Kick ass composition! Great guitar lead and growly vocals. Overall, it sounds a little too scooped for my taste. Let them highs fly!
Thanks for crit!

"Found today" - It has a throwback sound for sure! Good composition and overall sound. It reminds me of the cure or depeche mode. I love the bass tone.

"Does that mean I should" - The guitar has a little too much bass for my taste. The vocals have a kick ass tone.
Quote by mp8andrade
Your guitar tone is too harsh. Try removing some of the high end, maybe remove some of the treble in your amp.
You could make your snare a little brighter. Cymbals are a little bit too loud for my taste.

Composition-wise it's really nice. The synths fit in perfectly. Guitar and drums are rather simple but very well executed and composed.
I think this song really needs some vocals, due to it being very simple and repetitive.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the crit. I'm still working on mastering. I don't have a drummer, so I'm putting samples together in a sequencer, I can't EQ drums for shit.

There's no synth in the track, it's all guitar.

Titled "wishful" - could not think of a title.

Critique the composition or overall production value.

If anyone would like to record a song over it, that would be great.

Hell, a kick ass solo would be nice too!

Let me know and I can email it to you.
Good melody bro. Mega chill
Thanks for Crit.

Track has a brit rock (Arctic Monkeys) style.

Drums seem a little weak in the mix and I think you may be missing a nice thick bass line!
Good composition overall.

The track is tight.
A song written, recorded, played by myself. "Fall Down"

Inspired by the passing of time and the realization that life is short - so ****ing listen to it and leave a comment or rate.

Will c4c

Any questions, just ask.
Kick ass, man!! Some mean vocals are needed. I can't really find anything wrong with this.
Wish we could jam! Check out my alt rock track "Walk Away". It sounds pussy compared to this though.
You're shredding the guitar on Pitbull! You have a very versatile sound with the guitar. Your track is very different from the rest (genre wise), very trance-ish. You're got a new wave sound and very experimental. Cool shit. Thanks for Crit
Guys, can I get some feedback on a track I've recorded?

Composition and Mixing please critique. Be honest.

It's titled "Walk Away"
Sounds metal to me. You need a bass though, sounds a little thin. Bump the low end up for the kick as well. Maybe run a compressor on the kick.
Very cool composition. I like it. What program did you use to record with? If you're in FL studio I can help you out with the drums and EQ of the guitar
I like your composition, but it sounds really thin. Your drums are really weak and sounds like there's no bass. You're in the right direction, keep it up.
I like your tracks man, great moody melodies.
Great quality recordings.
Your voice fits the music perfectly. Very 90's sounding.
Mind sharing your equipment? Check my profile and critique!
Add some airy vocals, a beefy bass and groove drums and you've got a deftones sounding track!
I like the track overall with the exception of the chorus/clean vocals. They sound very thin. Try double tracking the vocal track or putting on a slap back delay.
Sounds like Metalocalypse. Great gravely voice! It fits the track well.
I thought it was pretty good merks. I like the sound and melody you played. Would be an awesome solo for a really mellow song.
Check my profile for the tracks entitled "discipline" and "failure".

I just need some feedback on things the tracks overall. They're both still WIP
Drums and Rhythm are fairly muddy, maybe open them up with EQ and compression. Vocal and leads are great.
Me too! Great...
I like the tracks! Great sound you have going. Your voice fits so well with all of your tracks.
What VOX are you using?
Great melody! Composed well.

But, overall the track sounds very digital and thin.
Musically, it's cool. Nice eerie sound. Great alt rock.

The bad: IMO
The singing is holding back the track. The verse isn't all that great on his part.
You're so white...
Hey guys! Uploaded 30 new tracks to my page. Some are my own original electro/rock recordings and the rest are some rap/hip hop beats.

Take a listen...let me know what you think...If you do anything with any of the tracks let me know...I'd love to hear the outcomes.

You're very talented, man. This is especially soothing in a dark/emotional way.

Can you please let me in on all of your gear...what are you using for recording and what effects units are you using?
Very cool and soothing. Any possibility of you making a song w/ guitar and drums with this piece?

check out my song A perfect Saint on my profile
The only effect I used during the solo was distortion...?
This is mega chill man. Love the intro tone and overall groove.

check my song out - Perfect Saint
Very spacey. Would sound good with a nice mellow distorted lead.

check mine out - Perfect Saint
This is pretty cool man. I like it very much. What did you use for all of your background noises and synths??
Give my song a listen. C4C yea?

On my profile. Called "Perfect Saint".

Recorded in aucacity through Digitech RP-150
Drums and synths arranged using FL Studio 9
Beautiful tone man.

I think adding some reverb to the vocals would make it excellent.

check my stuff out.
Awesome. I agree with hmarq, very Maidenish. I like it..mind telling about all your gear. (guitar, pedal, recording equip, program used to record.)
Killin the track man! Reminds me somewhat of (hed) p.e.
Nice track. Riff sounds good, the solo is very primus.
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Anyone know where I could find a diagram of notes that harmonize well together so I can actually see what is going on? I find visual aid usually helps

Do a search on google for guitar scales guide...