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^ I haven't heard of this Rushpoker thing. What is it? Like I said, it's been quite a while since I played.

I used to have a bankroll of about 150$ (started from 50$, reached >200$ max at one point), and played stakes that my BR could handle. Managing your bankroll is the cardinal rule in poker... Hence, I play relatively small stakes, keeping at least 25 buy-ins of 100 big blinds in my BR at all times: NL5 games with 0.02/0.05 blinds. I played shortstack games as well sometimes, though, on higher stakes (NL25). You?

It's hard to explain. Basically it's a new type of game Full Tilt has introduced which lets you play a lot more hands than you normally would. YouTube it if you want a better explaination. Looks pretty good to me.

Well I like to think of myself as a great player but really I'm not, haha. I usually just deposit $20 whenever I feel like it and go from there. I got it up to about $100 once and for some reason decided to cash out, and I've deposited and lost a few more times since then. It's hard to have a good bankroll management when you've only got $20 on, which is probably why I lose it a fair bit. I tend to stick to SnG's. $1 45 man and $2 heads up. It's for shit all money, but it's a bit of fun and it does give me practise for when I'm old enough to play legally at casinos, etc.

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It's official. Triplejack players are donkeys, one by one.

Yeah, they're even worse than microstakes online players, and that's saying something.
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Hey numbers, Full Tilt player right hurr. I haven't played in some time though, since I had to cash out my bankroll due to unforeseen circumstances (low on cash + mobile phone dying = )...

Where do you play? We might need to go heads up some time

I play PokerStars. Lost my last my last bankroll I had on there the other day. Don't know if I'll redeposit anytime soon though. I would love to try out Full Tilts new Rushpoker. So maybe next time I deposit I'll go there. What sort of stakes do you play?
Sick. Anyone here play any online/real money poker? There's A LOT to learn if you want to be really good at poker. Pot odds, position, implied odds. Most of this only works if you're versing player who really know what they're doing though. I love me some poker.
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All the instruments work good together imo. Very smooth/ambient feeling, like a subtle intensity. Nice build up towards the end.

Thanks man appreciate it.

Also quick ratings or comments on the songs always looks good guys if you can. Thanks for any feedback you give.
Reuploaded my newest song. Tried to fix the bass, but didn't want to take away the synth type feel it had. So I copied the first bass then messed around with the EQ on the 2nd bass and made it a lot bassier while keeping the first bass exactly the same. Probably turned out worse than it already was now, but I can't be bothered working on it anymore today. Opinions would be good.
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Which one is it? I am confident I've heard "Untitled" before, so it's likely not that one?

Yeah, it is Untitled. I sent it to you in an e-mail on the last thread and you told me to upload and post it here, thanks for the advice SteveHouse. Might go back and EQ each of the instruments I used.
New song just uploaded to my profile. Kind of DnB-esque. Needs some serious mastering job, but I don't have the programs for that. It was made on Reason and I've recently learnt some cool stuff I can use in Reason which I may go back and put on this track? Any general comments anyone can share?
"Sorry, I need some time to wake up. Can you try again in a few minutes."

Shit he's good.
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They found a dead guy near my house this morning, so take that!

You did it.
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I think the question is: Who wouldn't do her?

*Raises hand* Seriously,

Hey look it's George. Hey George .
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Assuming your the guy who emailed me, it was pretty cool. The drums and glitches were especially interesting! It wants a bit of mastering, but thats normal. It deserves to be longer too! I'm not sure how far along you are with it, if it's pretty much done or not, but it's too short as it is. 2:22 doesn't do it justice!

Yeah, that was me. I tried mastering but I can't master for shit plus I don't have a decent program to master with. Yeah, it does need to be a bit longer. It's one of my biggest flaws when writing songs, they never go as long as I'd like. Any more feedback for me? Thanks for all you've given me so far.
Did you have a listen to my song captaincrunk? Thoughts?
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Nope. I have way bigger and more serious problems than that. But I got a EHK Small Clone chorus pedal for free, and quit smoking, sooo...

How about you?

Oh yeah. Last time I was here you were talking about quitting and how hard it is/was.

Things are going quite well for me, just enjoying my awesome 7 week holiday for probably the last time ever.
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Numbers has developed a bad attitude in the past few months since I last talked to him.

