I hope this is the correct forum for this, and I apologize beforehand in case it isn't. For all I know, the problem could either be corrected or correct itself before anyone has a chance to reply.

Anyway, I cannot seem to view my profile at all. A blank page appears, and nothing more. According to the page info, it's completely empty, and the page source is also missing. However, the home page and forums seem to be accessible. Any ideas as to what has happened, or how to fix it?

Sorry if this has already been brought to attention :P

EDIT: The problem is fixed.
That I'm a honky tonkin' rhinestone cowboy :P
Sounds like fun, I could give it a whirl!
Mikael Åkerfeldt
Tom Englund
I've been listening to old Darkthrone a lot recently. I love their sound; it's raw, but not to a ridiculous level.

If it's welcome, I happen to love a lot of DSBM too. Sometimes I feel that the DSBM lyrics fit my mood better and the darker themes bring an entirely different atmosphere about. I find a lot of the musicians in the DSBM scene write and perform by themselves, which I admire. Though twisted, I also have a rather odd interest in the few artists which mutilate themselves in order to achieve a certain sound. Of course, one of my favorites is Austere, and I've heard that the man behind it used to record self-mutilation for vocals.
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Hank Williams is King.

That he is! Now that I think about it, Jim Reeves is also up there on my favorites. As far as Hank goes, I love his music. Hank Jr.? Not so much. But he's had his moments too, no doubt.
Are there any other honky tonk fans around? I never thought it would appeal to me, but now I frequently listen to, sing, and play it. Personally, I think it's a shame that a lot of these artists are now forgotten, and also the turn country has taken overall as a genre. I can't say that I don't like some new country artists, but it's not as true as the 50s country is.

A favorite of mine is Webb Pierce. His voice gives me chills, and each and every one of his songs are memorable (for me). His smile is contagious too, no?

Of course, one artist is a bit narrow for an entire thread, so feel free to talk about any artist in this genre. Who are your favorites? What got you into honky tonk/country?

Hopefully this is the right place to post this!

More and More - Webb Pierce
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RIP Dio!
Well since I basically slept the entire day away, I've been up all night watching torture scenes from various movies Oh, and learning Esperanto.
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Opeth - To Bid You Farewell

Definitely this. Also,

Concrete Angel - Martina McBride

Maybe not as depressing to some, but it tells a fairly sad story

And for heavier, I always found the entirety of Evergrey's album "The Inner Circle" and Thy Light's album "Suici.De.Pression" to be very depressing.
yes indeed!

Red Right Hand - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
I like to write, personally

What's your most unique hobby?
So, the Human Centipede is on demand here; I plan on watching it. I don't know if anyone else here has seen it yet, but it sounds interesting enough. You guys have convinced me also to find Martyrs and watch it It's a lot easier to find than Begotten, that's for sure.. speaking of which, anywhere I can get that film for UNDER hundreds of dollars? From what I've seen of it, the price affects me more than the movie!

Oh and I'm going to try and write out two stories I visualized today in a bit for you guys They will be short and (probably) predictable, but anything for a scare!
Downfall (Der Untergang) - 10/10

A German language film depicting the final days of Hitler in his bunker. The acting in this movie is phenomenal, to say the least! A few scenes were definitely disturbing to me, but then again, it was a disturbing piece of history.
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jokes on you guys, its still the 31st in oregon.


The hell it is! 3:12 AM April 1st here in Salem my friend

Kuzu Kuzu - Tarkan
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i wish there was some noise here, its just too silent, a storm would not be bad (:

There's some heavy wind and rain here right now, and it's 1 in the morning Thinking I might lurk, maybe get some inspiration and write some shit.
Alright, I went ahead and did that I guess I'll see what happens this time..thanks, by the way!

EDIT: Apparently I'm still missing something here
You don't!

What's wrong with liking the Nazi anthem anyway?
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black amendment:
We don't have this artist in database, also your tab's pretty short for such an unknown artist. I've not heard the song but the only thing I got in the net about this Horst Wessel song is this page:
I think you should try it under the misc unsigned bands tabs.

I'm not surprised Well, it's an anthem, so it's really the one bulk of tab repeated for so many verses. Anyone will tell you that the Nazi party used it as a co-anthem for Germany, along with the first stanza of the Deutschlandlied.

So, provided I CAN still have this tab on the site, do I need to just resubmit it under 'Misc Unsigned Bands'?
Quote by emad

black amendment:

Yeah there is!
btw you should mention band/song name with your tab attached to your post in this thread.

Alright, I read through those and reviewed my tab again. As far as I know, the band/song name should be as follows:

band/composer: Horst Wessel
song: Horst-Wessel-Lied
I would've liked to see my Horst-Wessel-Lied tab be approved, considering that there are no contribution guidelines I stepped out of. I provided song title and the composer, used the guitar tab template offered by UG, ear-transcribed the piece and formatted it as accurately as I could. I explained in the tab WHY I tabbed it; I don't support Nazism in any way. It was only a guitar tab; it won't change anything. There are plenty of anthems missing from UG in any case.

If there are any other reasons why, it would be nice to at least know so I can move on with my life :P
Wow, I've never been banned before!

My Funeral - Dark Funeral
Haven't seen you much before, so 3/10
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Norge är för 09or.

och 09or är 100% fail.

Därmed suger ditt blackmetal land.

Nei, DU er feil! Norge for alltid!

But really, I like Swedish food
Apparently I'm the only person that wants to learn a Scandinavian language Hell, half the people I know haven't even heard of those countries

"To Bid You Farewell" - Opeth
Traffic cone man:

He just wants a ride.
Wastes time waiting for Godot.
18 and Life - Skid Row

"He feels nostalgia of heaven
but everything has got it's price"


"Solitary in his empty palace
the most beautiful of the fallen angels
warping his vengance"
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Banned for banning way too many times in one post; if you want to play God, do it somewhere else!

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Had a ****ing amazing night, thank you very much. We threw a party and my babe was there with me We just chilled out in my room and shit, made out, etc. T'was an amazing night if I do say so..I got to totally go against my own religion as a Satanic priest so that was fun as well.