There was a UG self record/produce contest years back (around 2009-2012 or so) they did a few of them in that era.  I was wondering if anyone could link me to those old threads, there were some really useful tips in them.  
This thread needs to be revived
Been awhile since I've been on this forum, anyway, I'm looking to get into self producing my own music (Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vocals, etc).  I was wondering what kind of equipment you guys use, and maybe if there is a video or article you could refer me to so that I can learn a little bit more about the process (i.e. mixing and all that jaunt).  Also, any other tips would be greatly appreciated.
Since when is everyone all politically correct? What happened to the times when you could tell a joke and not have someone look at you like you're the fucking anti christ? I swear society has been neutered.
Silver of the moon was by far the best
So I'm a student at University at Buffalo and me and a bunch of people from my floor went to Niagra Falls the other day to take advantage of the weather.
A good portion of Niagra Falls is just trails that take you down to the base, so a lot of people hike down there. I was drinking a little bit and I lit a cigarette and this kid said the funniest compliment I've ever heard. "Mike, your habits are so unhealthy but so cool. You're hiking while making the world's worst life decisions."
So what about you, UG?
Having a couple beers the next morning has always helped me
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As a Christian I should probably promote against this sort of stuff, but I've noticed it works:

-The cashier will often forget to scan the items you put on the bottom rack of the shopping cart, like dog food or fertilizer. If they call you out on it, tell them you forgot.

hahaha I like this one. I'll make a new page probably tomorrow. I've got tests this week so I've got to study
I don't really care for religion at all, I don't really have any faith. Honestly though, I think it's attractive when a girl has faith in whatever religion. As long as they don't push it on me, it really isn't important at all.
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oh shit, I remember that

it started to get kind of trolly at a point, but the concept was pretty tight
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I moved into an apartment a little over a month ago with roommates. They are a couple with their own room, and I am single with my own room.

Things are good for the most part, but the girl's brother has essentially moved in and is sleeping over every night. We have lived here for like 40 days and he has slept here probably 30-35 of those days. He isn't paying rent and I never agreed to live with him. I know I am on my own if problems come up because originally it would be 2 people against me, but now it is 3 people against me. The funny thing is that I was going to have a friend over to jam with headphones on in my room with the door closed, and I let my roommate know as a courtesy, and she said no because she "didn't feel like hanging out."

The main problem is that I work early in the morning and they all hang out in the living room talking and laughing until 4am, but ask me to be quiet when I get ready for work in the morning while they are sleeping.

How should I confront these people?

Just remember the one to get angry first always loses.
Be courteous, honestly, make a list of the things they do that bother you (try not to include things that the average person wouldn't be bothered by, I've learned from dorming that even your best friend can get on your nerves). Then just talk to them politely. Assuming you respect their bullshit demands, this shouldn't be a problem unless they're scumbags.
As for the brother moving in, they'll probably get sick of him eventually if he isn't paying them at least. And if he is, I'm pretty sure that's illegal, talk to the landlord.
So I guess the original thread died out in 2013, but I thought it would be cool to start a new one. This thread is about the small tricks that can improve day to day living.

Original page: click

If this catches on, I'll make a new one because I can't access the original. So let's hear your small tricks, UG.
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It's been pretty good. How has the street been?

haha I'm trying to see if I can change this username. I was like 13 when I made it
Haven't been here in years, it seems less popular than it was back in the day. How you been UG?
Hey, sorry it's been a minute since I've used the forums. I was wondering if there was a way to change my username? I made this account when I was younger
We're a group of aspiring musicians and would appreciate if you would check us out. We sound like Hendrix, Nirvana, and other classic groups

our facebook page is right here:

and here is some of our musics:
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Hey guys, if you are interested in blues/old school music, you should check us out. We are a little bit like Hendrix, the Black Keys, Nirvana, etc.

Here are some of our songs

And if you like our music, please like us on facebook

Jamais Vu
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Yeah, I made this account when I was younger and I think the name is stupid. Is there a way I could change it?
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Please define "not too expensive," that statement is extremely vague.

Something that I'm not gonna pay more than what it's worth, a steal, whatever you call it these days
what's the url?
Hey, I'm looking for some cheap recording equipment that works decently. Can anyone give me some advice on something that's relatively cheap and with decent sound quality, I'm not looking for anything too expensive or anything professional, just something for my own use (putting songs together with multiple tracks/instruments/etc.)
happy birthday
He didn't understand that gravity won't get you high
Don't be alarmed about this, the world is going to end next year anyway.
Umm, I've had a jam session at a friends house where we just chilled inside all day and played from like 12 P.M. to 10 P.M. but it wasn't like 100% focus, we bullshitted a lot and stuff like that. The longest I've ever practiced by myself was probably 2-3 hours at most.
80s metal is god awful. 80s metal killed itself, whether or not Grunge existed it would've happened
I shave all cats that come by me
I wrote a few songs and I have all the instruments worked out (Guitar, Bass, Drums) and I have a problem thinking of the vocal rhythm for the songs I write. What are some tips that will help me fix this problem?
I really hope another war doesn't start, it's so pointless
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So really, tell us, is this directed at the adults on here or the whole of the pit? Make up your mind.

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Me and my friends are making a list of things to do over the summer, any pitgoers have any suggestions?