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make sure the fake is well built, action isn't off etc. before buying it, these things aswell as pickups make a difference

This is irrelevant since he would be buying from a website.
I think this a horrible idea. You're looking to spend 300-400 bucks on a knock off Gibson. You have no idea what you are getting other than a few pictures. You're looking to throw 100 bucks worth of pickups into the guitar on top of that. 400-500 bucks will get you a damn nice, official guitar these days. And unlike the chinese knock off, you can return those guitars if you dont like them.
I've found Alder to be on the bright side, with lows a little lacking. Great if you're going for a strat sound. Mahogany has a lot of bottom end and low mids, not as good of a clean sound, but decent. Have you looked into something like basswood? I've found it to be a good, all around tonewood.
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I did, and it answered nothing.

and yes I did :P

You'll get more responses if you ask it there, where all the Valveking owners hang out. I'm also sure I've seen people who have done it talk about how it sounds in that thread. Use the search bar.
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It sounds like a cocked wah. I.E. a wah in a fixed position.

Thats what its always sounded like to me too. Like he had a wah slightly depressed.
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I like the TS-7 better than the TS-9 it sounds just as good as the TS-9 but the hot switch is what makes it better IMO. There is a lot of dynamics in the TS-7 so it is really responsive to your pick attack and it sounds really natural and noise free. It does not suck any tone on or in bypass and you can get some great classic rock tones on a clean channel. Peg out the gain on the pedal you will get some good classic metal flip on the hot switch and it will get you into modern metal. Run the pedal on top of your tube amps gain channel on regular TS-9 mode and you won't believe this thing only cost $40 it is that impressive I love it. If you get one just get it stock stay away from the modded ones and don't have it modded it just adds noise and only a very slight change in sound it just makes it a tinny bit more trebely. Plus it already has the proper sought after JRC4558D op amp chip. I love how Ibanez thinks about the little guys And if your looking for a great analog/digital delay/echo I highly recommend the Ibanez Tone lok DE-7 another awesome pedal for the price.

I mostly agree with what you said, except the part about modding it. Mods that are done right wont add noise or make it tinny. There is room for improvement. Getting rid of the "proper sought after JRC4558D chip" is a good place to start.
What he said^. Good pedal, same circuit as a TS9.
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The V30 was bought used so it shouldnt be a problem... somehow the only part of the VK wiki that i havent checked properly was the Swap Tubes-part... Great work in there btw Cap47 Im definitely gonna check those Tung-Sols out

You still didn't say if you had Svetlana preamp or power tubes. If you have the stock preamp tubes, swap those out before you start fooling around with KT66's.
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Yeah, I've been thinking about getting one... Anyway if someone know the quality and sound of svetlana tubes compared to JJs and TungSols tell me

Svetlana preamp tubes or power tubes? Their 6l6's are pretty nice. I'm guessing you still have the stock 12AX7's. That's the problem with replacing the speaker first. The clarity of the new speaker actually brings out more of the harshness from the stock preamp tubes.
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A good tubescreamer is a nice boost pedal for the VK right? because I'm thinking of trading my Wylde Overdrive for a Tubescreamer for the mid boost on blues sounds.

good idea??

A TS sounds very good in front of a VK.
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Ive had the VK head since christmas, and honestly i wouldnt buy it again. way to much trouble for an amp that is good, but not that great.

Now im pretty sure my tubes are out of life. their not blown but they all have that blue/purple tint to them and it just sounds like ass. I got an ibanez tube screamer hoping it would help. but then i realized that the tubes are bad.

So if im gonna have to get new tubes, i might as well get good ones. what should i get and how much will it cost?


Take a look at the wiki. Everyone has their own opinion on tubes. Personally, I like Svetlana 6l6's, a Tungsol in V1, NOS Raytheon 12AT7's in V2 and V3.
Amp stand, set it on a chair, stool, another amp etc.
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@Raijouta well it's not that cheap, it's $320.

@Jason43 it's a solid state, but I'm not sure how much it was turned up.

The tubes have already been changed, but I think the speakers are still stock - not positive.

I'd be willing to bet the 112 is as loud, if not louder than his half stack then.
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My first question is volume related. I know that a 112 is more than enough to overcome a drummer. However, I'm in a situation where I'm playing with a bassist, drummer, and another guitarist who is using a 150W half stack. All this makes me want to get the 212, as a better safe than sorry precaution. Can a 112 handle that, or should I stick with the 212 plan?

Is the other guitarist using a tube or solid state half stack? 150 watts SS isn't going to be nearly as loud as 150 watts tube. Is he even using it at even close to full volume? I think the 112 would be more than enough for you. But, if you're getting a 212 at a good price, go for it. Keep in mind it will be more tubes to change, more speakers to swap(if you choose to) and will be almost useless at bedroom levels.
If you go that route, buy a different cab. It'll be 4 speakers you won't have to replace.
I don't really see why you would need videos. If you can figure out how to use a screwdriver, you can change the speaker. The tubes simply push/pull in and out. Easier than changing a light bulb.
Turns it from a fixed bias to an adjustable bias amp.
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So then it's not stock.

