ah that's great, can't wait to get over to mainland europe
we just put our new EP up for free download on our site -

hope you guys enjoy
always nice to have a good reverb pedal!
I don't really use any driven tones. I play in a band influenced by both post rock and electronic music.

The AC30 sounds perfect if it's just a bigger, better AC4!
best to be safe and get the amp checked out!
I use a Danelectro Pro, usually with alot of reverb.
Looks like it's between the Blues Jr and AC15/30... Would be happy to go used.
I'm a huge fan of the clean tones from Vox, just feel like I have to push the AC4 too much in a live situation. Which Fender's are worth a try given my price range?
Hi everyone,

I've been touring and gigging extensively with a Vox AC4. It's surprisingly done the job this far but I'm looking for something with slightly more headroom, and also a little more depth tonewise. I'm after quite a bright, 'sparkly' tone. I've been strongly thinking about a Vox AC15 or AC30 but was wondering if you had any other suggestions! I would be looking to spend £500 or less

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Couldn't find a Have Heart thread, so figured I may as well ask here. What would be the best Have Heart album to get first?
While I'm here, could anyone recomend bands similar to Break Even/Miles Away (esp. Endless Roads). Like melodic hardcore, with good clean guitars and stuff.
this band are incredible.
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Your band is SICK! You guys have to be one of my favorites in this entire thread.

thanks man, working on new songs now!
saw these guys with shellac and om a year or so back, was great!
London, UK

Recently self released debut EP (4/5 - Punktastic -
For fans of Modern Life is War, Defeater, Verse.

be nice to know what you guys think!
been thinking about purchasing a small valve combo for a while. looked at all the obvious (epiphone valve junior, fender champion, laney cub, vox ac4).

seeking quite a warm clean tone, and wondering how much of a problem the clean headroom is on these amps? once miced up i assume this won't pose an issue.

any ideas/recommendations welcome!

thanks alot
looking to buy a volume pedal. funds are limited so tempted by the cheaper ones on ebay (Soundking SK12, Daphon Volume Pedal, etc). seem worth a go at £10-20!

anyone have any recommendations or experience with these cheap pedals?
E.P now up on itunes!
I recently purchased a Vox AC50CPH second hand, and after using for 5-10 minutes the green standby light went out and I could hear nothing. There was no noticable pop or noise. The red power light continues to stay light and the valves glow as usual, even after turning the amp on and off a few times.

I checked the fuse in the back and it had indeed blown.

I am absolutely clueless with regards to fuses. The amp states that it requires a T500mAL / 250v fuse. The blown fuse from the back of the amp says F500L on it.

Are these fuses different? And could it be as simple as replacing this fuse? Or could there be a more gruesome problem?

Many thanks!
thanks alot! the EP should be up on itunes within the next week or two.

just finished our first EP, hoping you guys could give it a listen!
split with lewd acts is grand.
I'm also looking about for cabs at the moment. Just bought a Vox AC50CPH head and was wondering which 4x12's would nicely complete the setup?
new songs see them joining the growing ranks of pathetic uk 'hardcore' bands.
Yeah I'd been hearing some dodgy things about the Boss. What are the advantages of the MXR Supercomp over the Dynacomp?
Just intonation is a fascinating thing.
La Monte Young's 'Well Tuned Piano' is a great example.
I'm currently looking to purchase a compressor pedal.

At the moment it's between the MXR Dynacomp, Electro Harmonix Soul Preacher and Boss CS-3.

I was wondering which of these you guys recommended? Or if a better alternative can be suggested? I'm not looking to spend much more than £60-70.

jesus christ that uk tour is going to be silly!
both bands are immense.
Trombone solo in Mahler Symphony No. 3.
The 'Dollhouse' area in the first 'Shadow Hearts'.
prefer graf orlock, but great band.
Modern Life Is War - My Love, My Way.
Radiohead - Kid A.
Opeth - Still Life.
Steve Reich - Music For Eighteen Musicians.
Burial - Untrue.
jane doe, wake the dead and witness.

seriously messed up.
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La Dispute - Such Small Hands

final track on the album makes up for it though!
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Not even close to the type of music I normally listen to, but there's enormous talent there that I can't deny.

RX Bandits - ...And the Battle Begun

6.5 - not what i'd normally listen to, but fairly interesting with nice energy.

Mount Kimbie - Maybes.


a cd is basically just a receipt/drinks mat once it's on your computer anyway.
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Cant be arsed to be listing shit, but just dubstep mate.

regained some faith in this forum. saw the title and thought of mud straight away.

a couple more:
pangaea - memories
untold - stop what you're doing