All of Three Days Grace, when I saw them last summer.
I have. Yes of course it's always better to go with someone to share the experience with- in fact the only time I've gone to a concert with someone else so far was when my brother took me to see Weird Al on the Straight Outta Lynwood tour- but if you ask me it's better to go alone then not at all- there's no telling how soon the artist will be back in your area.

As far as conversing with people at the show, I generally don't, unless they start talking to me first (I have Asperger's, so I'm already somewhat shy to begin with). For instance, when I saw Nickelback (haters gonna hate) a couple years ago, a random chick struck up a conversation with me shortly before their set- it started with her warning me that she was probably going to butcher the songs, and at one point I told her that I was there alone when she asked me if I was. It was pretty obvious that she was flirting with me, but unfortunately she disappeared into the crowd before we could exchange numbers.
I used to believe that a real live cow lived in the milk cooler at the grocery store. If an employee working in the cooler heard my mom telling me "I wonder if the cow is back there today," he would actually play along by mooing like a cow
4th season of Criminal Minds
A Christmas Carol (the one with Patrick Stewart as Scrooge)
New watch
Subway gift card
Home Depot gift card
Sony earbuds
Strings gauge: 11-49 on my Strat (lowest I go on this is Drop B, but right now I have it in Drop C#), 10-46 (I think) on my dad's Yamaha Pacifica (I play it more than he does though, and I use it for standard and Drop D), 12-54 on my acoustic

Strings brand: D'Addarios on my Strat, Dean Markleys (I think) on my dad's Pacifica, and First Acts (don't laugh) on my acoustic

Strings longevity: Recently restrung my Strat (gotta love the jangle of new strings, especially on a clean setting), the ones on there before- also D'Addario 11-49s- lasted a couple years before the low E broke (well technically the low C, as I had them in Drop C at the time), as did the ones on my acoustic (those ones are still going), and the ones on my dad's Pacifica have been going for a while as well (not sure how long though)

Practice per month: It varies, I just play at home right now

Pick thickness: Medium

Genre: Mainly modern rock and pop punk, but I do dabble in other genres from time to time
Already play:
Guitar and bass (although I suck at both )

Would love to learn:
Vocals (assuming that counts as an instrument)
In sixth grade math, I unloaded with a barrage of long, loud farts. Needless to say, I was the laughing stock of the whole class, and the teacher called me "The Gas Man."

Also in first grade, I pissed my pants.
Damn man, I am so sorry. Losing a pet is never fun- my brother had to put his cat down last year after the poor little guy developed heart failure.

Hang in there.
Nearly drowned in a recreation center's pool when I was 9. I got separated from the rest of the group (I had gone there for a friend's birthday along with a few others), and without paying attention to the depth markers (big mistake), I stepped into the pool and before I knew it, I was completely underwater. Fortunately, a man nearby in the pool saw me struggling and carried me out onto dry ground. By then everyone else in my group had gathered around me as I was coughing up water nonstop. Fortunately, I didn't have to go to the hospital, but the whole experience left me greatly traumatized.
Hell no. I came to see the band and jam out to them, not run into people like a mindless idiot and risk putting others and/or myself into a hospital bed. Not only that, my glasses could get knocked off and broken, and I can't see jack shit without them.

And if you don't want to risk getting sucked into a pit, how the hell are you supposed to move away from one since 99% of the time at a concert people are packed together like sardines in a can?
I used notebook paper to temporarily patch a pretty big hole in my living room ceiling that I made when I was installing a ceiling fan in there. I had made the mistake of not putting tape around where I was going to cut the new hole for the electrical box, and as a result the vibrations from the jigsaw shattered part of the plaster. I had no trouble putting the fan up after that- and it works great- but needless to say the cleanup afterward took a while. (My sister said that the plaster dust on the floor looked like a cocaine deal gone wrong ) As of right now, my dad and I still have not patched the ceiling permanently- we do have some of the supplies we need but not all.

I've half-assed plenty of research projects back in middle school and high school (then again, who hasn't?)
Quote by Dj_Jerome
I really cant believe that Adam Gontier left.. But Matt Walst is still a good singer!

Agreed, I miss Adam as much as the next person but Matt still did a fantastic job when I saw them last week (as for the three songs he laid vocals on prior to the tour, I thought he sounded MUCH better on them live, which I was kind of anticipating since I had already seen MDD live twice), not to mention he had no trouble at all getting the crowd pumped up. He did dye his hair black though, not sure if he was trying to copy Adam (whose hair is also black) that way or what...
Huge TDG fan here, so this news hit me like ton of bricks as well- Adam had one of the most stellar voices in modern rock, which coupled with his songwriting was undoubtedly the biggest factor of TDG's sound. I'm also going to be seeing them next month (and I'm even more gutted by the fact that my first TDG concert will be without Adam ).

