isnt mufasa the monkey
the coolest sequel set up is probably rogue into unity

not that unity was a sequel because they released on what trhe same day but it was still a great setup that led to
desmonds saga will always be my favorite i wish it was just done a bit better and more of it, 3 tried but the segments themself were a bit flat

exploring abstergo finding l o r e in black flag and rogue was pretty strong too tbh i didnt expect it to deliver so well

unity is at the rock bottom in that it had none, syndicate is slightly above it
im about to drop the brotherhood plat bc of the stupid ass war machine 100% synch stuff

nevermind the shit pieces of ass not being allowed to take no damage at all but no checkpoint restart paired with a fuckin 20 minute slog to get back to the tricky part is like fuck off ubisoft
you're right
rogue too

rogue is just a 3 and 4 hybrid that ended up being better than both
im basing that on a wiki page for the psp version saying shoji meguro returns to also do the remake ost

why tho inst you have more than enough money to buy everything in like an hour if you just play natural the economy in ac games is fuckin stupid
i did really like arno and while it was a shitty AC story in all regards his own personal struggle was really well done

its an all round trash game though honestly
hopefully the ps4 version of brotherhood doesnt bug out on me like ps3 did and i can get the plat this time

looking foward to the revelations plat too i only didnt do that on ps3 because the multiplayer was fuckin ass
the psp boss battle theme is a banger
you were right
all persona music does sound the same

p1 being the biggest offender
its the only one without a platinum too which is bothering me more than it should

its the 2nd worst one but i still want to plat it
liberation is probably the 2nd best after rogue

it likely sucks on vita but the version that came with ac3 remastered is good its only shortcoming is its a 5 hour plat
free is honestly too high a price for unity
i probably do pay a bit more attention to it than i should i dont even know why im so engrossed
you straight up open a sarcophagus at the end of them where the disc is

the wiki t ried to explain it away as being a cenotaph but i checked theres 100% a mummy in there ubisoft fucked up their retcon or theres some metal gear corpse moving nonsense at play

yeah inst she was shes literally a few feet from him in laylas segment

these sly devs thought no one would notice but i did
i have a question about deep assassins creed lore probably no one else even cares about minor spoilers up until origins

so like in AC2 when doing the tombs to unlock the armor of altair one of the tombs is amunet which turned out to be aya but aya was buried with bayek wherever the fuck layla was which is definitely not in a fancy tomb in venice what gives

Quote by jakesmellspoo
ooh, nah i gotta say i think i like the newer PSP soundtrack on P1 better

some of the instrumental stuff should have stayed and been re-recorded for sure, but i prefer the battle theme from the PSP version hands down

but i'm also a huge fan of almost all of the music from 3-5

theres a fine line between security and just being an annoying piece of shit and steam took a shit on that line
i know what you're getting at im just saying if theyre going full back compat route as i have been led to believe then yeah why not go all out if only for my benefit

trophy support added for all ps1, 2 and psp games too pls thanks
any and all backward compatibility is nice but if the ps5 even had vita and psp functionality sony have just won the console war of all time in my heart thats some next level homie shit
bc people are stupid
zero isnt dumb its stupid theres a difference

dumb is a good quality
that was my first guess but it felt wrong bc i figured i was just thinking of jack sparrow
ac unity france just looks like every other ac city

all the cities look the same
syndicate i guess looks different idk how much of that is because yeah ok i actually know london or maybe it just uses a grey filter to make it look accurately dirty

the series is def at its best when it doesnt use city scapes but instead just like a larger general area like origins or whatever the fuck black flag was set in, the ocean i guess
sounds just like zelda
black flag didnt have any cities either it was just water and thats one of the better ones

did any of them have cool cities though i didnt see anything and say wow i mean its all just churches
are you telling me the stupid idea i had for the past few years but didnt tell anyone about because it was stupid and would never happen is actually a possibility
id rather ps5 be compatible with ps2 and ps3 tbh
every single npc is a character the love and attention to detail put into this world is ridiculous
i picked up odyssey not long ago

this was followed by picking ac3 remastered, getting the plat for it and liberation
then the same with rogue
i then felt it necessary to get the ezio collection

i do not need a year off
everything that isnt an argonian is the same
it works on gyoubu too
all i know about days gone is i was entered into a prize draw for the collectors edition i hope i win it so i can sell it day 1
maybe you just like to hate things
the shape and button layout is the exact reason vita is good and ds is cancer
ive never heard a single complaint about the size of a ds despite the xl being half the size of a vita
the vita isnt small its just the right size the switch is too big its why i never use it in handheld mode other than having no reason to and also just never using it
the vita is great its a shame sony hate it its the only reason it failed poor thing i love it
butts would be remembered