Dancing Jesus used to be the way but i dont think it works anymore, im not sure.
Fleet Foxes were by far the best band at Glastonbury for me. New songs too!
Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin
John Frusciante, Dan Auerbach, Jimmy Page.
Good question. I'll have to think about that one.
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There's no such thing as "easiest to use over that progression". You don't use B minor fullstop. No matter what notes you are playing, you will be playing D major.

Thats just pedantic... You use Bminor cos the root note is B and not D so sounds very different to D major.
Bm natural scale is easiest to use and will probably get best results.
C, Cmaj7, C, Csus2, Cmaj7, G, Am7/G.
'Do you feel lucky punk?' Clint Eastwood
Decent band but listen to 'Count in Fives' by The Horrors then 'My Brother, the Man' by We the People. Hmmm.
Great band my fave song by them is 'Dumb Dumb Dumb'.
Flawless to win!
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It's more like Main Offender than Hate To Say I Told You So...

My bad, thats what i meant.
Anyone notice 'Horsehoes and Handgrenades' sounds like 'Hate to say i told you so' by The Hives? Mainly the melody and the riff however its still great.
Before the Lobotomy is an instant classic! What a melody seriously.
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yeah i liked the old keys better but their new stuff is great too plus they would not have survived if they didnt evolve their would have become repetitive...the new direction was a great decision by them although i would like to see them start mixing their albums with the old and the new

Well said.
Anyone else really like Dan's solo album? Its different but still great. Its proof of Dan's hidden talent he does not show with the black keys. He is my god!
Only heard 'Two Weeks' by them but i love it. They kinda sound like a mix between the Fleet Foxes and Vampire Weekend.
Green Day = Pure power chords! e.g. brain stew, basket case, holiday, american idiot, when i come around, longview, Jesus of Surburbia (9 mins of power chords!).

Sorry this post is kinda useless if you don't like Green Day.
Will do.
I've only got Strange Days which i love so can anyone reccommend the next album i should get... possibly The Doors or The Soft Parade?
So like hour-back then. Ive been saying Or-back.
Got a random question... How do you pronounce Dan's last name?
Barney Kessel, Kenny Burrell, Joe Pass.
Thickfreakness defo! First album i got by them and is tremendous.
Psychotic girl is a masterpiece imo. I need to get Dan's album!
Is it me or is 'what goes on' by far the worst song on Rubber Soul? Anyone agree? It just seems out of place. I love every other song on the album!
My fave band at the moment!
I cant believe some people think this is a coincidence. It is the same key, tempo, melody and chord progression! Its ridiculous!
Trust me on this, going off the bands you already like i suggest Fleet Foxes and Lightspeed Champion.
Probably my favourite modern band. They are so original! I agree Is This It is their best and my fave album ever!
I'm a fan! They seem quite original.
Ive heard of this guy, the name of his album is hilarious, summat like 'i started out with nothin, and i still have most of it left'. Seems decent live.
i need a bass tab for 'Secret Kiss' by The Coral. It is pretty tough to work out, believe me ive worked out all the other instruments in the song except the bass for a project im doing at college. So i would very much appreciate anyone who has a go at it! PLEASE help, it is very important. Thanks.
Ive seen that vid so many times and 'Gypsy in my Soul' also. Just top class really.
i cant believe there is only one person on here who likes barney!
best day of my life=

date:13th november 2008
location:Sheffield Academy

Thats right! me got tickets!
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Thanks for putting this together goolz, its awesome.

Now if only i wasnt a struggling college student i could afford some of there cds.

Same here. Awesome job goolz by the way. Your effort is much appreciated!
I'm no jazz expert but i think this guy is awesome. Im surprised there isnt already a thread on him. Anyone else a fan of him?