I agree with Tremonti Addict- Adam should've at least stayed on for the tour- like what happened when My Darkest Days parted ways with guitarist Sal Costa last week. Sal revealed in an interview that he had actually left the band in October, but stayed on board for the remainder of their tour schedule because he didn't want the fans who paid good money to feel betrayed if they didn't see him on stage with the rest of the band (not to mention he didn't want the other guys to be left high and dry if they still had shows booked).

Why Adam didn't wait until after this tour to go out, we'll probably never know, but I have no inclination to judge him for it. As for Matt, I thought he sounded good on The High Road and Chalk Outline, but on the other hand his voice doesn't fit Riot at all (and this is coming from someone who is a fan of both TDG and MDD). However, I still plan on having fun at the concert, but it just won't be the same without Adam
Quote by sebastian_96
To be fair, its hard not to be biased. They are so stock-standard generic that it hurts. Its just painfully obvious that they have no deep emotional or spiritual investment to their music, and if they do they are shallow people.

The only positive thing I can say about Nickleback is 'Figured You Out' gets a good laugh and faux-headbang out of me. Such a 'fun' cheese-y rock song.

The way I see it, critics don't have to like the artist they're reviewing, but they should at least sound professional and not like a snobby, immature bitch in what they write.

Nickelback fans will listen to them because that's what they like (and this applies to any artist)- it's not like they're looking for an epiphany. However, I do cringe when I see fans of theirs who act like they're the best thing since sliced bread, and will get all butthurt when defending them.

I do not have any problems whatsoever with people disliking Nickelback- that's their musical taste after all- however, I find it rather amusing when the vast majority of the haters will drop whatever they're doing and flock like sheep to the slightest mention of Nickelback, just for the sole purpose of bashing them and their fans- and more often than not, their arguments are quite half-assed and arrogant. Unlike that batch of haters, you actually gave a valid and honest explanation on why you don't like them, and for that I applaud you.

If you don't like the artist, that's perfectly okay, but I feel that it is only a waste of one's time and breath to continually bash them. I used to be the same way- back when the Jonas Brothers were still popular, I would waste a lot of my time trashing them and their fans (I did a lot of the same stuff with Justin Bieber and his fans too). I cringe when I look back on it now.

EDIT: Damn it, I'm supposed to be positive!

Hey don't worry about it man, it's not something I'd lose sleep over
My list, in no particular order:
Home Alone (the first two. I haven't actually seen enough of the third one to add it to this list)
A Christmas Carol (the one with Patrick Stewart as Scrooge) (haven't actually watched this in a while. I have it on videotape, but I don't know where that tape is offhand)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (both the original- though I doubt it could be called a movie- and the live action one- yes, I'm talking about the one that has Jim Carrey as the Grinch)
Nickelback for sure- How You Remind Me, Someday, Photograph, Savin' Me, Far Away, and If Everyone Cared were a pretty big part of my high school soundtrack. (I started getting into their heavier, rockier stuff around that time as well). Not to mention I finally got to see them live for the first time this past May, and they put on a fantastic show.

The critic who reviewed the concert in the newspaper the next day apparently didn't think so (in fact, it's pretty obvious that he hates Nickelback with every ounce of his being). I dare anyone to read this and tell me it isn't biased:
In no particular order:
Emma Anzai (Sick Puppies)
Lzzy Hale (Halestorm)
Taylor Jardine (We Are the In Crowd)
Jenna McDougall (Tonight Alive)
Hayley Williams (Paramore)
Carly Rae Jepsen
Katy Perry
I used to believe that a real live cow lived in the milk cooler at the grocery store. Whenever we went grocery shopping, my mom would say to me "I wonder if the cow is back there today?" If there was an employee working in the cooler at the time, and he heard my mom say that, he would play along by mooing like a cow
Quote by ticktockboom

**** yes.

And this one (of course):

Back off fellas, she's mine.

I guess I could say Nickelback as well- mainly because the hate towards them is borderline ridiculous if you ask me. Songs like How You Remind Me, Someday, Photograph, Savin' Me, Far Away, and If Everyone Cared were a huge part of my high school soundtrack- around that time I started getting into their heavier stuff as well. Also, I saw them back in May and they put on a phenomenal show (besides all the flames and other pyro, they also had a secondary levitating stage that they played a few songs on, which I thought was pretty cool).
Quote by Jyrgen
It's such a fluffy name

And fluffy he was...
Quote by Jyrgen
Scrappy Why did you have to tell us he was called Scrappy

Pardon my ignorance, but what's his name got to do with it?

