hi guys :]
im looking for a good low watt valve amp for some room playing.
i want a good clean and a really good distortion(i mainly play metallica some punk rhcp ext)
sorry for my bad english i hope its ok to post a thread like this,i didnt find a main thread for amp lookers.
the budget is 800$.
thanks guys :]
so im looking for a new amp (tube)
im a room player and im really into rock/hard rock/metal.
and i saw those 2 amps:
Peavey Classic 30
Orange Tiny terror

any idea whats better for those styles?
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A 6505 for a bedroom use only is complete overkill. Are you sure you want 60 watts? Will you ever be able to crank it up without starting a jihad?

that what i said a few posts ago its too loud...
im looking for a little tube amp!not expensive and will sound really cool with a really heavy distortion pedal...
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you could try it

i cant try it...
theres no shop with it (in store)
but im traveling to NY this fall try it in guitar center...

any other amp ideas?
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you could try used,
ive got a head and cab, and i use it pretty loud in my room, as the neighbours are great and they dont mind

theres 6505 for sale :\
ammm the 6505 is really too expensive(6000 NIS its like 2000$ dollars)and too loud for my room...
i cant really tell you my price range because the price ranges here(in israel)are really diffrent from the prices in the US or in Europe...
so im looking for a new amp :\
im really a big fan of tube amps and a big fan of high gain riffs...and im a room player...
and im broked

so iv seen some nice little tube amps but i dont really know which of them will really get me a nice little clean tone...and when im gonna put a distortion pedal infront il have a really heavy sound!

so i can get a:
blackheart little giant
or a
fender hot rod junior
or any good suggestions of your side 9this price range)

sorry for my bad english...
fix me and il fix this post
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Explorer Body Shape with a Flying V Headstock in Alpine White
Black binding all around the perimeter.
28 1/2 inch scale neck-through with an ebony fretboard, 24 frets, and block inlays
Blacked out hardware, sperzel tuners, and a flyd rose
Duncan Dimebucker in the Bridge, a hot rails in the middle, and a JB in the neck position.
Master volume, master tone, and a 5-way blade selector.

Edit: Something Like that. sorry for the bad quality, had to take it on my phone.

give me this site
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hope il get this amp by the end of the year
10X guys really help me
ok 10Q all...
i think im going to get The Peavey with a pedal
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hmm is the value of vox amps over there?

lets say the Peavey classic 30 is 600$ cheaper then the VOX AC30CC1
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where is your location?

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engl screamer combo

ENGL is too expensive here :\
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For metal, a low wattage monster would be the Krank Rev Jr.

Sounds great and it won't break the bank.

the big problem is...
kranks not getting to my country :\
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How much money are you spending?

last then 1500$...
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You'll DEFINATELY need a boost.

It's more if a blues/classic rock kind of thing.

Mind you, I've busted out Maiden on them before successfully at a talent show.

can you recomand me of a nice little high gain tube amp ?
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You could use it in your room. It has a post volume control.

is it any good for high gain?
or il need a OD pedal to boost it?
so im a room player...hoping to get gigs in the future...
and im wondering if the peavey classic 30 can be played in a room(if its sounds good on low volume in other words)

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Yes. I use a Super Comp for a little more gain, and it sounds great. It also takes my Fuzz really well. And if you lean more towards distortion pedals, it still sounds great with them.

It can get this tone with about 3/4 volume (no pedals, 3 watt mode):

As a note, I changed the tubes as soon as I got it. Put in a Sovtek 12AX7, and a JJ EL84. The original tubes are pretty cheap looking.

thx dude
but do you think its really worth it?
but is it going to sound good with the pedal?
so im looking for a new amp...
im wondering if this amp can be really high gained...because im a high gain person...