i kind of think youtube is dead.
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I'm a bit different in that respect. I am totally into girls but I like guys the from waist up

i think that is more common
I know that in Iowa you don't need an education major to substitute. I'm pretty sure they let anyone with a degree sub but that may not be the case were you live.
i have thought about that too and i don't see why it wouldn't work. i think it would be really cool
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seriously? wtf?

did anybody read this shit?

sadly this is only a small portion of the horny embarrassing things i have done. I could tell so much more if I wanted too; but it is too embarrassing. Also for the person asking I am totally into girls but I also like guys from the waist down. (wow did i just type that. should I delete that. no I'll keep. I hope they don't kill me.)
I answered yes because I’m sure there's people who have been single their whole lives and have been happy.

However personal i am unhappy single. I have been single my whole life (22 years) and have never asked a girl out or gone on a date or anything. It can get really depressing at times. So for me i can't be single forever and be happy.

But right now I’m feel fine because I feel like I am going to find someone this summer. Maybe not a girlfriend but someone worthy enough to ask out.
i always thought hickeys were lame.

congrats on finishing your second year of college
i got 3

what's the correct answer
i too have done this but it was with a bass line that i thought i wrote. anyway i totaly know what your feeling and i don't have any advice. so sorry this post is kind of pointless.

what relient k song was it?
Since you will be without a shower for your summer tour I guess you could try waterless and sprayable shampoo. I saw Pete Wentz talk about it and use it in an interview once (not sure why I was watching it). But i guess you could give it a try. I’m not sure how popular it is and where you can get but i thought i would just suggest it to you.
I used to think Rome was a country.
bad idea

having someone else come up with an idea for me
i voted for the first option
i would bring them a long just in case and if you don't need them you can just stick them in your pockets.
I just finished reading every post and I did a lot of the same things.

I remember sticking a Guess Who card in my underwear because I thought she was attractive.

I spent a lot of time with this one friend back when I was real young. I would often spend the night and his mom would make us bath together. I remember one time discussing testicles. He told me that he called them eggs. Oh the irony.

I vaguely remember having the same kid giving me oral. I don’t remember it well but I remember thanking him afterward. But unfortunately he made me return the favor. I remember I didn’t like it at all.

One time while bathing, one of us was giving oral and his Mom came in. She told us in a very stern voice “Don’t ever touch each other again.” Or something like that. But I remember feeling really guilty and scared.

I used to always touch my junk in public. I remember one time my dad came up to me and whispered “stop touching your privates.”

In 8th grade I was invited to birthday party. It was at a hotel. We got there and watched the movie 8 mile on tv. A couple of the kids started to masturbate to the part were Eminem was ****ing some girl. I wasn’t sure what they were doing so I pretended to masturbate too. It wasn't too long after (proabably between a week and a month) I ejaculated for the first time. I didn’t know what was happening but it hurt and felt good at the same time.

I have a whole bunch more but I feel ashamed enough as it is.

I don't have any sexual childhood experiences with girls. I only had one girl in my neighborhood but we didn't play together much. I was also real good friends with this girl from school in 4th grade but we never did anything sexual. Which looking back on is weird because I was horny all the time.

tl;dr All of my childhood experiences were with guys.
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When on the internet, watching some "fine cinema", always keep a secondary back-up tap open, just in case you need to make a quick switch and don't want to lose your spot.

why didn't i think of that earlier
I hope so. I have lucid dreamed in the same dream as sp. this was in one dream. i was SPing and wanted to wake up and move but i couldn’t. Then i realized i was dreaming and it stopped for a bit. Then it came back. All in one dream.

But anyway i will use the tips on the first page and maybe the SP will stop.
i'm pretty sure i sleep paralysis a lot. in my dreams i can't move and i want to wake up but i can't because i am asleep. i want to move and wake up but i can't. it sucks. my roommate says i am screaming help me and/or mumbling stuff. i hate it because it so unpleasant. i hate it so much
i don't have any advice but it seems like a cool job.
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...and you happen to be the only guy who got a good look at their face. They know this and take your ID so they can find you if you talk and offer you $100,000 to stay quiet. It's a bribe/threat, what would you do?