Don't take this question the wrong way- like I said, I miss the little guy a lot
So sorry for your loss TS.

Losing a pet always sucks, my brother had to put down his cat- whose name was Scrappy- back in February. The vet initially believed it was cancer, but then an ultrasound revealed that the fluid buildup in his chest was actually caused by heart failure. Even though the vet perscribed medication, it was already too late- Scrappy became extremely lethargic, uttered constant moans of pain, and stopped eating completely, so my brother put him down a week after the diagnosis.

We (me and my family) all love his new cat, Benny, to death, but we still miss Scrappy- who my brother had for close to nine years- dearly.

TS, take as much time as you need to heal from this- in my brother's situation, he didn't get Benny until six months after putting Scrappy down.
Christmas lights for my front yard, and the extension cords needed to power them all.

EDIT: at the lemon amp
Quote by crazysam23_Atax
The Press has its moments too. Our newspapers in the W. Wisconsin/SE. Minnesota area all tend to be deplorable at one time or another. I find better news on the internet 9/10 times.

Not to mention, I can't remember the last time our area newspapers printed something foreign that did NOT relate to Afghanistan or Iraq and our US troops there. Or, maybe, if we're lucky...relate to Israel and how we're not good buddies anymore.

I've seen plenty of foreign news stories not pertaining to Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. in both the Press and the Tribune- not too many of them were on the very front page though.

I think we'd better stop now so this thread doesn't become a full-blown discussion about newspapers
Quote by crazysam23_Atax
Dude, it's the Star Tribune! What did you expect?! That's papers not even worth the recycled paper and ink they use to print it.

Can't say I agree with you, but to each their own.

Granted, the Pioneer Press' review of that concert was far less snobby...
Quote by Horsedick.MPEG
The Nickelback hate is kind of annoying really. I was watching Rig Rundown videos and I stumbled upon Nickelback's rig rundown with their guitar tech and I was curious why it had so many dislikes. Turns out there was nothing wrong with the video besides it being about Nickelback's gear and the comments were filled with really bitchy nitpicking comments whining about every aspect of the video.

"omg Nickelback sux, they have a guitar tech, posers"
"omg he plays guitar, proof they're shit"
"he has strings on his guitar? That's why they're bland and unoriginal"

I'm only slightly exaggerating

Saw that one too (and you weren't kidding, I remember one of the other comments on it said something like "I feel sorry for those guitars because they're being forced to play Nickelback songs over and over"). Although I like Nickelback, I have no problem with people not liking them (that's their musical taste, after all)- but what really irks me are the haters that act like a bunch of crybaby bitches about it and will gravitate towards anything and everything that mentions Nickelback, just for the sole purpose of insulting them.

Also, when I saw them live (they put on an awesome show btw), it was pretty obvious that the guy who reviewed the concert in the newspaper the next day hated them to the core. I dare anyone to read this and tell me it's not biased:
Definitely sounds like Drop A#/Bb to me. I'd happily tab it out for you myself, but I don't have a baritone guitar and I'm not good enough to play the solo.

Love these guys, btw. I've been a fan of them ever since hearing their cover of Roxette's The Look.
Quote by Gyroscope
Are you one a wireless connection?

Yes. Would that be it? I'm on my mom's laptop and most of the time the signal alternates between 4 and 5 bars (sometimes it goes down to 3) in my bedroom.

Obviously not the fastest out there, but it works well for me and my family nonetheless. Comcast really needs to quit over-exaggerating about how slow DSL is in their Xfinity ads (even though my brother and his roommates have them as their ISP. I think my dad has them at his auto shop too).

My sister takes online classes (and sometimes does Skype chats with a guy from New York), so that could very well be affecting it somewhat.

EDIT: I ran this test a few more times and the results have been fluctuating.
Only if it's right before I take a shower. Besides that, no.
Between those two, the Vypyr, by far.

Do try out the other modelers though- I really liked the Cubes, VTs, and Mustangs when I played them.
My power has gone out, yes, but it was never longer than a few hours at a time, thankfully. Last time it happened (at the end of May) a thunderstorm knocked it out for about 3-4 hours in the middle of the night (coincidental that it would happen the first night after I had installed a ceiling fan in our living room- no, it wasn't damaged by any power surges and neither was anything else in our house). I remember playing video games in the living room at the time, then the power went out right after an extremely loud crack of thunder. I ended up having to wash the dishes by the light of two flashlights and two candles (didn't matter if the power had gone out or not, our dishwasher has been broken for a while anyway and my dad is too much of a cheapskate to get it fixed or replaced).

My brother has had his power knocked out in thunderstorms too, but like us, it was not for days or even weeks on end.

