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Ok, so I'm having problems getting the footswitch to work, I got a Crate footswitch that seems to be to the same specs, except with a metal case, I'm using a speaker cable like I'm supposed to. When it's plugged in and on the clean channel, I hit the first button on the foot switch and the red LED on the footswitch lights up, but nothing happens, when I hit the boost button, I get nothing, and the LED doesn't light up. Either way it's not working and idk why.

Are you using a stereo cable?
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ok thanks alot then, gonna try out what they have at the store when i go on wednesday but ill keep that in mind. but what id really want is something to psh the tubes a little harder with out andding anything else like mids or gain necessarily, because i will use the amp for both distortion and cleans within the same song, so i dont want to have to turn off the pedal when i switch to clean channel. if theres something other than an od pedal that will do this better then let me know please

I use a Tubescreamer. It sounds fine switching from the clean to the distorted channel. The cleans just have a little more break up than normal.
I honestly think you'll be fine with one speaker.
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Duh ts7 is better suited for blues it dosent does wonders if you want it for metal ts9 is made for metal,get hold of that

Assuming I translated your post correctly, the TS7 is the same circuit as the TS9. One is not going to be better than the other for metal.
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Hes wrong. The distortion tone is fine and the hot setting is good too. +1 on the Jekyll & Hyde although it's a lot more money. I have both of these pedals.

It sounds passable as a distortion pedal, but not great. You can use it to drive your clean channel as you would the distorted channel and get great results. But, as a stand alone distortion pedal, there are much, much better options. I have this pedal too, so I'm not talking out of my ass here.
Just try it as is before you go throwing money at it.
Its a real Tubescreamer. Good pedal and the price is great. Just use it for what it was intended for; driving a tube amp. If you're looking for a distortion pedal, this isn't what you want.
The C30 can do your run of the mill punk rock. It's a really nice amp and thats a good price. Go play it. If it sounds good to you, buy it. If you end up not liking it down the road, you'll easily get the $295 back if you sell it.
Most of the "my VK is broke" stories are from people who have never owned a tube amp before. 9 times out of 10, tubes were the only problem and they didn't know better.
If you are getting string buzz on both sides, yes. Depending on which version of the Gibraltar you have, you may have locking studs you need to deal with.

You may just need a neck adjustment.
I found my Little Giant to have a very "early AC/DC" tone. Think "whole lotta Rosie".
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Because there are 4 holes missing on the speaker, so it wont go in place, because the other 4 screws have no holes to go into. I've never seen it done before on any speaker cab, but better safe than sorry, right?

Then you rotate the speaker until the holes line up.

OP, your speaker will fit fine. 4 holes are enough. This thread gives me a headache.
Whole lotta unnecessary thought going into this thread. I cannot see the new speakers not working. If for some reason they wouldn't match up, tap new holes. Nothing is ****ed here, man.
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Well... I've been using the distortion from Jackhammer... And I'm quite happy with that. Maybe with the eq it could sound a lot better.

But it seems to me that the amp has too much treble... And this is really anoying. The eq would solve this problem, right?

It would definitely help. New tubes could affect it too. Are you playing through the clean channel? Is the bright switch on?
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I just bought a VK 112. And I've been studying this topic and the wiki ever since. I'm currently using a Marshall Jackhammer trough the clean channel with bright boost for distortion and i'm enjoying a lot hahahaha

But i have one question. What do you guys thing i should do first? Change the speaker or change the tubes? Next week i'm going after a 10 band eq and it should improve a lot the sound of the amp.

So what is the next step? tubes or speaker?

One more thing... Using the tube distortion should I get a booster? If yes, which one should I choose? MXR ZW-44 or MXR M-133? Or maybe I should get a footswitch and use the boost gain from the tubes?

Thank you!

*PS: the "dummy jack" mod is totally awesome! I had my doubts about it, because it's so simple and cheap... but it helps a lot hahaha! Impressive!

Personally, preamp tubes then speaker. But, do you feel you need to do this? Is there anything you're particularly unhappy with?
There's a row of screws on the back panel and the 4 screws going down through the top of the amp. Remove those and you can remove the chassis. You'll have to remove the pcb that the jacks are attached to, which means taking off the mounting nuts for the jacks and pots and unscrewing the pcb from the chassis. You will want to drain the caps. If you're careful, you can swap the jacks without doing this, but it's pretty easy to stick a finger where you shouldn't and shock the hell out of yourself. Google for a how to.

Here's what you're in for:
Take a look at the 80's Ibanez Artist. Maple top on mahogany body, great pickups and hardware, all around great guitars. The AR100's usually run around $800. The higher models usually just over $1000.
Poor Valveking thread always goes unnoticed...
You can get there with the VK, but you're going to have to do some work. Throwing $500 worth of pedals at it isn't the way to do it. New tubes, speakers, output transformer, and the "Mesa mod" would be what you want. Look at the VK thread and the wiki it links to.
Do you already have the amp? If so, look at the VK thread and the wiki linked in it. If not, buy an amp more suited to the style of music you want to play.
Use the search feature: "valveking wiki"
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i like to play metal from time to time but i play more hard rock like ac dc and others like hendrix and the blues. but now i like hearing a compressed clean tube sound out of a amp.

Have you tried a Peavey Classic 30? I think that would suit you perfectly.
If he liked the Fender, I'm guessing he's not looking for a metal amp, which is always the assumption of the UG masses.
You said you loved the Fenders tone, so I think you answered your own question. Buy what sounds good to you.
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i bias by sight then i double check by sound. whats the big deal they're just tubes.

Tubes ain't cheap.
Google Warehouse Guitar Speakers. Cheaper clones of existing speakers.
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I might start abit simpler...

Go with a boost pedal, by the sound of it they're the simplest pedals to build.

Then from there... Who knows?

Any suggestions of what to try after a booster?

The Distortion+ is a pretty simple build. Not a bad pedal to start with.
Never heard of them. These guys are great though:
I've always found the stock JJ to be pretty dark in V2.
I have the TS7. It's the real deal. Can't comment on the fuzz.
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but I cant get the kind of guitar sounds I,ve been recording in my songs off Amplitude and the Pod xt.

I think the problems lies in your recording technique. Recording guitar tracks with a good old fashioned amp and speaker cabinet is an art form in itself. It's not a matter of turning up the gain and pointing a mic at it. For starters, try different mic placements. Try overdubbing several lower gain tracks instead of one high gain track. Play around with EQ levels. Most importantly, do research. There are many sites and forums out there that will get you started.
None of those cabs are really that decent. Buy used. That will open up your options greatly.
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Can you specify what's wrong with it?


The cab is fine. The speakers are muddy and flat sounding. Replacing 4 speakers gets expensive.

I wanna amp made for Metal

Then the VK is not for you.
Its not going to damage the amp. If you're using a standard instrument cable, it's not stereo. You need a stereo cable.
Christ Cap, he didn't insult your mother.
Cheaper, metal footswitch>expensive, plastic footswitch. Nothing wrong with the Peavey, but there are better deals out there.
I agree with what James said. Stock preamp tubes are ass. Mostly the reason the gain is as harsh as it is. The speakers are muddy and lifeless. Decent amp one you take care of these things.