This thread is STILL ****ing going? holy shit.

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That's what I though.

I don't remember you at all. I've been here a while and I can confidently say that the Pit has never changed and never will. I swear it's full of women the way everyone acts like time will make it any different. It's the Pit because it's the Pit. End of.

Yeup. Just like how I remember.

O teh epic lulz here
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Nu metal is an illusion.

Technically, Life is an illusion.

Ever hear of the theory of a Holographic Universe?

Excellent album by Scar Symmetry, btw.
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I might've had a different name back then. 4string-tsurigi ring any bells?

And the avatar, I've had it for what? 2 years?

Yeah, actually! lol
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Well this thread backfired, didn't it?

Little bit.

But I'm not gonna argue. You say it's metal? Fine. My opinion does not change.
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Just cause it aint br00talz like other metal, it is still a subgenre of metal. No one is forcing you to like it but its fact.

I'm not even gonna go there. I'm not here to troll and/or argue.

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I think you may have been a regular when I myself buggered off for a while.

Nice to meet ya!

edit: I'm tired as balls. yourself?

I think I recognize your avatar...
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ok. i was hoping for you to possibly rebuke or refute my claims but saying your right without any evidence is cool too

I'm not trying to troll or start an argument.

and damn you for quoting me before I edited.
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are you sure you don't have it the other way around?

the only thing 'hip hop' about nu metal (the songs ive heard at least... linkin park, korn, limp bizkit, slipknot etc) is the rapped vocals and sometimes turntable scratches. which leaves the rest predominantly metal

Pretty sure, ya.

A lot of the beats and riffs are heavily influenced by rap/hip-hop as well.
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There's no black people in slipknot.

ANYWAY, before a huge flame war erupts that I'd like to avoid.. How is everyone?
"Nu-Metal" is Rap/hip-hop styled music with metal influences. It is not metal. Don't be confused by the name.

However, I myself have been getting into a lot of Melodic Death Metal these days..
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Ah, I see.

The Gaia forums are better because they are overflowing with Elitists, yes?

Uhh.. yes and no. There are elitists, but those who are have extremely good arguments and logic that is hard to argue. I usually stay neutral unless someone says something I highly disagree with.

Such as Metallica's Death Magnetic being real thrash metal.
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I thought Slipknot was metal?

No. Nu-metal is not metal.

And no, I'm not going to start an arugment here. You wouldn't believe the wars that are started because of "maggots" clinging to their horrible taste in music.


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I did wonder where you'd gone! Planning to stay around? Nice picture in the pic thread btw.

ehh I might. Depending on how many jackoffs there are here.

Last time I really lurked the pit I was an ignorant asswipe myself.
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Dude Gaia is full of immature fifteen year olds.

I used to go there, even in the Extended Discussion forum there were never any good topics to discuss.

Metal forum there is a lot better. Especially if you establish yourself as a regular. It's quite fun when someone starts an argument saying that Slipknot is metal.

((don't even go there))
Glad someone missed me >.>

Nah, not in the metal forum, anyway. I'm sure there's shoop threads in the chatterbox forum though.
^ I used to be somewhat of a reg here. Just ditched the site. Focused more on school and guitar playing.

I'z goin to college now, bitch! Just graduated.
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You joined in 07, its too early for you to take a hiatus!

Nahh I've just been lurking the Gaia Online metal forum. ((it's way better there, less idiots))

However you still get the occasional **** who can't spell or use grammar at all claiming to know all there is to know about metal. *facepalm*
And no one's really changed, it seems. The Pit just got more .... random.

Anyone even remember me?

To all the men out there
yeah why not? hah
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watched a bit of it and it was good from what i saw. too long to watch the whole thing though

lame dude, the endings the best part! lol

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That was epic on so many levels. Probably the best Jay and Silent Bob spoof I've seen. And i think I speak for the pit when I say you make a hot Jay.

hahaha awesome, thanks

EDIT: oh and to all who asked, we tapped our boobs down with plastic wrap. does the trick very well, we each went through 2 rolls. hah
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Was it only me that noticed this sentence?!

lol yeah, I don't recommend it. it hurt like hell
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'twas for school, I doubt swearing was acceptable.

yeah he nailed it. lol I was pushing it saying "Puck" and "Frickin" .. even got marked down a bit. teacher's a douche.

but still, if you look at other spoofs on youtube no one got it nearly as close as we did. I think my best Jay acting was the chapstick/I'm ****in bored scene..

mind you I've never taken a single acting lesson in my life, where as my sister did.
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Not half bad. Did ya have fun doing it?

omg dude, it was totally EPIC.. we walked around town for a bit and hung out in front of the local quick stop to see if anyone would notice.. people were coming up to us to take pictures xD
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only watched cause of your awesome avatar


yeah... well our video has nothing to do with metal. my OTHER music video did.. I did it on "Unbreakable" by Before the Dawn. I learned the whole rhythm and lead parts to it and recorded myself playing to the song, then I dubbed in the actual song and synchronized it. didn't turn out half bad but I wasn't totally proud of it either so I didn't upload it
so I had to do a project for school and make a music video for my video class.. My sister and I took the idea and ran with it.. we tapped our boobs down, put on make up to look like guys, and went to a local thrift store to purchase cheap outfits to look and sound like Jay and Silent Bob from a few movies..

so we just finished and uploaded the vid today:

We had fun making it and got quite a kick out of it. I just wanted to share it with everyone and encourage people to go about doing stupid **** in the name of comedy.