Also, to add to it, what if they don't threaten you and just bribe you? What if they threaten you without the bribe?

this is what i think i would do

Bribe/threat: take the money

bribe: report them but that depends on the chance of one of them finding me and killing/severly hurting me.

also just a threat: keep my mouth shut
my favorite are mike herrera of mxpx and mark hoppus of blink 182 but mark is a co-lead vocalist unlike mike.
all that was great. i used to love it.

everyday french
ts a couple hours after you created this thread i started a thread about snow in april. i woundn't of done it if i had seen this thread. sorry bud. i guess i didn't look close enough. sorry
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The weather there does seem nice. I think I would probably start missing the thunderstorms and tornados though, as they provide some decent entertainment.

thunderstoms are cool but i don't like tornados. i've been fortunate (did i spell that right) to only been in one tornado. tornados cause too much damage. but they do look cool.
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I have A/C. I just meant that it would suck to be away from A/C for long periods of time.

oh i see. i misunderstood.
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It would be nicer if it were around 80 all year round.

yeah that would be nice. i kind of envy people in southern california because of the nice weather. also i love skateboarding and you can't skateboard in the rain or snow.
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I'm fine with it now but in a month or two when it starts hitting the mid to upper 90s coupled with the extremely high humidity it's going to be very hard to be somewhere without A/C.

no ac. dang. when i said i like the heat. i meant that i like going outside in the heat for 2-5 hours a day and then relax inside with ac.

man it's going to be a tough summer for you bud.
^ yeah after april there should be no more snow and the temp. should at least be in the 50's or 60's
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The high temperature for tomorrow is 91 F. It's going to be constantly hot weather until November now...

i would like that. i like the heat.
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Sometimes it melts pretty quickly, and sometimes it takes a couple days or so where I am(SW part of the state). It really just depends.

BTW, rain is a lot better than snow, unless you get both in the same day. Its not fun to wake up and the temp be 60 or 70 degrees at 8 in the morning and then by 5 that night theres a couple of inches of snow on the ground.

wow i didn't know that the weather in miss is so messed up.

but in iowa there's snow on the ground from dec untill at least mid march. towards late march if it snows then the snow won't melt for a good week or two
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i had the same taste as you 10 years ago haha ):

i hated screamo when i was like 12, got into thrash and metal without the screaming, and i opened up to bands that shout like slipknot, and it just made more sense. the anger really is expressed better with screaming/shouting (not growling. can't stand it).

lol you had the same taste in music as me as 10 years ago. ha

i love the idea behind screaming. being passoniate about what your singing and stuff but i just don't like the sound of it. also i have a lot of respect for bands that scream. I do because the lyrics are good and meaningful but i just don't like the sound of the music/screaming. it's one of the things i don't like about myself.

it's funny because i spend a lot time researching these bands on the internet because there so interesting (slipknot for example) but i just don't like the growling. i kind of hate myself for it.
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You're in Missouri too fatted? I hate the weather in this state.

Where I am its in the low 70s and a little cloudy now, although its supposed to storm latter today. It still beats snow though.

rain over snow.

also how long does it take snow to melt in missouri. i ask because i went on a trip to denver and the snow melted so fast. in iowa it takes forever
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Glad to know that other people experience crazy whether. I thought it was just us Missourians that have to deal with that. On New Year's Eve last year it was 80 degrees, and on January 2nd it was in the 30s. The weather here is crazy. Now it's 75 and cloudy though...

dang 80's to 30's in one day.

at least it is warm today for you
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if it gets TDWP to write a song about it, chances are it's awesome

i'm not tdwp fan but i have respect for them. des moinez is the only song i know by them and if it wasn't for the fact that i'm from the des moines area then i woundn't of known that. but don't let that stop you you from liking them. i just not into screaming. i guess i'm just a 22 year old wuss who still listens to blink 182.
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I'm in Michigan. It snowed yesterday and there's more to come apparently.

sorry dude. snow sucks

or if you like snow

good for you bud
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i've no idea. i'm assuming they've experienced something in des moines they feel like screaming about. you live in a hardcore city, dawg.

well to be honest i live in Johnston iowa which touches des moines but is northwest of des moines and it is a suburb of it. it is also really close to urbandale which a better known suburb. but parts of des moines (east side) are hardcore while the actual city west des moines (that's the official name) is a real rich area with a huge huge mall. it's just a rich area. so it depends on where your at.

but back to the song. i thought the same thing you thought about. but i have been wanting to know because i have a lot of des moines/iowa pride since it the only place that i have lived minus the 4 years in forest city iowa (northern iowa).
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It has snowed the last two days, but it melted away. The first day was sunny and hot, all of a sudden flirting between heavy snow and hail, and then it got sunny again. Shit was messed up. Today is overcast and probably around 0 out.

yeah it's the same here minus the hail and the real sunny again but said it is going to be sunny and in the 40's farinheight (i can't spell).

but it was real nice no snow on the ground and then boom snow everywhere.
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oh. then you've got a decent song by tdwp written after where you live.

i still don't know why they named it that. do you? i have asked some people on the internet but i havent gotten an answer. some people say they don't know but then one person said "well now we know why you choose your screen name (mrretard155)" but didn't give me an answer so if you know please inform me