I consider tubes maintenance, not a modification. When your tubes wear out and you need to change them, you're not modding the amp.
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Thanks for the detailed and great advice! I had no idea that the Boss Fs-6 Footswitch works with the VK, and I'm glad to hear it because I've been told the VK Footswitch sucks big time. What other Footswitchees work well with he VK?

The VK pedal doesn't suck, there are however better pedals for less money. There are many pedals out there that will work. I bought a generic, off brand pedal from my local shop for 20 bucks. Just ask your local shops if they have anything.

For the reverb, I agree with Darkpagey. Try it first. You may like the stock sound. Like I said, it is usable at low levels. If not, a new tank is pretty cheap.
The 50 watt is more than enough amp. Also cheaper to swap speakers and tubes.
If you already have a Tubescreamer, I see no reason to go and buy another overdrive. The TS works perfectly well for boosting the VK.
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When I played it, to me it sounded pretty lifeless and kinda fuzzy.

That would be the stock EHX preamp tubes.
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Next up is Reverb, but that is another thread. I've been told the Reverb on the VK112 is terrible.

The reverb is certainly nothing special, but it is usable at low levels. Swapping out the reverb tank for a three spring unit solved the problem on mine. I'd do that instead of a pedal. A new tank is cheaper than a pedal too.
The VK will do fine for the music you want to play. A TS sounds pretty good in front of it. You might want to look into a fuzz for the stoner rock. I'd see if you could talk him down to under $250. Use the difference towards a new speaker and preamp tubes.
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Hey guys, i've had my valveking a while and i've finally got some money together to buy some goodies so, I'm really just asking which upgrades make the most difference so i can get them in the right order ha. So should i get a Bad monkey/OD and a EQ, or a speaker swap, etc? Also i was looking at volume pedals/attenuators to help the amp sound better at low volume? bit of a noob when it comes to this stuff though! cheers.

I'd do speaker and preamp tubes before anything.
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Are valvekings metal amps?

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I smell what you're steppin in man. But did you ever own one? With some patience you can tinker and make a VK sound good for just about anything. Are there better amps? Yep. In that price range? Myabe used.

I've owned one for years. They can be a great amp if you tinker with them enough. In stock form though, its not the best choice for metal, other than 70's/80's metal. The gain is fizzy and harsh, not smooth and tight. Not everyone wants to throw tubes, speakers, EQ's and OD's, transformers etc at a new amp. Excellent kits that don't cost much more than if you sourced the parts yourself.
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Wow this is the longest the VK thread has gone without an update. Atleast that I know of. Anyone been doing much or looking into anything lately.

I gotta say as soon as I get the $ straight I'm looking forward to changing my tubes. I'm also starting to consider KT66's just for fun. I know one of you regular posters has Kt66's in your VK. do you have tone clips so I check how that sounds?

Most KT66's don't fit in the 100w VK. The sockets are too close together.
I'd look elsewhere. The LG is a good amp, but definitely not for modern metal, even with pedals. Its a very loose sounding amp, think 70's AC/DC.
For Priest/Maiden type metal, the VK will actually do pretty well. Its extremely mediocre for heavier or more modern stuff. The VK speakers are ass.

Its a great EQ and runs around 10-20 bucks used on ebay.
EQ this, speakers that...

The VERY first thing anyone should do when improving a VK's tone is swap out the preamp tubes. Its such a simple, inexpensive and effective thing to do, but often doesn't get done because people go throwing money at EQ pedals and overdrives. This applies to playing metal, rock, country etc. The stock EHX/JJ tube combo in the preamp sounds horrible in this amp. FA gave a good tube recommendation, I suggest you look into that. An EQ will help hide the harsh, fizzy sound of the VK's drive channel, new tubes will help cure it.
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Like I said, they're draining the caps, so it will be safe to work inside it.

I'm not referring to the caps. If opening the amp is giving you trouble, you shouldn't be attempting to modify the internals.
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Hey guys...

I'll be bringing in my VK112 to my schools electronics department so they can drain the caps for me so I can do the Mesa mod, but I have a dumb question. I looked around (albeit, not very long) ad don't know how/where to open the actual amp at. Anyone care to tell me ?

I'm honestly not trying to be a smart ass here, but are you sure you should be tooling around inside the amp?
The 212 and the head are the exact same thing.
Arguably the best replacement TOM style bridge out there. Fully locking studs and saddles and the bridge locks down to the studs. Used and complete with hardware. Sells for $85 new, I'll sell it for $65 shipped to the US.
'05 model, mahogany body with set 3 piece maple neck. I added a chrome Ibanez Super 80 "Flying Fingers" neck pickup, creme/black high output Stewmac Golden Age bridge pickup, cloud ornament, Suregrip II knobs, Gotoh tuners and Kimber Kap tone caps. Great condition, no chips/scratches/damage aside from normal play wear, never gigged. Really great playing and sounding guitar, I just don't have a need for it anymore. $350US plus shipping. PM me with any questions.[/img
Sounds like you need tubes.