Odd that with no contact between you and her, you would know something that she's doing in the privacy of her own home...
I dabble. I have no idea how to do anything other than write a straight up post. I have no idea of the abbreviations, codes, or nothin'. I signed up for it a long time ago, but just recently started to try and use it with any sort of regularity.
Yeah, how would limiting yourself help at all? So what if you have something bleeding in from a different genre? If something works, it works, regardless of genre.
I tried searching and got no results:
I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether on an archtop guitar the FR should be parallel with the body of the guitar or with the pickups? Thanks for any advice.
Labyrinth, hands down.
I'd argue the brain is more important than the heart.
Take it from someone who blacklisted people before and then got blacklisted himself, when they check off the "do not rehire" box (which is the blacklisting) the company will not look at your application again. I was in charge of Operations in the Boston store, so take my word however you will.
Are you talking about the part that's intercut with the PTA meeting about the book? Because I just watched through that part until after the video when she brings over the blackboard and didn't see anything.
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although Ginger Baker (I know hes a drummer) isn't looking that well.

Did he ever?
A fresh sense of style and strong independent streak!
Danger: Wildman by The Devil Wears Prada
I'm tempted to state the obvious, but feel it's a trick... Are we sure it's not a Fender Jaguar? The headstock would be very valuable in identification...
It's Daylight Saving, not savings.
It's because they're trying to be "individuals" and they feel doing that makes them different from everyone else, even though they're modeling all their behaviour after someone else that they've seen, or known, or read about.
To become an NFL place kicker. Training starts next month.
In The Garden of Eden by I. Ron Butterfly
You're aware carrying a large knife out in the open is illegal? Also, it will cause you to not get any rides. Other than that, it seems as though you're carrying too much and there's almost no chance of this working. But Good luck!
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Press the shuffle button...

How would that help? Such a dumb idea....
Have you tried BlogTV?
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I'm pretty sure psychologists and therapists would charge a helluvan amount of money just to end up saying this.

If you think you need help, as the first line of your post suggests, you'd be paying for peace of mind. Not having something eat away at you is worth a few shekels. Especially if you're really hearing voices and having hallucinations.
Crazy people can know they're crazy. Crazy people may not believe they're crazy, but can know it. That's like saying you can't be an alcoholic because you recognize that you drink too much. It's the denial aspect that's suspect. There's probably a few people who can help explain better to you what's going on with you: psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists. Go see any one of those three. They'll help you find all the answers you need. They even have degrees. Unlike 99.9% of the UG user base.
Aside from the distortion, it was very good.
I'm trying to become a Civil war recreationist. But I have yet to succeed. WW2 recreation sounds bad ass though. Machine guns? What?
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"Last Caress" by The Misfits
I wanted to do a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie marathon, but couldn't nail down the perfect combo. Also, I got really sad when I asked other people for input on it and they all said they'd never seen a JCVD movie...
Can You Feel The Love Tonight, by Elton John
The Pixies do that for their live shows.
3rd World by Immortal Technique is an amazing album.
I hate when people over use "epic" as much as the next guy, but what you're failing to realize is that there's this thing called "slang." Words take different meanings when used as slang, and thus the dictionary definition isn't apt. Also, everyone's use of "fail" in your story is appropriate. Maybe you shouldn't fail so much and you'll stop hearing about it.

Edit: it could be a colloquialism as opposed to slang... Anyone that actually knows the difference, please feel free to state how much epic fail is in the post.... Or if you are disappoint.
If you're not ready to man up and tell them, you're not ready to man up and have a child.
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never understood why you Americans are so obsessed with this. oh and it's pronounced jam, not jelly

Actually jam, jelly, marmalade and preserves are different types of fruit spreads..
You're a member of Live? Ed Kowalczyk's the man!
You're the one that proposed it, isn't the onus on you to provide reasoning for it?
You're lucky, they at least bring it to your door. Fed-Ex routinely will deliver to any house EXCEPT mine. I have to scout my neighborhood every time I expect a fed-ex package. UPS is always solid.
That's weird that a guitar website like this didn't have that as the main news article about a day or two ago....
When that girl screams at the dresses part... Gets me every time... LOVE it!