i got you a girl!
lights out- letter kills
i heart nine inch nails.
bad boy- the addicts
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Where is my mind? - A tribute to the pixies

where did you get it? i'm a big pixies fan

i'm listening to cocksparrer and the devotchkas
this is the internet... 90 % of people are robots or spoilsports

its real hard to be sarcastic over the interweb.
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Tickets for Rancid were $20 for me.

AlkalineCherry, is the place you're talking about, like, a stadium or something?

I think the place they're playing at here is a large venue, but not excessively large..

for 2 greenday tickets...i think it was about 60$ we had nosebleed seats though

its like a stadium kinda deal. its used as hockey rink in the winter.
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Taking her to see Rancid is like taking her to see the Spice Girls. She's safe; don't worry.

i lol'd

and sargasm, you're thinking of the right place. most big artists play there, so i'm kinda stumped as to why rancid is playing there...
i quite like them, but i wouldnt call them punk.
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Is it the Calgary show? It's a standing only venue but it's pretty huge. Plenty of room for 11 year olds to chill out unharmed.

And hey, you'll get to see DOA and WNH, which is pretty cool.

Even Rancid can be pretty fun to see... I was actually considering going but I'm seeing DOA in Okatoks next week and WNH are here all the time. I've also seen Rancid before and once was really enough.

its probably the edmonton one, just because my boyfriend want to go with us. i've been to the venue they're playing (Turns out its the shaw confrence center, i went to green day there)
the show in okatokes sounds pretty rad, but i dont go south often.
i taught my hamster to dance and touch his toes.
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i second pearl jam, and i add manic street preachers to the list!
i wouldnt go to gg alin, but i'd rather see him then the pistols.

i'll look up some live clips on you tube, i dont think we'd be in the pit (I think they're playing at reds in edmonton, so we'd be up top? i'm unsure).

my dad took me to my first concert though, so i was really well guarded. is there anything i should have her looking out for or be warning her about?
i dont like quiznos because thwy're pretty expensive, and you dont get to pick what goes on it, but i like the veggie sub, on the herb bread
to take sister to see rancid? she's never been to a concert before, and she likes them alot (she's 11), i'm just not sure what it'll be like because i've never seen them live either.
i got her a ticket to warped tour for her birthday, and me and my boyfriend are gonna keep an eye on her there, and i've been to warped tour before so that doesnt seem like an awful idea, i'm just unsure of going to rancid.
screaming at the wall- minor threat
i might be taking my sister to rancid next month as well.
^ i dont blame you

my mum and i got attacked by a blue healer/pit bull cross once, it took a chunk out of her leg and it got me on the ass (I was a small kid, so it was entire ass). i'm a bit apprehensive about strange dogs still, but i dont think theres any right to ban breeds or anything.
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^ I've only hear like 5 or 6 of her songs, it sounds like pop rock at best. It's good, though...


although i'm on a bit of a high horse over this, i grew up with her music, my dad loves her. her stuff is lighter, but she has twice the energy of the average male band live.
sweeeeeet (AFI singles)

it was strawberry shortcake.

she's not pop. she may have gotten through on the canadian charts, but at the very least, she's a rock singer. have you seen her live? have you listened to her old stuff?
pussy whipped, definitly
i've never had morning star, i cant find it
schnieders has really authentic 'beef' crumbles, and chik'n stuff, but its not vegan, just veggie
never had tofurkey either, but i'd be willing to try it.
the distillers
the devotchkas
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betty blowtorch
(some) crass
Nina hagen
no doubt
devil doll
the creepshow
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babes in toyland
yeah yeah yeahs
veruca salt
joan jett and the blackhearts
the runaways
hole (old stuff, before kurt was dead)
(some) pixies
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^I agree with AlkalineCherry.
I think that the food chain justification is flawed in the fact that we have evolved beyond the food chain. When a fox kills a rabbit to eat, it doesn't comprehend the fact that the rabbit may have young who depend on it; humans do comprehend this fact readily. Therefore, I just see eating meat as somewhat cruel, though I have no desire to impose my lifestyle on someone else.
I just feel like we've come to the point where we don't need to slaughter animals anymore to exist comfortably, so I don't see why we should. I personally think that if you find the right brands of fake meat, it's a lot better than real meat.


i like you. people who agree with me are awsome

i really dislike fake meat though. if i dont want the real thing, why would i want a fake version of it?
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I am opposed to taking of animal's lives for eating, games, or 'science'. I do however have more respect for hunters who use the entire animal body, if any actually do, then just cutting a little stack of meat and keeping the skin.

thats exactly how i think of it. if you're hunting out of need, and you use all of what you catch, then i wont have as much of an issue with it. people who hunt for sport, or do catch and release fishing are the ones i have problems with.

i find the entire act of relying on animals for food, cloths, science, sport, ect.. is really primative, which is a big part of why i eat vegan. i do have a few leather items, but they were all gifts, and second/third/fourth hand. i've never bought or owned new leather
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Alkaline Cherry: I know that skateboard. You're on PRD!

sweet! i am!
i just traded the skate board for a tank girl shirt and some osser stuff!
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he may not be a punk, but he certainly deserves a card.

hunter- screeching weasel
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why do they say "Gloves" on the bottom of them. Are people really that dumb that they won't know what to do with them?

that is a testament to how highly the misfits think of their fans.