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well if your leaving the forum i just think there is a clip on youtube you should see. it involved the frontman of motley crue getting a sticky lollipop thrown at him and it stuck to his eye will he was in a concert. that never happens at a grunge show. but it happens alot to GnR

I thought that was David Bowie?
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im stuck up. or im simply satisfied with my thread and you have to be condesending about it. well if you care so much about how i spell i think you should spend some time in summer school and chat about spelling with your teacher

How would that help? I was just explaning my post, no need freak out and try to justify yourself, chill dude.
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i argue in a reasonable manner. while you insult me. way to go. i made 1 error. oops. dont act like youve never done it

Wow you are stuck up....anyways you told me to read more carefully but its hard to when its vague, unfinished, and you cant spell. You also started a paragraph with the word "and" so yeah it looks like an unfinished 5th grade paper, your fault not mine.
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than i made a mistake in using the word popularized and should have use the word repopularized. because grunge had the converse/doc marten craze.

Converse wasnt "repopularized" by grunge because I dont think they ever stopped being popular, and saying people wear converse because they see their grunge idols wearing them is like saying people only play Dean MLs because dimebag did.....oh wait.
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grunge started in 1998 and was mainly real big

Its kind of hard to read carefully when your pathetic opinions look like a 5th grade paper
How did grunge start in 98 if kurt died in 94?

This whole thread is pointless.

Looks good go for it, and dont listen to DSchmitty.
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Hey, when your new to guitar, you dont know all the brands. No need to respond like that, he asked for help, not your outburst.

Hey he had it comin, Google before you UG and these things wont happen everyday to poor kids.
The Bill Lawrence and beautiful and cheap, do it.
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I don't see it o.O

Well if youre talking about the beginning then its some type of talk box.
Very easy fix, dont worry about it.
Congrats on the find, im jealous.
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Clogged pours, my mum says.


pours? brilliant.....
It could be something simple like the knob isnt turning the volume pot, try to pull it off and then turn up the volume.
For some people they stop at the end of puberty, but my mom still gets more pimples than me.
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fight club...that's the answer.

You just broke the first rule bitch.
Try a Digitech rp, you can turn all the distortion and modeling off and just use the effects, for the price its better than individual pedals.
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Unless the amp is fixed bias it's most definitely not like putting in a new lightbulb. Maybe physically putting them in is, but biasing them is not.

Thats what i meant with the biasing, if it is fixed bias then im sure i can do it myself. How do I know if my amp is fixed? (please no testicle jokes to that last sentence)
SRV's number 1 - Landmine distortion - Fuchs tripledrive supreme.
Can anyone estimate the cost of all this? the price of the tubes and the work to be done.
Yeah there were a few weird things that it would do once or twice but those all stopped awhile ago.

Is it just the power tubes that need replacing or do I need to do the pre amp aswell?
I've got a Crate V32 and its about two years old. I'll be playing and everything will be fine and then randomly the volume drops about 30% im fairly certain that this is a sign that I need new tubes, but i thought id check with the fine folks of UG just to make sure. Am I right? anything else it could be?
Yes adjust the springs, and the truss rod but ONLY if you know how to do that.
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Do it. Also, masturbate inside there while you're at it, just to say you did it.

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Well obviously it does if he asks the question.

Anyway, I from what i've heard, it should be 48-11

Well from my experience, just the fact that someone on UG has a question doesnt make that question valid.
Does it matter? Usually its either 9 or 10s.
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Also, does anyone know if there was a way, how would I get caught?

Looks more like a banjo.
I refuse to answer because of your name
Go for it man! even if you do get caught itll be a great story in the future.
Boss, because its incredible.
Not the digitech, because its a digitech.
Bandit-Volume, sturdy, versatile.
VK-tubes but no tone.
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If you want to make it less yellow...drink beer. It acts as a diuretic - Less water is reabsorbed by the kidneys, leading to lots of water in your wee wee - That's where the incessant need for a piss comes from after a few pints.

Like i needed another reason to drink beer?
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You're obviously still dehydrated, because you're ill. But also,

The Pit is not a doctor

LOL i didnt expect so many intelligent responses from the pit.
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What medicine you been taking? There's this stuff we have in the UK and it makes your piss flourescent orange.

I havent taken any medicine but id like some of whatever that stuff is.