Hey Friends Fb Chat Made Me Come Back
lots of sleep and a powerade
"If what they say is 'nothing lasts forever' what makes love the exception?"

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check out golden kamuy if you haven't already. Has a cute Ainu loli.
so like, historical manga is the fucking shit.

that is all
I watched a fair bit of urusei yatsura but I got bored :/
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wasn't frank ocean supposed to be releasing more music

was supposed to be may last year. dunno what happened to that.
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All of australia is the same to me.

sydney and perth is like the distance between florida and california.
tropical fruit salad with a green tea sugar syrup. yum
I don't really have any strange habits with eating, but I did catch a mate once dipping one of his fries in some raw garlic paste.
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all hip hop is rap

whats this then?
cats are lame

mashed potatoes are lame
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I think after 5 years I'm going to finally finish K-On s2

watch the movie too
the best colour
they met at a night club. Dad was friends with her cousin, cousin brought mum along with him to said nightclub.
I'll bet all my savings this is in Perth.
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how in hell do you uncultured swine not know what pate is


Really though, what the fuck guys?

best intro and outro. The climax is fucking great too.
No. I rarely develop cruches for people, let alone full blown love. Relationships are a fucking hassle anyway.
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For example, I grew up with cultural people at one point who use this vegetable plant called "taro" and sometimes green bananas when boiled is pretty good substitute for rice.

You knew some Samoans? that's cool.
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I know all the chords

All of them? every single one?
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I mean I would agree with you but youre wrong

voodoo has much better instrumentation and composition. Sure, lauryns vocals are better but the songs on voodoo are just so well crafted.
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No its not

uh, yeah it is
smoking cigarettes. that'll take decades to kill me.
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Regardless of taste, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is objectively the best album ever made.

D'angelo's 'Voodoo' is better
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ITT, yes

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If you like watching a scientist that's so out of touch socially it's like he has aspergers play with his microwave sure.

haha best description of it
I like the fact they start late. I finish work late so I can still manage to see bands play if I happen to be working that day.

Oldish photo. hair hasn't really changed at all since then
^^ best thing you've ever done, tbh
true. I take that back. <3 momie
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Idk I just realized one day that everyone in here are assholes in a not fun way thats why I post in the film thread now instead

but it's not just you. we're all cunts