26. I found this site in 2005.
Anyone able to comment on the SGJ?

This pawn shop I frequent has had a tonne of nice guitars come in lately.

One of them is an SGJ and some Les Paul from The Gibson Guitar Company.

Anyway, there is this MIM tele there too with HH configuration I've had my eye on.

The SGJ is about $100 cheaper and looks very bare bones.

I've watched a few YT vids on it but otherwise I have no experience with it.

How does it compare to a G400?

So many of the old country legends are dying. Swinging Doors was one of my favourite songs.
I guess the best way to put it is I would like my guitar's neck to have the playability of a Strat or a Telecaster. The necks on those aren't painted and are so easily to play. I'll look up some videos and lessons how to do this because I can't find anyone who knows how to do this mod in my city.
So, I have a Jackson Kelly KE5FR. Love it to bits but the neck does get a bit "sticky" and I don't know any other way to put it. So, I was thinking I could try modding it by sanding it down and refinishing it.

Though I've been playing for years, I'm entirely a noob when it comes to mods. I've never attempted to mod a guitar before, except for sanding the logo off of an Ibanez Gio about ten years ago.

Basically, I want it to have the playability of an Ibanez. Just slightly thicker.

Or is this something I should take into a tech?
Neck thru or set neck. I don't know the difference.
It's an original Floyd as far as I can tell.

I'll take some pics when I get home. Would the serial be in the trem cavity? There's no cavities for active pups so those SDs are stock.
On my phone so excuse the photo attachment. It's a Kelly. I know know that much.

Appears to be no serial number after a brief inspection.
Anyone have experience with a Canon XSI? I saw one for sale with some extras for $380. It's 7 years old. I had some spare cash lying around so I'm thinking about it.
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S&P are one one the brand names of LaSiDo, which include Seagull, Norman, Arte and Luthierie, Godin and La Patrie. They are generally well-regarded.

I had no idea. Thanks for the info. So, I can assume that it will last me a relatively long time provided I don't treat the thing like crap?
I don't know much about them other than they're from Canada and they have a few different acoustic types.

I picked up a S&P guitar at a pawn shop last week. The only thing I could tell you about it is that it's blue. If I were to take a guess at the wood, I would say the fretboard is rosewood. There are several series of guitars on their website. It still has a decent sound though. Reminiscent of my old Yamaha FG700S.

Specs according to their website:
Back & Sides : Red Wild Cherry
Top : Spruce (Select Pressure Tested Solid Top)
Fingerboard & Bridge : Rosewood
Finish : Semi Gloss Varnish Burst Finish
Tusq® nut & saddle by Graphtech
Really not liking the current season. Clara's romance was totally rushed/forced.

That Kill the Moon episode....
What's yours? Do you reach in there and grab it, try shit it out, or go to the ER?
Took my aunt and uncle's fifth wheel out camping this summer. 41Lx7Wx13H. That thing was nicer than the basement suite I'm living in atm.

Honestly don't know how people can camp in those little things you have now. Saw a Top Gear special on "caravanning" and it looked like the worst, most cramped experience ever. Camping should be relaxing.
51 kms according to Tinder.
I suck at math because I never paid attention in school. I just memorized formulas and passed with a C most years.
I didn't do it. Just said I saw it done and the person got away with it.
I've seen this done with Tums before. Got away with it because what was the person going to do, call the cops?
Iraq did it.
It was better when there were hundreds of members active at once.
Being a Pit celebrity now is like being Brett Michaels in the 90s, man. The glory days have passed. You missed them. You even missed the ****ing death rattle. Move on, bro.
He was old as **** 30 years ago. Dude lived hella long.
He's not "making millions." All of those articles about YouTube salaries are pure conjecture.
OP is the hair dresser woman. I remember because I thought she looked like Brittany Murphy. And that avatar.
Speed Metal Symphony - Cacophony
At least the Kings will win it at home. I'm tired of seeing teams win it on the road.
Sam is easily the most boring character on Game of Thrones. Can't believe Oberyn gets killed off while this guy has been alive for multiple seasons now.
I support feminazis.
Pretty indifferent. If anything, I'm annoyed at the size of it. I'd like for far off planets to be explored.
**** The Hobbit movies. Boring ass shit spread out as far as possible.
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all this guy really needed to do was go to the gym, post progress pictures, flash his money (his dad probaby made bank from the hunger games, come on) and WHAM instant poon.

this guy has all the ****ing resources. i have nowhere near as much money and I drive a corolla and still got ass. He didnt get laid cause he didnt try. he was mentally unstable though, his video is clear evidence

He didn't get laid because he was an asshole. Plain and simple.

You don't need to be buff or rich to get laid. I mean, from a purely aesthetic point of view he was a good looking dude and he drove a BMW. That alone should've been enough to even the shallowest of sluts.
I searched "Elliot Rodger" and all that came up was a bunch of TMZ stuff. Just read the story on CNN.

Appears the video has been taken down too. :/
Can't really find this on any reputable news sources.
Sounds like you swallowed the ****ing smoke instead of inhaling it.

I only smoke weed when someone offers it. I have an extremely high tolerance to stims so cigarettes do nothing for me.
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Which one am I?

Clint Howard