One of my friends had his power knocked out for a few days after tornadoes ripped through his neighborhood last year (I'm talking about the north Minneapolis tornadoes- his house didn't sustain any damage thankfully).
Quote by fredam
Money for Nothing from the Dire Straighs

At 1:14 when it says "money is for nothing if there tips for free" I hear "money is for nothing if there tits for free"

I always thought that part went like "money for nothing and your chicks for free"

And in Sound of Music, I heard "sew, a needle pulling thread" from Do Re Mi as "so, I need a pulling thread."
Quote by Skynyrd890

That's just how I roll for now, man- I'm too damn broke at the moment to get another guitar. (I am, however, considering dropping a mini humbucker into the bridge position to give it more punch and versatility.)
D'Addario 11-49 on my cheap-ass Squier Strat (I currently have them in Drop C, but I've used them for quite a few different tunings (mostly Drop C#)- however the absolute lowest I'll tune them nowadays is Drop B- any lower and they feel like spaghetti, which I learned the hard way. I really need to get a baritone guitar...

I'm not entirely sure of the strings on my dad's Yamaha Pacifica (not the greatest axe in the world, I know, but it does the job, and I play it more than he does anyway). Since I saw a pack of 10-46 Dean Markleys lying around, I'm guessing those (because of that, I only use this guitar for standard and Drop D. I can't remember how they felt in Drop C#, but I tuned them down to Drop C once and they felt like spaghetti).

12-54 on my acoustic, which is currently in Eb.
In no particular order:

Drums (once I can find the space for a kit. One of my Rock Band discs has an in-game drum trainer (not practice mode or the tutorials), so that's how I plan to start, since I already have the drum controller)
Vocals (if that counts)

I'll need to get better at guitar and bass while I'm at it too...
Twisted my ankle at school when I jumped over the last few bottom stairs on my way down (and I've done this plenty before without injuring myself, I just happened to land on my foot awkwardly). This happened to me twice (first time in my senior year of high school, second time earlier this year in my third- and final- year of alt school), and both times I had to stay home from school the following day (and had to use crutches to get around). Thankfully, both times it healed rather quickly, and I was already off the crutches by the second day (though my ankle was still pretty tender for a while afterward, so I walked with somewhat of a hobble).
Styles: Modern rock, pop punk, and a little bit of each of classic rock, country, nu metal, and ___-core

Guitars (screw the rules, I plan to use several different tunings and I also need backup guitars):
Gibson SG Standard (Standard/Drop D) (x2, one for backup)
Fender '72 Telecaster Deluxe (black) (Eb/Drop C#)
ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000 (Amber sunburst) (backup, Eb/Drop C#)
Gibson Flying V (Drop C/D Standard) (x2, one for backup)
Gibson Explorer (Drop B) (x2, one for backup)
PRS SE Mike Mushok Baritone (Drop A#) (x2, one for backup)
Ibanez RG7321 (B Standard/Drop A) (x2, one for backup)

2 Mesa Boogie Roadster heads (one for backup)
Mesa Boogie Stiletto 4x12s

Stompboxes/effects (* indicates those on pedalboard. Will use the Mesa's onboard reverb):
Boss TU-3 tuner*
Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tubescreamer
Morley Mark Tremonti wah*
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
Rocktron Banshee Talkbox*
Digitech Whammy*
EHX Small Clone chorus
Boss BF-2 flanger (already have, it's actually my dad's)
Boss GE-7 EQ
Boss DD-7 delay (with FS-5U switch on pedalboard for tap tempo)
Boss TR-2 tremelo
MXR EVH Phase 90

Power conditioner (haven't decided on which one)
Sennheiser EW172 G3 wireless (x4)
Tour Supply Multi Selector (used with wireless)
Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro
Voodoo Lab GCX Guitar Audio Switcher (will most likely need a second one)
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power (x2, one for pedalboard and other for pedal drawer in rack)

May edit and/or repost should I change my mind.
Quote by ihartfood
I did this long comparison between my friends Vypyr 15 and my Frontman 25r. We had a blind test with my old teacher and friend's older brother, both professional guitarists. and the Frontman in my opinion and theirs had far superior cleans, while the Vypyr did...pretty much everything else way better.

Evidence my friend. However useless and biased it may be

So to answer TS's original question: No!

To be fair though, I haven't played a Frontman in a while, so I've sorta forgotten exactly how it sounds (all I can remember though, is that it shat all over most of the MGs and Spiders I've played). However, I'm perfectly happy with the clean tone I set up on my Vypyr (I usually run it on the green Twin with chorus and reverb, but IMHO it still sounds good to me even without either of those effects. My main dirty preset is the red Mesa Rectifier, with no effects). Tone is subjective after all (although that goes without saying)...