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I should change that to 2007, if I remember right, that's when the forum went to shit.

True, but it throws the theory about literally growing up out, 3 years isn't long enough for a small internet community to transcend adolescent behavior, I think there's other factors we're missing, mods perhaps? the Internet in general?
Thinking about getting a lip piercing, not bites or anything like that, just a simple ring. What would be a good size to go so I can enjoy it without it getting in the way? It'd be my first piercing.
I agree, it's been getting better each year in terms of what you listed
Yes I believe school is necessary to a point. Most of the stuff they teach you in classes is completely irrelevant, but it distinguishes the capable from the office workers/forum lurkers. You learn a lot more then just WWII when you think about it.
You learn social grace and the impact when you don't adhere by it.
You learn about law and punishment in the form of detentions for 'crimes', that we now can see as truly meaningless.
School is a precursor to life, it teaches you how to be a functioning human in our society as is, some people will rant about some radical bullshit, but until one of those batshit crazy people ever inherit a position that can run their batshit crazy policies my opinion will be proven wrong.

Again this is why I think we should have mandatory schooling to a certain level, there are many others things I could say but I'd rather not be 'tl:dr''d
Looks: Never really been happy with it, too thin face, too thin body, I look like this even before I started on Valium and Oxycodone :/

Popularity: Despite the looks and whatnot being in a band and having been through boarding school with a bunch of good dudes has helped me retain a level of social confidence and popularity in my eyes (or it could be the valium talking :P)

Intelligence: Smart but don't take advantage of it, did double 4units of maths and english, physics and music in my high school (HSC the Australian NSW leavers course) didn't study but got marks high enough to do well.

Body: Thin and 5"8 so short and thin :/ not much muscle tone

I'm happy because I'm on SSRI's super pain meds and valium but if I weren't I'd probably hate myself, I have good friends in my eyes too so that helps as well.
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I don't.

Carney > Manly (except for Glenn Stewart and Lyon)

This proved true

Go Roosters, incredible 2nd half against a side like manly/watmough
Auditory hallucinations were really what got to me, freaked the **** out of me. The first I heard was like a piano crescendo bending and the rest was like 1000000 people chatting in a hall if I was myself and it would only go away when I shook my head or talked to someone L/
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Australia's really creative when it comes to our names.. At my school there's 2 people with the name 'Abcde' (Pronounced, Absiddy.)

If have also encountered this and lmnop except pronouced something like ellemnopy
unlimited vallies, so binged today with em and some codeine and later Oxy, shouldn't have cause I want my tolerance to stay lowish, gonna reduce reduce to therapeutic dose during the week then binge a bit less next weekend, can barely type thank god for spell check
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op's images's.

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the use of a played-out 4chan meme saddens me.
i pity you.

If your really wanted to say that instead of contribute you waste, could you at least not quote 3 images in the process?
Prescribed Valium and Oxycontin makes me completely forget any mistakes and problems.

3 losses in a row after 5 wins, does not compute, only the roosters could do that.

I'm bass player on the right
Roosters! too bad I can't watch the game on right now someone keep me updated?
You can silence my thread but u cant silence Magic Gravy's Baileys
KK folks, im rolling to the dorms, ********* later? que pasa, anyway laterz catz,
Im back on teh Z lol
Ya its is haindl, and will shall be pajamarama,
Flame on Josh

Flame on...
Nub, now the interwebz knoes my name what will i doi maaann
By the way Will is making an account, maybe Haindl, hes gonna be xXxXx in one sec
hey there, all my reactions are pretty much the same, but this isn't like that gay ass noob crap, im bored like hell man, but it beats watching the highlights, almost got busted then too, sire was all up in my grill, wb nub
there watching teh rugby highlights and im in the computers doing 'study' with Will and haindl, but sam went and watch it with his lad frends but the dorms are locked til 9 so tell ur if ur there

you have the power

Lulz what did i win?

Stupid bus, i won't rant much, but ill let you make up your own minds with this pic that shows what happened to me this morning.

But yea, i pretty much rode the Syllabuz from here to new jersey, (for all the deaf readerz)