is the phase inverter.
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What would you rate the VK 112's stock sound on a scale of 1-10?

Depends on what you're using it for.
If you're comfortable tearing your amp apart and changing components on the pcb, then yes it is pretty simple. And you can shock the hell out of yourself if you don't know what you're doing.
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can i put el34s in a valveking


do i need to take it to a tech to bias it

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I got my TS7 on ebay for $20. To this day I still can't comprehend why people pay $100 and up for TS's - when used as a boost, they're all the same.

Same reason why people pay $10 on ebay for a 50 cent 4558 op amp. Mojo is a powerful sales tool on the uninformed.

That pretty much covers Tubescreamers, the differences in models, what they do, mods etc.
The first thing I look at is tubes. It's possible one could have been damaged while being shipped overseas.
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There is a guy on the peavey forum that has a Windsor head. He had the same problem as yours! His fix was a NOS RCA 5751 in PI or V3. The NOS 5751s can be found reasonible price too! He pulled his from a microphone preamp he had! Doug H is what he is known on there!

I've always liked a 12AT7 over an AX7 in the VK's PI. Seems like the amp likes it better too. Seems a little less harsh and clearer. Here's a good read on the subject, two posts down:
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Sounds like precisely what I need.

Also how do I prevent my tone from getting brighter the louder the amp gets? I find that to be a bit of a problem... Or aside from preventing it getting brighter, how can I make it less harsh at higher volumes? Turning down treble sometimes doesn't help as it can get too harsh even with treble at 0.

You looking for a "play with the knobs" answer, or an "open up the amp and start changing stuff" answer?
For $230 it's going to be hard to go wrong with the Peavey. Try it out, if you like it, buy it.
I think the VK would be ok for you. It has great cleans, the distortion is ok, better with new preamp tubes and is a great platform for modding. You can do 80's thrash with it, for heavier, more modern stuff, it's not the best choice. You'd be looking at 40 bucks for new power tubes and 40-50 bucks for new preamp tubes, roughly. They don't need to all be changed at once. As long as you're not tossing them out of the back of a van, they hold up well to being handled.
Looks like some people are suffering from moderator envy.

I agree with what Cathbard said. Lee Oscars are good, inexpensive harps. What key you want depends on what you are playing and he summed that up to.
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Jason, I'm pretty surprised you hadn't done the Mesa mod yet. Well now I know I need to get on that some time, even more than before...

Just how better is it for heavy stuff? I'm looking to play stuff like Metallica, but also shred like Paul Gilbert, and even some sludgey stuff like High on Fire/Sleep.

I hadn't done it because I didn't think I had a need for it. I already had a good hard rock tone, which is what I wanted. I actually went ahead and did it just to have an excuse to tool around with the amp some more.

It seems to have re-voiced the amp slightly. It's a little tighter and more articulate and slightly brighter. Dropped D palm mutes are ridiculous. I'm waiting on an order from mouser to get here. There's still a few more circuit mods I want to do.
Quote by joe sabbagh
Just had a couple questions about this amp.

I've heard a lot about this amp, but mostly that it's more of a metal amp. Could this amp do classic rock? Good cleans?

Also, I'm looking to buy the 212, but I'm worried it'll be too loud for my room. (I currently have a fender frontman 212 SS and I never go past 2 on volume if I'm playing alone)

And I'm going to try it out tomorrow, but just wanted some background info before.
Thanks in advance

It's a much better classic rock amp than it is a metal amp. I have no idea why so many people buy it for metal. You definitely dont need the 212.
There's not much these days that needs to be added to it. I think we have most of the mods and info covered.
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Not that I know of. dudey5691 was the last one to have access, I think.

I wanted to add the instructions for the bias test jacks. I've had a few people ask about it lately.

I've cracked open the amp to do a few things to it. I wanted to try a few of Iyla-v's old mods. I had already done the JCM mod and just did the Mesa mod, as well as a few other things. The Mesa mod is a beast. Definitely a noticeable improvement for heavy music. One of these days I'm going to have to try and A/B with a stock VK. I'd really like to hear the difference first hand.
Is anyone updating the wiki these days?
Try a tung-sol 12AX7 in V1. Also, don't be afraid of the bright switch. There's no reason you shouldn't be getting great cleans on a VK.
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Ok, editing the OP for the sake of reducing the Marshall flaming.

I'm looking for an amp that has some of the tonal characteristics of a JCM800 or JTM45. Either way is good; I enjoy both tones. Budget is under $500, and I won't think twice about buying used. Actually, I WANT to buy used.

Peavey VTM 60 or VTM 120. Easily had for $300 or less. Does the JCM800 sound really well and is a great, vintage Peavey amp.
Super Distortions go well in semis. I'd also look at a Screamin' Demon. It's become one of my favorite pickups. Just the right output(about 10-11k IIRC), very clear, very articulate, very versatile. The name would imply that it's strictly for metal, but I've found it to be a great all around pickup.
I've used Dunlop Nylons for ten years or so and never broken one. Hell, some of them have probably been played for ten years. Very good, cheap pick.
The TS flavors the tone a bit, I wouldn't say it sucks tone. Are you using it as a clean boost, or more of a distortion pedal?
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Idk what the hell I'm using, I left it up at the church, but it was used with the old B-52 cabinet for years, it looks like a custom built from the 70's, but it's tough as nails. It works as a speaker cable, but wont work as a instrument cable.

So are speaker cables and stereo cables the same thing? Because if they are then I'm guessing the footswitch I'm using is a POS.

No, speaker cables are usually mono. I'd hop down to radio shack and pick up a stereo cable. I think that will solve your problem.
Quote by ethan_hanus
I'm using a speaker cable, which is supposed to do the same thing, right? Or is a stereo cable something completely different?

Most are mono. Look at the 1/4" plug. If it looks like a regular guitar cable, it's mono. If it's stereo, it will have an extra ring. If you're using a mono cable, that's probably the problem.
The Vypyr may be a good option for you. I've heard nothing but great things from people who own them.
I don't think the Classic 30 is going to have the type of gain you're looking for. I wouldn't recommend Valveking if you don't have the means to mod it. Bugera seems to make some decent high gain budget amps. Have you looked at them?
Check the fuse on the back panel before you get ahead of yourself and take the amp apart.
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which tubescreamer? the ts-9?
and what do you mean by more break up, like do the cleans break up earlier at higher volumes or does it just add some dirt to the cleans in general?

Its more of a dirty clean. Not a glassy, transparent clean, more like what you Clapton or SRV use. Suitable for using in songs that have clean and distorted parts.

It's a TS-7, which is a TS-9 circuit. If you're going to use a TS as a clean boost, you're not going to tell much of a difference between the various models.