Pink Panther
i hate Guiness. fuken sick
well all this talk in the early posts about leafs gonna suck.. look now! they beat those homo oilers and they got some good players like grabovski, hagman, kulemin that came outta nowhere. **** all the haters
it'll take at least 1 year to use this machine at its full power. and i dont see the point in doing this experiment
you must be bored
well you need to have a nice clean sounding distortion too if u plan on playing chords with it. A, C, and E sound nice
sounds like you have one horny family
It's only the first part so far.. about 1.30 of the intro.. I will eventually try to finish more of the song
might help if you post up a link or somethin.. you should check mine out too,
some tabs say to tune it down half a step but i think it sounds fine in standard tuning.. here's my version of Nothing Else Matters..
the lead guitar sounds out of place for some reason
a little bit slow at the beginning picking parts but not bad.. this is one of the first songs i ever learned and its fun as hell to play. you should do pull offs instead of hitting the string twice, it'll sound much better
in reality id be terrified out of my life so if it looked intimidation id find something to chuck at it.. worse case scenario, kick it in the alien testicles
at one point u said his voice is good.. then right after u said his voice is annoying. make up ur mind
I used to love Playstation.. but now ive jumped over to xbox, better games, better everything.. NUFF SAID
I live in Southern Canada and it gets pretty damn cold here.. I've left my guitar in pretty cold temperatures but so far nothing terrible has happened so I assume it'll take a lot of cold to do damage.. unless its absolutely shocking to the instrument
i think it definetly has somethin to do with the weather. if you keep your guitars in a cool place then the wood may warp a little bit. observe your guitar really carefully to check and see if it is warped, if this is the case then you can most likely get that fixed if its not too bad.
sweet dreams by marilyn manson .. today by smashing pumpkins
try learning a bunch of different scales. that would definetly help your playing ability
continuous headaches may be because you need glasses...
or if you always smell a strange smell it may mean brain tumor,,
or u just may have terrible migraines.
i did! and my buddy's first time he puked everywhere
you should restring your entire guitar but sometimes I just replace the string that broke cuz im lazy.. but you definetly should do the whole guitar though, and use whatever strings you were using before, if you like them stick with them
and is this "friend" actually you? haha
im not like that.. i just freestyle on my guitar instead of in my head.. I have many friends like you who talk and know alot about guitar but cant really play worth ****, I'm almost the opposite where I don't know too much about different types of guitars and models. i just play and it sounds great
its some type of G chord!
I like those guitars because its my name! WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH WOOOOOO
Okay, so I thought Serj's solo album 'Elect The Dead' was comin out tomorrow (Oct 15). Does anyone know if that's true? Cuz if it is true how come I cant find the album anywhere on the net? Usually albums leak a week in advance but I can't find this one anywhere. Did he push it back? ... and I'm also gonna buy this album too so don't bitch at me for downloadin
who cares.. theyre just tryin to scare u
I have both acoustic and electric and I haven't even touched my electric in probably a good year. I play my acoustic at least an hour everyday though, I probably do this because I really like the acoustic sound and its a lot easier to pick up and just play whereas electric u gotta get ur cord and pedals and plug it in.. so I guess basically what I'm saying is I'm lazy! lol .. but ya acoustic does strengthen your fingers like crazy
this is actually true. people can be addicted to it! even if a man is married or has a girlfriend u can still be addicted to porn, to an extent where it ruins the relationship because he would rather watch porn then have sex with his wife/gf. I took Psycology of Addiction in college and I learned about this
First solo on Metallica 'Fade To Black' is easy.. once you got it good then you can go on to the harder solo
its not bad for ur guitar
you like pepsi? i like coke.. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaha
play the finger picking part in Metallica 'To Live is To Die' .. its a great instrumental song and easy to learn on guitar. It will help you with finger picking because it definetly helped me a lot.
i just ate a burnt french fry