I just got a chorus pedal for free!

You do remember me! I knew it!

How are things going Cornelieus? Still got that brothers girlfriend issue going?
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Well I'm not much of a genre expert, especially not in electronic music. I don't know if it's a 100% DnB. Kind of like Pendulum and sort of like Aphex Twin. I'll send it through once I get it mastered. Let me know if you think it's shit. I need some constructive criticism.
Howdy ya'll. Remember me?
Sampler sounds sick. Dissapointed that I didn't get in here soon. I made a drum n' bass song the other day which I'm pretty proud of. Might send it in for the next album. Keep up the good work guys.
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Radiohead, yeah. Don't like them. In fact, I hate them. With a burning passion.

At first, friends and family alike spoke about Radiohead being amazing and how it was the best band ever.


So I borrowed all the albums, listened straight through several times each, and I still never got it. Eventually, my opinion was indifference.

At this point, however, I've come to the epiphany that the band is so horribly bad, that the fact that they are more famous than garage bands consisting of 13-year-olds who play punk music and sing about girls simply perplexes me.

So you hate a band with a burning passion just because you didn't like their music... Makes sense.
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to both of you.

What the...?
I'd love to go. No idea if I will though.
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And I dunno about a meet up, if it were to happen it'd be a whole Australia thing Do you live in SA?

Minus me. Biatches.
Does anyone know if there is a purple mother energy drink? Also what flavours are there? Cheers.
What does that even say James?
Didn't think my song would make it. Any particular reasons why so I can improve? Will listen to the album though.
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^Obviously it's the Qc on the turn.

I've never had a royal IRL or online - but I've countless standard straight flushes. I'm a ***** when it comes to connectors and one-gappers in late position, so I'm always isolating with them. Although it really isn't +EV at anything below $25NL because of the sheer number of ATC donks who will call you down with J high after you pot every street.

1112223334654545464 - if you play for $ on Stars, we could swap user names and play a couple of orbits or an sng together if you want?

Yeah dude. I'm just about to head off to play a real one. So post on here more and yeah.
I'm sorry Steve. I apologise. Can we have make up sex and/or pancakes?
You think you can just come in here and take over the place!? Well you can't. I've had enough Steve, I really have. I think it's time you left.
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Good morning, y'all.

Shut up.
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True that

Well, a guy I used to play with always folded without putting anything in the pot unless he had a really good hand (didn't even bluff). So we had to resort to blinds to get him and his vagina to actually play.

Good luck too, real money? I know you've played with real a few times.

Yeah real money. It was only $3 to buy in. But because there's 45 people first place pays $42. Which I think is pretty decent. I just lost that tournament. Starting getting low on chips and started making big calls with crap. All in with king/10 suited and lost to queen/king suited. Oh well. I'm going to be playing an actual tournament later. Need to get warmed up.

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I used to play it work all the time back in the day. I once had 10 jack of spades, my friend hit the straight, but I hit the royal flush on the river. It was amazing, shame there was no money on it. [*PICTURE*]

Is that two queen of spades there?

If not nice hand. I've never seen a royal flush in real life. Only once on the internet which I hit with pocket 10's.
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Poker ftw. Nothing like getting a few guys round for a few beers and poker. We always use blinds, shortens the game and makes it less safe for the insta-folders.

If you're playing No Limit Hold 'Em it would be extremely useless to play without blinds. I'm about to start another tournament now. Wish me luck all.
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PLO is the devil.

I play regularly on Stars. Usually $0.05/$0.10 nlhe and $5.50 STTs.

I don't think I've ever played that. Though I have played FLHE and PLHE. Both were not too bad. NLHE is definitley where it's at though. I came 4th out of 45 people earlier. Go me.
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I love poker; was a hold em player exclusively until i started playing Horse a couple of days ago... everyone needs to learn how to play razz :P

I have too many bad beats to count, we play for about 8 hours every friday night.

Hope this thread goes far!

I know how to play Razz. It's hard to get into a poker game which isn't well known though. So I just stick to NLHE like a lot of other poker players. Omaha can be not bad to play. Not really my speciality though.
I've currently got a bit of cash on PokerStars. Though I prefer FullTilt poker. Even though PokerStars has better tournaments.