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1. Go to
2. Find some stories about Balloon Boy.
3. Steal their taglines.

I'll consider this.
I also enjoy Wesseem's quite a bit.
I'm writing an article about the balloon boy hoax for my school's newspaper and I need a bitching title.

I can't do anything about falcon punches or reference The Boy in the Bubble because they're apparently too "obscure".

Any help would be appreciated.
This forum doesn't deliver often enough.
It doesn't help that the Guitar Center logo looks like a frumpy penis, either.
I never have enough money to step into Guitar Center, but I've noticed the banner ads that have been at the top of my screen for some while.

Am I the only one finding them as epic as the one with the "I came." guy?
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yeah i agree wit most of you guys. i dont really follow the religion, because i beleive religion is a cage. but i beleive in inner peace. and SOUL MONGER. grow up

My plans have been thwarted, guys, no matter how much positive reinforcement you give me.

Hail Satan!
... And you are our leader. Congratulations.
ITT: new bases are covered.
They're not action figures; they're DOLLS! How many times do I have to tell you, sis?
Hearts. I am one badass mother****er.
It's not quite on the same scale as when TechTV became G4, sorry.
My pre-cal teacher types up her powerpoints in her accent. English is her third language, after Spanish and Russian.

"Satan points", "cow-koo-luss", "grapps paper", "work****s", "thingies/squigglies/super totally cool!".
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I'll never be able to open my eyes again, why did you make this thread and why did I open it????

Please, stop failing.
Why not?
Das schlect. SEHR SCHLECT.
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Another way to look at (4x + 1)^2 = 20 is (4x + 1)(4x + 1) = 20
So from there, solve for x:

(4x + 1)(4x + 1) = 20
16x + 4x + 4x + 1 = 20
24x + 1 = 20
24x = 19
x = 19/24

...I's been a while....

16x^2, broski.
Hey, metaldud, maybe you just haven't been making enough Pokemon references lately.
Don't go; 'Ulster' sounds too much like 'ulcer'.
Cheese sticks.
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Sure, but if you dont really want to, just slip in a little "Hey Jesus!" on your deathbed, i'll pull some strings. Keep on living your hedonistic lifestyle =]

I guess I'm a Buddhist now! Woohoo!

... Wait.
You has to not **** guy.
Quote by Jesus.
There is no subscription fee for prayer my son.

No really, do something more useful than pray, like Diablo II.

Can I accept you as my Lord and Saviour?
Kingdom of Loathing. Stupid, silly waste of time.
Am I the only one who bawled the first time my monster died in Monster Rancher? That **** was traumatic as an eight-year-old to watch your Golem have a heart attack.
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is it laced with cyanide or does it come with a shotgun in the bag?

I guess it would be like a free-toy-with-your-cereal-type dealie.
Does The Pit buy this for their dog(s)? I know that it's pretty old hat, but it's just that I can't go to any Kroger without feeling upset when I see this:

My dad's a Southerner, so it was recommended viewing that I see Old Yeller, along with every John Wayne movie EVER, at least once. The film really struck a chord with me as a youth, mainly because The Fox and the Hound and Bambi didn't traumatize me enough.

This article pretty much sums up the rest of my feelings.

Could you peaceably buy this for your dog and feed it to him/her?
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Anyone else realize that the "Condom depot" sponsor is always on the fighters ass? Doesn't that send a ... wrong message?

My buddy and I have a running joke that if either of us ever get sponsored by Condom Depot, we'll see if we can get it emblazoned in glittery, neon letters across our asses.

We're both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu guys, so it kind of adds to the awkwardness.
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The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. All listed on the poll cannot elicit even a lol from me, and yet Flapjack is fresh, original and doesn't try too hard.

Yus, so much so.
I wear Dravens, which is a very vague statement.
2 Stupid Dogs, assholes.
You can:

A.) Explain to them that work is only going to get more and more paperless
B.) Rat out to your mom that your dad keeps all of his porn on there and that this is the only reason he wants to keep it at home
C.) Do a ba--

Faptops are important things to have.
Just punch him in the face and say "Welcome to high school, bitch!" instead.
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So the other day I was thikin what if a lepper fingered a chick and his finger came off while inside her Snatch.... would it just sit in there or would it effect her hormonal system

I am that leper.
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Odd that you didn't include spaghettios.

I love chef boyarde. Just bought 5 cans today.

Uh, oh! Spaghetti-O's!
Worship the Wu, our one true Savior.