i have a hofner colorama and i want to swap the P-90 in the bridge for a P-90 sized humbucker. i know dimarzio makes some but does anyone have any smaller builders they could recommend? i'm looking to spend around $100 or less. thank you!
just saw them last week. awesome show.
spraynard kruger
wow this is actually worse than i assumed it was.
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it never fully gelled with me, unfortunately. i'm thinking about going back to it though because it seems like it would make sense now.

the more of it you see, the more it makes sense.
i thought doomstarks was official now?
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Adult Swim shows are so hit or miss. really, there are probably only four that i can get fully behind. Frisky Dingo, Sealab 2021, Home Movies, and Space Ghost.

umm hello it's all about tim & eric.

looks like a double cut fernandes ravelle.
are they lame? i just really wanna run two rats full bore on top of each other. end the earth and all that.
i want one of those gnarly dual rats.
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Joe's obviously kidding

this guy. givin away my secrets...
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So I am saving up a couple of bucks to buy a Laney Pro Tube AOR for demo Sludge/Stoner tones.

Out of curiosity, if I felt like it, I could get some raunchy Black Metal tones out of it with a good boost or something, right? I heard a demo where this guy got pretty good Death Metal tones out of it, was curious if I could get some good brutal tones out of it when I feel like it.

Also, what is a good cab on the cheap for a Sludgey sound?

do it. best decision i ever made. as for bm, i'm sure any tubescreamer-esque device could get you there. or just get an HM-2.
i've been checking in every so often. nut i think i'll be around again for awhile. i need to get into the new good metal.
yea idk i wouldn't really call it sludge anyways. i can't really place where my liking for them comes from. i think it's the darker electronic elements included.
i'm curious for the the spawn of possession album, looking forward to gris, pallbearer, mutilation rites, etc.
so i've been coming back to this band for the past few days now. any other fans?

if this is deemed to be in the wrong section, my apologies.
that all sounds reasonable to me.
i see this place is the same as ever. sup guys?
i've been kinda internetless for awhile. been just hopping on my friend's comp every now and then but i'm gonna try and get back into it. and thanks wildchild, sir. means a lot.
there's a 7/8 hip hop beat, taughtime, in my sig for those interested. believe it or not the sample is from the same song sampled for rick ross' maybach music 2. thanks y'all.
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Does anyone else feel that deathcore is stagnating, or am I just disconnected these days?

I kinda hope it's stagnating >_>

i agree with being disconnected. i haven't listened to deathcore in a good while besides some WFAHM which toes the line imo.
i'm not digging it at all. the beats suck. like really bad. at least i got the cool and F&L. all black everything and i'm beamin are pretty much the only good tracks.
did lasers leak yet or just the songs that have been released so far?
damn y'all are talkin about hip hop in here? sweet shit.
thread produced many laughs. thank you, TS.
yea i use a combination of reason and recycle. recycle is really the key though, because without it it makes sampling in reason pretty difficult. i want get a rewire into protools setup going in the future though. i have a friend who uses ableton. i'd like to see how that works because he gets really good results.
anyone listened to this stuff before? very glitchy productions. pretty cool.
man this place is awful. Why can't all this stuff go in modern rock?
to what end, appalachian terror unit, contravene
did someone say hooker spit windex?
this thread is too much
idk if anyone is as stoked as i am about this, but Isis' Oceanic has been repressed on vinyl.
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Thanks man

Did anyone else check it out?

i dug it. nice work so far.