depends on the amp. and you could get much better guitars for that price
solid state or tubes?
next to no difference believe me lol you can get the same tones just with diff settings
slipknot...oh i'm sorry you said metal band didn't you uh ya cannibal corpse sucks deadmans ****
BYOB don't be their bitch man
wat the first guy said
this just conveyed a sense of remorse honestly and theres nothing wrong with that. you don't have to concentrate on a story. the sound prob would convey it all
****ing love this man those are the songs that make you pick up a guitar in the first place
don't bother exchanging the distortion if you can dial in a great tone it don't matter
G-400 is shit same with most the pauls. standard epi LP plus top might do ya, theres no consistancy so make sure the one ya buy is the one ya played! I havnt had a chance to check out those epi Wilshires yet but those might do the trick to. Fender mexi standard strat be a good choice.
Quote by Lemoninfluence
If the kid is being a prick, it's not unreasonable to take away (temporarily, I might add) something that he values highly.

taking something else away wouldn't have as much impact. TS just grow up and start doing some work, if you can show that you can handle your workload you might be able to get it back earlier/on weekends etc.

Are you ****ing honestly saying his SD was justified?? WTF step parents aren't entitled to that shit I don't care what the ****ing law say's, someone tried to do that to punish me i'd kill them!
**** the rules dont matter in ure situation anyway cuz i'm gonna assume ure mother ain't going to bat for ya so either steal it back and say **** you, or kill the son of a bitch light him on fire and hang him in your front yard... then go get the guitar!!!!!
Welcome to the world WE ARE ALL DUMB ****S!!!!! just suck it up and LIVE IT UP!!!!!! **** ANYONE WHO THINKS THERE'S ANOTHER REASON TO LIVE
PRACTICE, EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT!!!! {sleep is optional} Disturbed solos are relatively easy {great morale booster's lol}
walk is one and a quarter step down
needs to know more then powerchord rape
3 16 year olds playing metal and hard rock need a second guitarist {lead or rhythm don't matter} need to be able to supply backing vocals. PM me if interested
agreed lol
hell it's her pants I don't care, some chicks see it as something which has to be used seldomly and only with men they "love" the smart ones know that they want it and it feels ****ing awsome so they enjoy it!!! And we enjoy them enjoying it
Battery will be a bitch I haver one with a 81/89 and the 81/60 the 89 will get you they extreme metal assuming your amp can take that **** but the 60 I prefer cuz it gets you those sexy clean tones
**** all my close friends are of the opposite sex! i wouldn't trust one guy i know not to screw my sister while i wasn't looking! buncha assholes!
Unforgiven Metallica get the keys to jam it
sweet might throw a bid at ya
DO NOT BUY THE DS-1 OK i have your amp and it will get one or 2 decent tones at the most even with an independant EQ

neither tone is what ure looking for
try suporting you ring finger with ure **** off one that might help and......practice
les paul man they're just better intruments in my opinion, it also depend s exactly what kind of music you play thou so keep that in mind
got something against sex man?? well your in for boredom of epic proportions : )
Keep it and get better dont go from good gear to lesser you will hate yourself
Quote by sashki
I think having a guy and a girl singer would expand your possibilities, especially in prog.

I don't know any female prog singers, but I don't see why not.

now that is ****ing intelligent : )
Sounds like you are looking for a cause thena religion
It's hard to pass judgment on songs when you have no idea what they sound like, so as for the lyrics they're your typical rock ballad variety and there azint nuthin wrong woth that : ) cant expect you to be original when the rest of the world isn't unfortunatly : (
um hate to reccomend punk for anthing but anything in that genre should do it lol
as far as beginner guitars go i'd go for the jackson anything over the 200 series in the ltds go with them : )
Hey were a alt metal band getting started we're in Alberta Canada we're ages 14 to 17 so if your in highschool or just getting out and you think you got pipes message me and we'll see how it goes.
you want metal shop peavey, or krank