NO FLAMING, if you don't like it, than **** you.

also if anyone would like to make this more of a "thread" then please feel free to contribute your thoughts, opinions, ideas, and stories of stuff you did with your friends or whatever that was EPIC to some extent.


Me and my sister (silent bob) dressed up as Jay and Silent Bob for a school video project... that we ended up tweaking and making "unapropriate" after all.. It was totally EPIC.. I'll post it on youtube when it's done (can't finish it til spring break is over though, need the classroom computer)

Me with my Aria guitar.. well technically it's still my dad's guitar.. but It always sits in MY room, I always play it, I always clean it.... might as well be mine.

((( to all those who posted pics before me... you are all epic I forgot how much I love this community ^_^)))
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The Republicans will steal the stimulus money, fly to the bahamas and waste it on cheap hookers, expensive booze, and Latin manservants.

This will cause the Democrats in teh administration to have asploded heads at the sheer audacity of this theft. Teh green party (after assuming power of course) then splurges all the money on a reservation for the rare-green spotted American Gorilla Hog (an animal made up by Al Gore)

Then we're all poor and Bill Gates buys the US, and we then become the Microsoft COnfederation.

First executive order: Kill Woz and Steve Jobs

don't you mean Manbearpig?
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Better yet, a Nuclear Assault.

**** yeah!
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as far as i can tell from simple observation: the more complex a genre is, the more you need to "dig in" to start enjoying it. thats why most people start listening to pop and **** but gradually (each at his own speed) switch to more complex only people who are deeply into music ends up listening to progressive technical melodic death bla bla least in most cases

try researching about that... you may find something useful

awesome, thank you!
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It is highly related to classical music in that it is loaded with musicians with extreme skill who are just misunderstood in their time, such as many classical composers in earlier centuries that we now appreciate today.

that's an excellent point.. am so writing that down..!

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Dream Theater. That should help you quite a bit. They are progressive metal, have complex song structures, and have an album where each song is written in a different key.

And play Murdertrain a Comin' by Dethklok. Blues Melodeath basically.

lol I love Dethklok.. I forgot about that song...

and yeah I just snagged 52gigs of metal from my ex that I'm still sorting through.. I know he has a good chunk of prog metal.. I haven't listened to much of that genre but from what very little I've heard, I like it.

Maiden also has some obvious classical influences.. oh and Apocalyptica.. but I think I"m gonna have to actually break down both classical and metal theoretically and explain with music theory how they are similar.
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You should really impress them with Metal/Country FUSION

if there is such a thing that doesn't sound like crap, I'd love to hear it
meh. it happens.

yeah i could... both share time signatures that are either very fast or very slow, and kind of irregular or complicated
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This sounds like a fairly childish project (forcing it onto the reader) and this is coming from someone who plays in a death metal band...

I don't play in a death metal band. I typically don't like death metal, unless it's melodic, which is a completely different sub-genre. the whole point is to prove my opinion on why metal (as a whole) should be a more appreciated form of music.. if you think that's childish then please do enlighten me as to how I can improve my argument. I'm not to shabby of a writer, and can compose beautiful papers, but I need info to back me up.
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I'm not certain, it's just an observation. Like when most folks start listening to metal they start with poppier, more melodic metal. Very few people I've met just suddenly decide that they like Devourment more than like... Nirvana.

interesting. I started out with heavy and thrash metal, became obsessed with underground thrash metal and now am in love with melodic stuff. listening to Norther right now
^^ I"m self-taught, there are no classes on guitar at my school, and I don't take lessons.

metal is usually looked down upon because it is considered "belching vocals and nothing but noise." while some metal genres ARE nothing but that, I personally love Melodic Death Metal and Melodeth, which offer very very OBVIOUS links to classical music.. what with piano riffs and melodies that are so graceful and beautiful yet heavy and brutal as f*ck. several arpeggio based solos are key theoretical points of classical music.. i just need some sources to back that up. I can talk about it all I want, but with out proof it's nothing but an opinion.

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Compare the similar melodies between classical and metal. Maybe talk about neo-classical and shred.

I always thought metal was disliked because the melodies are usually diminished or chromatic, whereas people are used to music with melodies based on the major scale or the aeolian mode of the major scale.

really? i've never heard of that.. that's interesting
wooo best school assignment evar! so my actual project is learning advanced guitar playing techniques, such as sweeping, eight-fingered tap, sweep tap, soloing, and actually sitting down and learning theory. so far it's coming along great; I'm a chick guitarist that's been playing for only 2 years and I can now play some difficult licks, my latest accomplishment is learning the entire lead to "Kill the Idealist" by Kalmah. not bad eh? I"m still sloppy as **** but I'll get better.

ANYWAY my research paper is "Why metal is an often unappreciated form of music" ... I already proved that metal does not cause aggression and that aggression is the common side product of adolescence, not music, and I have also researched psychological **** to back up other behavioral facts. Right now, I'm arguing that metal actually IS music, and can be very complicated both intellectually (depending on lyrics) and theoretically, and how closely it is related to Classical music.

but I can't find any real sources to back me up on that... only one I found was one stating that Classical fans and Metalheads have near identical personality traits. My brain is totally fried from Trig homework, SAT prep, and all the research I just crammed in the last 4 hours.. HELP PIT!!

thx. oh and any other arguments you can advise me to make as to why metal SHOULD be appreciated would also help a lot.
well it'd be a really bad idea when trying to out run cops...

EDIT: maybe instead of strips if he did crop circles or something.. get abducted in the middle of the night.. hah.. idk. just a thought.